Lord Krishna’s Love for his Devotees | Truth about Spiritual Motivational Speakers |Hari Vamsa-04

Truth about Spiritual Motivational Speakers

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The Lord raises the level of His devotees

Another Important translation of Brahman as presented by the Azhvars of Southern India is that although the Jiva is a small particle of the Lord, the Lord considers His devotees equivalent to Him as Brahman, as very big, equivalent to Himself. This is another important representation of the term Brahman. It can be understood that, when the Lord touches a Jiva and takes him as His own, immediately the standard of that Jiva is greatly amplified or enhanced. For example, when a poor farmer finds out that the chief minister of the state is none other than his childhood friend, and the minister still treats the farmer as his good old friend, naturally the state machinery shall immediately consider the poor farmer to be very important and the farmer shall also receive some benefits that follow a person who is the close acquaintance of the chief minister. The farmer has suddenly become an important person, on the sudden discovery of his friendship with the chief minister. Hence it is the nature of the Supreme Lord to pull the devotee to His standards, as soon as he learns that the devotee is interested in Him. This is the simple and loving nature of the Supreme Being. Comparing it with the material world, our bosses in office are happy to see us struggle in the lower rungs. How much ever one tries to impress the boss, he is only concerned about his position and is careful not to give us so much exposure that can take us above him. On the other hand, when Sudama came to meet his dear friend, his Lord Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna through his own actions, was ready to lower himself to the level of a servant and even give the position of the King of Vaikuntha to his friend with Himself accepting the position as his friend’s servant. This is the love of the Lord. The Lord wants to give away His all to his devotees. There is no way we can compare anything of this world with the spiritual kingdom of the Supreme Being. The definition of Brahman is that, for a thing to exist or even to be conceived, the Lord has to be present in it. The Lord is the sum total of all that is conceived and He is also present in all those which the Jiva can never conceive. This is the Truth about Brahman and Bhagawan. The attractive power of planets or that which supports the insentient articles, making it available for perception, is the Lord alone. Without Him, nothing can be supported or can even exist.

Clarified Butter in the Milk

Many times, people with lesser faith question the presence of Bhagawan in insentient things. How can Bhagawan manifest, for that matter from either sentient or insentient things? Here the example of Milk and clarified butter is relevant. If someone gives milk and says, that a lamp is to be lit with the milk. The answer to this is that one needs to extract clarified butter from the milk and then use it light a lamp. One has to first boil the milk and allow it to cool down. Then once the milk cools down cream builds up. After cream is collected, it is churned and the liquid is strained. The rest of the solid part of the cream is cooled further and solidified. This is butter. The butter is melted to get clarified butter. This can be used to light a lamp because clarified butter is the energetic component of the milk, that which is the energy giver component of milk which normally remains hidden and unseen. Processing is thus required to separate the fuel component of milk from it. Thus Milk represents the sentient and insentient materials of the world, and clarified butter represents the Lord who is present in all matter, sentient or insentient. Only through Yoga, Sadhana can the Lord existing as the energy component within the objects of the world be witnessed.

No distortion in the Lord

The Lord is called Vyakta (व्यक्त manifest) Vyakta (अव्यक्त unmanifest). The Hari Vamsha states that the Supreme Being is present in each and every thing, both in the conscious and the still. The Lord is manifest and unmanifest. In the manifest form he has a form while in the unmanifest he is formless, addressed as the Brahman by the Jnanis. Many argue that from the Unmanifest, the Lord has manifested while the Bhakta is of the view that the Form of the Lord is eternal and ever existent. This view is correct. The Lord is simultaneously Unmanifest and Manifest, without each preceding the other.  The Lord is Sanatana, the oldest. He is present in the sentient as well as in the insentience simultaneously. It is Brahman, the Lord who is present as Sat and Asat simultaneously. Sentient is Sat while Insentient is Asat. The Lord is Brahman, more elevated than Sat and Asat. The Lord does not have any distortion within Him. All sentient and insentient things undergo different types of changes within themselves but Bhagawan is ever the same, he is not disturbed in the least. It is said that in the Jiva, because of the confluence of Asat (the body + mind) with the Sat (Self), there is Vikara (विकार) or disturbance.

Maintaining Standards is key in spirituality

Many times, we see that the level of discourses about the Lord has gone too low and has reduced itself into cheap entertainment. It seems to be catering to lower quality standards. When asked as to why spiritualists are giving way to cheap majoritarianism instead of spirituality, the spiritual leaders say that “People are unable to understand the philosophy and hence we have brought our standards down so that we are able to connect with them, based on the standards of the common public. The question is, is it justified and is it adherence to the Dharma of Truth in doing so? To this, many say that “At least we are able to connect, maybe as time goes by, the standards will increase automatically.’ This sort of an answer only reflects the hypocrisy of the spiritual leaders who spend their time selling cheap motivational material, which causes a temporary surge of adrenalin into the audience’s system that fakes well-being. This is a hot-selling approach, which only destroys the trust of the sincere spiritual aspirant. A person who is designated to spread spiritual awareness should only talk about the spirit, the Supreme Being and spiritual well-being. Doing other things only reflects heavy opportunism and cheating the consumers of such material, who are fooled into believing that motivation or inspiration is spirituality. Unfortunately this is not so. If people are not able to follow a certain spiritual concept, it becomes the duty of the speaker or proponent of spiritual truth, to simplify the concept and present it in a more approachable manner rather than diluting spiritual content and selling psychological placebo instead of delivering genuine spiritual content. It is a matter of the highest spiritual merit to present the tallest Vedic Truth in a more approachable manner for the welfare of all. Spirituality should never be replaced with cheap motivation because of the demand for cheap matter. This is the Truth that every spiritual worker should commit to.