Battle between Indrajeet and Lakshmana in Ramayana | About Lord Lakshmana

In the great Final War of Ramayana, there were two occassions where Ravana’s great Warrior Son Meghanaad, also known as Indrajeet challenged Sri Laxmana. Ravana, on a second event attacked Sri Laxmana. In both the events, Ravana and Meghanaad found it impossible to deal with Sri Laxmana and then they were forced to use the deadly weapon given to them by Lord Brahma, the Creator of the material universe. In both ocassions Sri Laxmana was injured badly and it appeared that he would perish, owing to his injuries in both the wars. There was another ocassion when King Vibheeshana, the demon brother of Ravana, who took shelter under our great Lord Rama. When the monkey king Sugreeva saw Vibheeshana, approaching his army, Vibheeshana and his associates, came flying over the ocean, towards Lord Rama, into Sugreeva’s camp which left the monkey king worried.

He raised an alarm and informed Lord Rama, that it was not safe to allow Vibheeshana into the camp, because it could well be that Vibheeshana was trying to intrude into the Monkey king’s army and posed a threat to Sri Rama’s and Sri Laxmana’s life. To this, our great Lord Rama maintained His cool and replied that, it was possible that, what Sugreeva intuited about Vibheeshana and his associates could well be true, yet the Lord maintained that He would not turn down anyone who came to Him for shelter and that He would also accept Vibheshana, even if Vibheeshana were to pose a threat to the camp of the Lord. This perplexed the monkey king. To this Lord Rama asked Sugreeva, whether he recognized Lord Laxmana, who was by the Lord’s side all the time. Lord Rama said that Laxmana was “Kaala” or Time Incarnate. Laxmana alone, was enough to vanquish the whole of the demon clan in a moment. It is because Sugreeva is unable to behold the true nature of Laxmana, that he was getting scared, although there was no reason to be fearful. Lord Rama, reminded all his associates that Sri Laxmana is in fact the Lord of Destruction, undefeatable Time, which by itself can never die. That which exists before, during and post the universe, is Time alone and Sri Laxmana is that personified aspect of Time, one who cannot be restrained or vanquished under any condition. Only foolish demons like Ravana and Meghanaad who are unable to behold Truth, take the risk of challenging, Time personified. Combating Sri Laxmana, in other words is an open invitation to Death. When Ravana and Meghanaad observed that Sri Laxmana could not be arrested, they used the deadly weapon given to them by Lord Brahma, the Creator, against Sri Laxmana.

The assumption is that, whoever has been created within this universe, is subservient to Lord Brahma and hence cannot be saved from the weapon of Lord Brahma. The argument is logical. So, it was their assumption that Sri Laxmana was part of Lord Brahma’s creation and hence they were confident that, by exposing Sri Laxmana to the deadly weapon, they would see the end of Sri Laxmana. This was the height of their foolishness. When Sri Laxmana confronted the great weapon of Sri Brahma, in order to maintain the honor of the weapon and the Name of Lord Brahma, He accepted its blow and fainted. He created the illusion that he had been defeated by the weapon and allowed Ravana and Meghanaad to be jubiliant, although in all falsity. The greatest misfortune of the father and son pair was to falsely mistake Death incarnate to be an ordinary mortal. Owing to their false Pride, father and son assumed that Sri Laxmana was dead. They had heard from their spies about the conversation between Lord Rama and the monkey king Sugreeva that Sri Laxmana was Death incarnate. Now the dumb father and son duo had reasons to rejoice, since they thought that they had vanquished death. This is analogous to saying that one has stopped time because one is successful in stopping a wrist watch. It was like the notion that Time has been lifted since one is able to successfully lift a grandfather clock.