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51 Energies of Lord Ganesh

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Ganapathy is Leader of the Negative forces of Nature

There is another interesting anecdote about Lord Ganesh. Swami Karthikeya and Lord Ganesh had an argument over who is to get married first?  Lord Shiva decided that whoever circumambulated Mother Earth once and finish first would automatically become eligible for marriage first.  After consulting with sage Narada, Lord Ganesh accepted His father and mother (Shiva and Parvati) as the symbolic representation of earth and circumambulated them 7 times over. He was declared victorious and was the first to get married to Riddhi and Siddhi respectively.  “Gana” (गण) means ghosts, goblins, ghouls and all negative forces of the universe. The leader of all these forces is verily Ganapathy (गणपती Leader of the Ganas). It is a common faith in Sanatana Dharma that before one begins anything auspicious, Ganapathy or Ganesh has to be worshipped, failing which that activity shall always meet with impediments caused by the negative forces of Nature.

Churning of the ocean by Devatas and Asuras

On one such occasion, it was decided that the Devatas (देवता) and Asuras (असुर) would churn the ocean to extract nectar. However prior to this activity, worship was not offered to Lord Ganapathy. The mountain called Mandaranchal (मंदरांचल) was used as a churning tool. Due to this, Mandaranchal started sinking into the ocean and the grip on the mountain was being lost. Lord Narayana appeared on the scene and conducted the ritualistic worship of Lord Ganesh and then He assumed the form of a huge tortoise and claimed the mountain on his back and provided support for the churning process.

Shani Deva blows off Ganesh’s head

There are two more interesting anecdotes about Lord Ganesh’s birth, in the Puranas. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati did not have children for a very long time. Hence they took up austerities to please Lord Vishnu. With His blessings they had a child. All the Devatas and their consorts arrived at Kailash to extend their blessings to the new-born. However Shani Dev (शनिदेव Presiding deity of Planet Saturn), waited at the door and did not enter the chamber. Lord Shiva however forced Shani Dev to come indoors and got him in. But then Shani Dev stood with his head bent down. He told Mother Parvati “I carry a curse with me. Whomsoever, I cast my glance, shall be reduced to dust.” However Mother Parvati took this statement of Shani Dev lightly and laughed over the matter. She forced Shani Dev to have a glance at the child. As soon as Shani Dev glanced at the child, the head of the child was immediately blown off.  Then the divine couple Shiva-Parvati offered worship to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu then got the head of a baby elephant, fixing it on the child’s neck, infused life into the child.

51 Energies of Ganesh in Tantra Shastra

Lord Ganesh is a possessor of 51 types of energy as per Tantra Shastra they are

(1)Hee (ही), (2) Shree (श्री), (3) Pushti  (पुष्टि), (4) Shanti (शांति), (5) Swati (स्वाति), (6) Sarasvati (सरस्वती), (7) Swaha (स्वाहा), (8) Medha (मेधा), (9) Kanti  (कान्ति), (10) Kamini (कामिनी), (11) Mohini (मोहिनी), (12) Nati ( नटी) , (13) Parvati (पार्वती), (14) Jwalini (ज्वलिनी), (15) Nanda (नन्दा), (16) Sushama (सुषमा), (17) Kamarupini (कामरूपिणी), (18) Uma  (उमा), (19) Tejovati  (तेजोवती), (20) Satya  (सत्या), (21) Vighneshini  (विघनेशिनी),  (22) Surupini (सुरूपिणी), (23) Kamada  (कामदा), (24) Madajiha  (मदजिहा), (25) Bhuti  (भूति), (26) Bhautika  (भौतिका), (27) Sita (सिटा), (28) Rama (रमा), (29) Mahishi  (महिषी), (30) Shringini  (श्रुंगिणी), (31) Vikarnapa  (विकर्णपा), (32) Bhrukuti (भृकुटि), (33) Deerghaghona  (दीर्घघोणा), (34) Dhanurdhara  (धनुर्धरा), (35) Yamini  (यामिनी), (36) Ratri (रात्रि), (37) Kamandha  (कामन्धा), (38) Shashiprabha  (शशिप्रभा), (39) Lolakshi  (लोलाक्षी), (40) Chanchala (चंचला), (41) Deepti   (दीप्ति), (42) Subhaga  (सुभगा), (43) Durbhaga   (दुर्भगा), (44) Shiva  (शिवा), (45) Bharga (भर्गा), (46) Bhagini  (भगिनी), (47) Shubhada  (शुभदा), (48) Kalaratri  (कालरात्रि), (49) Kalika  (कालिक), (50) Lajja लज्जा, (51) Pishachini (पिशाचिनी).

Lord Ganesh possesses in His arms a lotus, a goad, a noose, and seeds. He has snakes around His body as His ornaments. Lord Ganesh is regarded as the presiding deity of the intellect. He is the destroyer of all evils. In the science of Yoga, He represents the Mooladhar Chakra (मूलाधार चक्र) or the root chakra that is the meeting point, nerve center, located at the base of the spine. A great detail about His glories is found in the scripture known as Ganesh-Purana. At the behest of Vyasa Deva, Lord Ganesh documented the entire Mahabharata. He was an extremely fast scribe. He scribed the Mahabharata on the condition that Vyasa Deva would not stop dictating, if he did so then Ganesh would leave without completing the work. Vyasa Deva accepted this condition and put a counter condition. He said that unless Ganesh Himself grasped the verses and understood every word and context of the spoken text, he shall not write. That is why, in many places the Mahabharata contains extremely tough sentences and areas which are very difficult to grasp. Whenever Ganesh would ponder over these extremely difficult verses, he would stop writing and in the gap Vyasa Deva would finish his daily spiritual rituals.