Lord Murugan’s Abode at Pazhamudhircholai

Murugan at Pazhamudhircholai

How to reach Pazhamudircholai

Among the Aru padai Veedu of Lord Murugan, the Temple at Pazhamudircholai qualifies as the sixth main residence of Lord Murugan.

One can reach this temple by first coming to Madurai.

The place exists in the Alagarkoil region of Madurai district.

The hilly terrain of Northern Alagarkoil hilly terrain has become the sixth abode of Lord Murugan.

One should first reach the Alagarkoil bust stand.

From there one can avail of the min-bus service that directly takes you to the temple or the Alagarkoil Devasthanam.

Other direct ways of reaching Pazhamudircholai involve availing a direct taxi from Madurai airport.


Temples of Uncle and Nephew

At the foothills of the Pazhamudircholai temple, a temple of Lord Vishnu exists, famous by the name “KalAlaghar Koil”. 

Locals consider Lord Vishnu as the maternal uncle of Lord Murugan.

Sri Shakti is the sister of Lord Vishnu and mother of Lord Murugan.

Thirumalai Iruncholai is another name of this Vishnu temple.

Distance between the Vishnu and Murugan temple is 3 kilometers.

Many people reach the temple either by their cars or even walk the entire road to reach the temple.


Pazhamudircholai famous for the Avvaiyar Pastime

The hilly terrain around the Pazhamudircholai temple is full of rare medicinal herbs.

The pure, wind filled with sweet fragrance abounds the entire region.

As one ascends the hill one can have a beautiful Darshanam of the Malabar Plum tree under which Lord Murugan gave Darshanam to the poetess Devotee Shrimati Avvaiyar.

Many believe the tree to grant the wishes of the devotees.

As one enters the temple, one shall witness beautiful depictions of the pastimes of Sri Murugan with Avvaiyar.

Darshanam at the Pazhamudircholai temple

As one enters the temple one shall also have a view of the golden flag post.

One can have a view of the beautiful Darshanam of the sanctum of the Vel or Lance and the temple of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Murugan and Valli Devasena adorn the main sanctum of the temple.

Pazhamudircholai bears prominence to the fact that this is the place where the poetess devotee Avvaiyar received direct Darshanam of Lord Murugan.

The Malabar plum tree normally gives fruits only during the July-August months.

But here, in Pazhamudircholai, the tree bears fruits only towards the September October months, when People celebrate Lord Murugan’s festivals. 

Murugan and Lord Ganesha Sanctum

Pazhamudircholai also bears witness to the victorious army of Lord Murugan after having defeated the army of demons.

People consider this place important because, right here Lord Ganesha scared Sri Valli, in a bid to help Lord Murugan woo Her.  

People also have given special importance to the sanctum of Lord Ganesha inside the temple.

The Ganesha bears the name “Vitteha Vinayagar”.

In order that Lord Ganesha to bless students with intelligence and high attainments in Academics, students light a lamp with clarified butter, through a period of 48 days, without break.

“Vitteha” means the one who grants knowledge.

Darshanam and Pooja Timings at Pazhamudircholai

The temple on the hill has the sanctum open between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM every day.

At three important times of the day, the priests render special Pooja to the deities every single day.

They are at 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 5:00 PM respectively.

This temple conducts festivals on the Tamil New Year, Karthigai, Shashti, and Tai Pusam.

People light lamps and the place looks beautiful especially with Karthigai Deepam.

People also hold Kavadi on these important days and walk long distances, usually through the 6 important destinations of Lord Murugan which we know as Aru Padai Veedu.

Many, donate their hair and pierce their ears at the temple, like a wish-fulfilling vow in the temple premises.


Water bath and Shakti Sanctum

There is a small water spot outside the temple.

People undertake a bath there before entering the temple.

They consider the water spot as a great cleansing agent.

People believe that taking a bath in the water bath shall cure them of diseases.

 At the outset of the temple, there exists a small sanctum called the “Rakhai Koil”.

The deity of this sanctum serves as the protector of the entire region.

This goddess is essentially a form of Devi Shakti.

Local people advise us to visit this temple before entering the main sanctum of Lord Murugan.

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