Vatsalya Rasa of Mother Yashoda

Maiya Yashoda and Krishna Love | Vatsalya Ras in Golok Vrindavan

Yashoda: the adorable mother

The Lord of countless universes; his mother isn’t Ishwari or Maheshwari.

She is simply Yashoda Maiya and who’s Maiya, don’t ask that.

Whoever calls her “Maiya”, she is his Maiya.

Well, there is no dearth of space in her lap for any child. 

For a child who wants to hide his face under her protective veil and suckle milk, her nectarine milk keeps flowing for all alike.

It seems as if Yashoda Maiya is an idol of pure parental love and the milk flowing from her breast is limitless.

Age of Yashoda Maiya

People say Maiya (Yashodama) is 10 years younger to Nanda Baba.

But, can Maiya ever be young?

She is big, very big. Most probably, the eldest.

But, yes, Yashoda Maiya bows down at the feet of Shandilya guru, Devi Paurnamasi, and Taiji.

Maiya calls Rohini ma, ‘Jiji’. She also bows before cows, bulls, and calves.

Every day she prayerfully bows before Madhumangal and joins her hands.

By bowing down, you don’t become small.

One day, I asked Madhumangal- “Are you older than Maiya?”

Truly, Madhumangal never answers anything straight.

He said “I am a Brahmin.” In fact, he said to the extent-

“A Brahmin is greater than Narayana.

I am the oldest amongst you friends.

Once you develop sanity, you will start bowing before me.”

Now, I became resentful. I said- “Are you the only sane person? If you flaunt before Yashoda Maiya, I will thrash you up and won’t let you feast on a single sweet.”

Madhumangal began to plead- “Ok, I am younger than you.

After becoming the commander of Sakhas, don’t stop this Brahmana’s meals.

I will bless you everyday.”

Then I replied-

“You give your blessings to Krishna.

Truly, What will I do with the blessings?”

Krishna clapped his hands and spoke-

“Yes, you bless me everyday.

I shall promptly get you the dung of all the bulls.”

Meanwhile, Yashoda Maiya called for us-

“Would you keep playing or come for breakfast.”

Immediately, Madhumangal reached the spot to lay hands on Modak.

He was least interested in picking up dung. What will he do with it?

Yashoda Maiya worried about her children’s diet

Yashoda Maiya is ever-eager to feed children.

Here, she doesn’t look at morning-evening.

On spotting a child, the first thought that enters her mind is feeding him.

She starts pleading-

“Lala re, At Least eat something healthy.

I will make the dishes of your liking and feed you.”

Yashoda Maiya is never satisfied with their diet.

She says-

“Neelamani (Krishna) doesn’t eat anything.

His brothers and friends show the same traits.

All starve, that is why all remain lean.”

Yashoda: the concerned mother-in-law

Maiya is always surrounded by people.

Taiji, Chachi, and other Gopis encircle her.

Maiya welcomes everyone. Apart from these, Maiya’s daughters-in-law are innumerable.

Leave aside Krishna’s Nikunja pastimes, are his friends in any way lacking.

The Gopa Kumaras are neither celibates nor do they follow the vow of one wife.

They have countless chambers and their wives are after all Yashoda Maiya’s daughters-in-law.

So, Maiya’s daughters-in-law come to worship her feet everyday.

Maiya reciprocates by feeding them with her very hands.

She says-

“These little girls have developed a liking to starve.

These are their days to play and jump and they observe fasts.

During festivals, even if they sit to eat, they nibble like a tiny bird pecking two grains.

They will eat like sparrows.

They are so lean, and can fly with a blow of wind.”

Description of Mother Yashoda

Yashoda Maiya isn’t fat.

Certainly, her rose-like golden body is full, but she is slim.

Nobody can measure the energy and readiness she carries within.

She doesn’t know what laziness means.

Therefore, the maid servants lodge a complaint-

“Maiya never provides them a chance to serve her. In fact, she doesn’t allow anyone to serve her.”

If she were permitted, she would keep waitressing everyone.”

But her daughters-in-law are stubborn, so their loving Yashoda Maiya stands helpless before their appeal.

When Yashoda Maiya puts them on her lap and braids their hair, won’t her daughters-in-law protest?

They too have the right to apply Alta on her feet, henna on her palms, collyrium on her long streamlined eyes and beautify and braid her hair.

The daughters-in-law often smile, looking at Yashoda Maiya.

Because, as Yashoda Maiya watches Krishna or other Gopa children, streams of milk drip from her breast, wetting her covering garment.

The loving mother perceives her children as infants, and a surge of parental anxiety overpowers her as she thinks of their food and drink.

There is not a single unfortunate Gopa child, who hasn’t tasted her nectarine milk.

Yashoda Maiya: the idol of service

Yashoda Maiya tells the gopis-

“I am the nanny of your children. Due to your blessings, Neelamani was born to me.

So, He is your baby.”

Thereafter, Yashoda Maiya looks at her daughters-in-law smile-

“Little darlings, you are laughing.”

She keeps saying this-

“Now, you are fit to drink my milk.

How will you know a mother’s heart?

You all will be blessed with this honor, keep patience. First grow up.”

Well, will her daughters-in-law ever grow for her?

Through her lens, her children still haven’t passed the stage of infancy.

Let alone her daughters-in-law, Yashoda Maiya even looks upon her maids as her children.

One day, an aged maid lectured her-

“Vrajeshwari, I am as old as your mother-in-law.

You consider me as your child, and keep serving me. It is my birthright to serve you.”

Now, Yashoda Maiya held the lady’s hem in her hands and snuggled on her lap-

“You are elderly, so, I should be serving you.”

Afterwards, the maid servants enjoyed taunting the aged-maid-

“Be a mother-in-law. We shall all serve this dominating mother-in-law.”

Yashoda Maiya never feels that Neelamani and his friends have eaten food to their heart’s content. Already they keep shirking food. Unless their favorite curds and butter isn’t kept, they won’t even wet their mouths.

Yashoda Maiya, the knower of Child Taste

In this spree, Yashoda Maiya doesn’t appreciate a second person boiling or churning milk.

She must do all this by herself.

Dau eats whatever is given, but he loves bluish- golden complexioned Padma Gandha cow’s curds.

If Yashoda Maiya doesn’t know her sons’ tastes, then who else will?

Neelamani and Bhadra consume white Padmagandha cow’s milk with great difficulty.

Both of them only love her curds and butter.

Yashoda Maiya says-

“Don’t know why children cringe, looking at milk.

Since infancy, Neelamani would only sip 2 spoons of milk, that too after great buttering.

Bhadra and Tok are the same.

Only Dau doesn’t act cranky, but once he denies, he won’t budge even if the entire house crumbles down.

Then, he won’t even bend towards the bowl.”

Like Bhadra, Neelamani also likes red curds.

And if it is Padma Gandha’s fresh ghee, then both might consider taking two bowls of rice as well.

For Yashoda Maiya, her daughters-in-law are little children.

She can never believe that any of them can even cook.

Yashoda Maiya is only satisfied if her daughters-in-law are heartily fed along with her children.

But children, in the spree of playing, flee after eating a morsel for name’s sake; but her daughters-in-law are very shy.

Being shy, very little food goes down their throats.

Many times, Maiya puts them on her lap and sits to feed them with her very hands, but with this they grow shyer.

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