Little Sakhas put Krishna to sleep

Little sakhas put Krishna to sleep

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 24


Kanhai doesn’t accept service so easily. I must say- He has made up his mind only to serve people. He should only serve- and serve everybody. And if you ever try to serve him, he will change the topic so skillfully that you won’t even realize that you’ve been tricked. You must hold his neck to serve him.

He was a small child since then, even before baba could ask, he would carry baba’s clothes, stick or milk pot on his head and come enquiring – “Baba! Will you take a bath?” Will you do worship? Will you go to graze cows? Will you milk the cows?”

He feels that whatever he thinks at that moment, baba must only do that.

If any brahmin or sage visits the palace, he would hold their sandals on his head and respectfully place it before them- since when- when he couldn’t even walk properly. Since then, the gopis have found a nice servitor in him.

Gopis extract work from Krishna

If someone wants to put a flower on their braids, then Kanhai should put it. If someone wants to pick up cow dung, Kanhai should lift it.

Lifting the water pot, catching a calf to delivering milk to their homes- don’t know how many chores would await him.

Now since he has started coming to the forest, he has entered the mood of serving his Sakhas. If some cow goes astray, then Kanhai would chase her with his stick and bring her back. If some other cow runs the other way, he will call her by her name. On his call, even small-small calves come running.

He may whenever lay a blanket of flowers under Neepa, Tamal, or Kadamba trees. Now it is not necessary that only Dau Dada will appear tired to him. He may whenever hold any sakha’s hand and say- “You have grown tired. Come, rest here.”

If Shyam pesters or starts acting stubborn, then you must get tired. He will take a lotus leaf and begin to fan you or will want to press the feet. It is his choice, but whatever he desires, he will anyhow do it. Then, it is not possible to stop him.

Tok wants to serve Krishna

This time Tok held Kanhai’s hands and said- “You are tired. Come, see under the Tamal tree, I have made such a beautiful bed of Suranga flowers. Come, lay on that!”

Kanhai was shocked- “Where am I tired now. We have just started playing.”

Tok said- “No, You are tired. Your feet have turned red-red. Drops of perspiration are just going to appear on your face. You are playing since how long. Meanwhile I have even laid this beautiful bed of flowers for you. At least place your head on Subala’s lap and try to sleep.” Tok held Kanhai’s hand and pulled him to his side.

Shyam knows that little Tok won’t listen now. You must quickly give in to his dictates, otherwise he is angry for sure.

Kanhai said- “Okay, come! Even you lay down next to me. Even you must be tired making the bed.” -Krishna Chandra has set off with little Tok.

Tok said- “Where am I tired? I have brought a very big lotus leaf with me. I will fan you with that.” Now how can Tok be tired when he has already made up his mind to fan his elder brother.

Pink soft leaves are laid under the dense Tamal tree. The Sakha group leaders have spread a blanket of white beautiful flowers. All this is just not Tok’s work. It is the combined effort of Tok, Anshu, Devaprastha, Tejasvi and all the little sakhas.

All have very lovingly gathered leaves, and flowers and made this bed specially for Kanhai. Just for the lotus stalk, Vishala entered the pond and plucked it for Tok.

Krishna rests on Subala’s lap

Now, Subala sits leaning against the tamala tree. Kanhai has placed his head on his friends Subala’s lap. Subala is of golden complexion and wears blue robes. Kanhai is taking a nap now.

“Bhadra! You press his right hand and Sridama will press his left hand.” If Tok has forcefully put Kanhai to sleep then only the one whom he chooses, shall get the chance to serve Kanhai.

And Tok has said the right thing- “If Kanhai’s hands are left loose, they will keep fiddling with something or the other. Then he won’t get to sleep.”

Tok is sitting on his knees to fan Kanhai with the lotus stalk. Similarly, Devaprastha sits on his left hand side. Rishabha and Arjuna have put each-each foot on their lap. They have got to massage his feet.

“Anshu and Tejasvi shall sing.”– Thus, Tok has gathered an entire assembly.

Shall I play the flute?– Kanhai was just about sit straight when… Tok stopped him- “Quietly lie down.” Now if this is the order of his youngest Sakha, then Shyam must immediately shut his eyelids and go to sleep.

The Sakhas are clapping very mildly. They are playing soft silent music for their sleeping friend. Shyam is beginning to sleep.