Little Krishna saves his favorite cat

Little Krishna saves his favorite cat

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 22

He will anyhow solve it

Kanhai really loves his fat golden cat. Even his cat hops into his house from somewhere or the other doing ‘Myau Myau.’ She would then keep loitering around Mohan. She would keep rubbing her body again his feet and lift her tail.

Having extremely tender fur, this cat, stands very different from her entire race. She has never dipped her face in the milk pot and, why should she? The kids stuff her with so much food that neither Maiya nor any servant needs to worry about her.

When Kanhai is out grazing cows, she will sit somewhere in a corner. She will keeps wiping her face by licking her paws or she will sleep soundly in a nook. Not just peacocks, she has even made friends with pigeons. They can whenever come and sit on her back to make ‘Gutargoo’ sounds.

Afterall she is a domestic cat. In Vrindavan even a lioness is a peace lover. Even deer and rabbits fearlessly play with her.

But don’t know what mischief enters her mind when Kanhai comes. She will jump from one spot to the other, she will hop. Then she will again bounce back to rub her body against Mohan’s feet. Again, her ‘Myau Myau’ will start.

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The cat gets into trouble

Today due to her own mischief, she has gotten into trouble. Don’t know for what reason Maiya had kept a long thin silk bundle in the courtyard. As she fiddled with it, it tumbled down and she has got a new toy to play with. She kept dragging it in the courtyard. She kept playing with it using her mouth and paws. The rope began to loosen up. Don’t know since how long she was busy in her play.

Now she has herself got badly trapped in the rope. Her neck, ears, body, feet have all got so badly stuck as if she was nicely wrapped in a gift wrapper.

“Myau! Myau!” Finding herself incapable to free herself, she has started calling out for help. Somebody come and open her. But, Shyam Sundara was busy eating snacks as he had just returned from the forest. At this hour, even the servants are gathered around him. At this time, who will think of anything else.

“Myau!” After eating snacks the children got up. After nicely washing their hands and mouth, when Tok came out, the cat called out to him. All have eaten their food, but have forgotten this poor one.

“Kanu! Kanu! Look at your cat!”– Tok couldn’t help laughing as he started calling Kanhai from there itself. Tok is now sitting near the cat and laughing. How will Tok understand the ‘Myau Myau’ of this cat.

“Who has tied you up?”– Kanhai came running. He quickly sat near the cat and lovingly stroked her back.

“Myau”– The cat only knows this one thing. Even her tail has got entangled in the rope, but she is now happy. She has started moving her paws in such a way as if she will quickly unwind the rope and get free.

“Stop! I will free you.” To free the cat, Kanhai has found the tip of the rope. He wants the cat to stay still for some time so that he can finish unwinding the rope.

Nearly all the children have entered the courtyard. All are surrounding them. All are laughing. At this hour, all their bodies are clean after a bath. Nobody is wearing a flower or feather on their hair. Many of them don’t even have an Uttariya on their shoulders. Even Kanhai has left his Patuka somewhere in the room. He is moderately decorated. Maiya, Rohini Ma, Gopis, and the servants are standing behind the children. They are all laughing. One dasi said- “She was playing with this rope. She has tied her own self up. She is very naughty. Let her remain tied.”

Krishna- the only hope

How can such talk run in Vraja. All jeevas– In fact, jeevas alone play with the rope and entangle themselves in it. How much ever you try to sort things, it gets worse.

It is only if this handsome, lotus eyed Lala of Maiya Yashoda does something can this knot open up. And whoever calls out to him, whoever feels Him to be his own, Kanhai undoubtedly helps him out.

The cat is calling out to him. She is his, and possibly she is taunting him– “I kept on getting entangled, I was getting stuck in this rope, how bad is this rope. But where were you till now?”

“You wait a bit.” Kanhai keeps on hugging the cat. He holds her paws. The cat still with her limited understanding tries to move the rope from her ears and neck. Where does she know that her actions are making the bond even stronger, the rope is getting tighter. The cat will do her job. She cannot be dealt with anger. Kanhai has placed her on his lap. He is now unknotting her. The rope has been removed from her ears and tail. Kanhai is sorting it out- he is the only one who keeps sorting things.