Lord Shiva becomes a messenger for Sundarar

lord shiva becomes a messenger for sundarar

The story of the lord becoming a messenger is extremely interesting.

It starts with Sundarar shifting to Tiruvotriyur.

Sangiliyar’s devotion for Mother Parvati

Aninditi, the beloved of his previous birth had taken birth as Sangiliyar.

She resided in Jnayiru in Thondai Nadu.

Her father Jnayiru Kizhar was a staunch Shiva devotee and a farmer by caste.

Naturally, Sangiliyar carried the samskaras of her previous birth.

She was strongly devoted to Parvati Devi.

Now Sangiliyar wasn’t willing to get married.

However her father Jnayiru Kizhar had secretly made negotiations for her marriage.

Unusually, the bridegroom and his entire party died untimely.

This incident reminded Jnayiru Kizhar of his daughter’s firm resolve.

Hence he built a small ashram for her in Tiruvotriyur where she peacefully resided.

Now, it was Sangiliyar’s ritual to weave beautiful garlands for the lord.

She was adept in her work and would visit the temple daily.

One day, Sundarar and the devotees, were strolling near the temple.

Sundarar happened to glance at Sangilyar.

He was attracted to her owing to their past karmas.

So, he approached the lord and expressed his desire to marry her.

The Lord gladly agreed.

Sangiliyar’s condition

To fulfil Sundarar’s desire, the lord appeared in Sangiliyar’s dream and said-

“Oh Sangiliyar.

I am pleased with you.

So, I advise you to marry Sundarar.

He is my best friend.

He shall keep you happy.”

To this Sangiliyar replied-

“Oh Lord, But my concern, is, he is already married.

He may even desert me.”

To this the lord said reassuringly-

“Sangiliyar, Ask Sundarar to take a vow that he shall never desert you.

I shall personally be the witness.”

The lord then reported to Sundarar about His meeting.

Sundarar said-

“Oh lord, How can I agree to this?

You know, I keep going on pilgrimages.

But you must promise me one thing.

Move away from the lingam and reside in the nearby tree instead.

So that next time when Sangiliyar makes a promise you won’t be present.”

The lord was concerned about Sangiliyar.

So, he secretly went to her and said “Sundarar has agreed to you condition.

But make sure he takes the oath in front of the nearby tree not before the lingam.

Sangiliyar agreed.

Sundaramurthy Nayanar marries Sangiliyar

When Sundarar learnt of Sangiliyar’s wish, he was shocked.

Yet he agreed and promised never to part from her.

Thus, the marriage took place.

Lord Shiva punishes Sundarar

It was the occasion of Vasanta Utsavam. Sundarar missed his wife Paravayar.

In Tiruvarur, she would dance and celebrate it with great joy.

So he decided to leave for Tiruvarur disregarding the promise made to the lord.

Sundarar tried to manage the situation.

He took the lord lightly.

Hence, as soon as he left the land of Tiruvotriyur, he lost his eyesight.

The lord had punished him.

Soon, Sundar realized his sin and prayed to lord with great earnestness-

“Oh lord, I know I have committed a crime.

Yet when I lost my eyesight, You were the only whom I remembered.

O Lord please forgive me.

Oh ocean of mercy, please save me.

I am dying to see you.”

A few people helped him reach Tiru Mullaivayil.

All the while, he kept pleading to the lord but to no avail.

Sundarar loses his eyesight

When Sundarar reached the temple at Tiruvembakkam he was bitterly upset with the lord.

He asked the lord whether He was present in the temple.

To this the lord said-

“I am there, but you may leave.”

The lord was upset since Sundarar didn’t keep his words. He broke the promise given to Sangiliyar.

Sangiliyar was Parvati Devi’s staunch devotee. So, she was equally dear to the lord.

The merciful lord couldn’t tolerate injustice being done to Parvati Devi’s attendants.

So, the lord passed on a blind man stick to him and sternly told him to leave.

Now Sundarar felt utterly helpless.

How could the lord behave so indifferent?

The justice of Lord Shiva

Know that-

When it comes to justice, the lord turns a blind eye to all relations.

He becomes the supreme judge.

All relations become secondary then.

Sundaramoorthy Nayanar’s prayers

Sundarar was moved by the lord’s behavior. His heart wept-

“Oh lord, a child commits a mistake thinking that his parents will forgive him.

I pine for you loving care.

Please cast off your anger and glance at your devotee.

I have none other than you.

Oh lord you have deceived me by informing Sangiliyar of my plans.

And now you ignore me.

Please relieve me from this suffering.”

Sundarar regains his eyesight

It seems that Lord Shiva himself inspired Sundarar to worship goddess Kamakshi at Conjeevaram.

Devotees are the direct representatives of the master.

So by apologizing to mother Kamakshi and Lord Ekambareswarar, Sundarar got back his left eye’s eyesight.

Since lord Shiva had forgiven him. Sundarar danced in joy.

So, in gratitude, he spent some days there and set out to Tiruvarur, his homeland.

During his entire journey especially at Tiruvavaduthurai, he kept praying to the lord to restore his other vision too.

Later, at the lord’s behest, Sundarar took a dip in a tank at Thiruthurithi.

To everybody’s surprise, Sundarar’s body began to glow like gold.

Finally, Sundarar reached the outskirts of Tiruvarur. He wanted to behold temple tower entire.

Hence, he requested the lord to restore the other eyesight too.

The lord’s rage subsided and he gave in to his desire.

Sundarar was ecstatic and remained absorbed in contemplation.

Paravayar’s anger

Perturbed by Sundarar’s prolonged absence, Paravayar sent some men to know of his whereabouts.

However she was plunged in an ocean of grief to know of Sundarar’s marriage.

In her rage, Paravayar stopped Sundarar and his devotees from entering the house

Hence, Sundarar sent some elderly men for reconciliation. But to no avail.

Lord Shiva becomes a messenger

Finally he sought the lord’s help to persuade Paravayar.

The lord went in the disguise of a Brahmin and knocked Paravayar’s door. But, due to her extreme rage, Paravayar failed to recognize the lord and shunned his proposal.

Lately, by the strength of her devotion, she recognized the lord.

When the lord returned disappointed, Sundarar was heartbroken

 He said “Oh Lord you must anyhow help me. My life is in your hands.”

Thus the lord once again went to make a final try.

Back home, Paravayar was repented.

The lord then displayed his true form to Paravayar and asked her to accept Sundarar.

Paravayar was extremely guilty for having refusing the lord.

 She said- “Oh lord you are so kind.

For your friend you took the trouble of coming.

I shall not disregard your words.

I shall obey your orders.”

The lord then returned to Sundarar and told him of the peaceful reconciliation.

Sundarar was floating in ecstasy.

This is the mercy of the lord and greatness of the Sundarar’s devotion.

The lord personally took the pain to bring happiness to his friend.

The entire episode spread like wild-fire.

Kalikama Nayanar and Sundaramoorthy Nayanar

Eyarkon Kalikama Nayanar of Tiru Perumangalam was deeply pained to hear of the troubles the lord took for his devotee.

How could the lord become a messenger to resolve family disputes?

So, he wished to reprimand Sundarar.

Circumstances took such a turn that these two nayanars came face to face.

Thus two Nayanars met- having two completely opposite moods, yet they remained favorites of the lord.

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