Maya and the Spiritual World | What is Vidya Maya and Avidya Maya?


It is interesting to understand that Cosmic illusion is the one which is in control of time and space in this visible material world which is an outcome of consciousness interacting with the evolutes of consciousness which includes mind, senses and sense objects. Maya, cosmic illusion is the one force that gives rise to people, time, events and forces of nature that manage life as a process. Maya, if understood from the point of pure consciousness as elucidated by the science of Bhakti Yoga, can give one an insight into the nature of existence. A deep study of Bhakti processes can help one have a holistic view of Maya and gives one an insight into the world that lies beyond this visible world which in itself is but a speck of dust when compared to the many multiverses that exist within the domain of pure spiritual consciousness.

Man, as an expression of this universal consciousness is just experiencing 1 to the power of -10 of the world of consciousness, which is projected as the galaxy that consists of our tiny solar system, where we exist and breathe. Bhakti Yoga, is a regulated form of Vedic science that opens up the possibility of the spiritual world which is wholly unmanifest at the current moment. It is important to understand the veil of cosmic illusion first. Unless one is able to shred the clout of Maya, the cosmic illusion, the spiritual worlds are wholly inaccessible.

Maya is of two types namely Vidya Maya and Avidya Maya, which roughly translates as cosmic illusion caused by knowledge and cosmic illusion caused by worldly ignorance. Out of these two ignorance; almost 99.99% falls under the category of cosmic illusion caused by worldly ignorance. 0.01% of people who qualify to be under the illusion caused by Knowledge are practitioners of spirituality, in line with the Vedic Scriptures (Sciences). People who take up sadhana or spiritual practice on the lines of Sanatana Dharma are not trapped by worldly illusion. Yet most of them are still trapped by ignorance caused by higher knowledge. The spiritual world is much nearer to spiritual practitioners of Sanatana Dharma as compared to the rest of the world. The first step towards accessing the spiritual worlds is to be first rid of worldly ignorance. Then one has to be get rid of Ignorance caused by Knowledge (Vidya). The second state of ignorance (ignorance caused by knowledge) can be removed by an enlightened master who himself has first hand access to the spiritual world. Only under the able guidance of such a Master can Vidya Maya be removed. We shall see the components of Vidya Maya and Avidya Maya.

Avidya Maya includes worldly impurities such as anger, lust, attachment, greed, envy and pride. These qualities when worked upon through sadhana and Bhakti, following the principles of Yama and Niyama namely Non-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Chastity, non-possessiveness, forgiveness, fortitude, sincerity etc, purification of the mind results. Although there is such purification, one develops the negative shade of Vidya Maya or illusion caused by rising of knowledge. This is an inevitable aspect of the process. This Vidya Maya cannot go on its own even if one undertakes various spiritual practices or sadhana. Grace alone can eliminate this ignorance, which also reflects the inner scum of ego, it being an integral sheath of consciousness itself. This sheath of ego can be removed only through complete surrender to an enlightened master who has attained the goal of Bhakti Yoga and has the access to the spiritual world. When the practitioner surrenders to such a Master in all humility, Vidya Maya is removed by Grace. By the Grace of the master, the practitioner receives a divine mind and senses. With these divine attributes, one receives a perfected spiritual body which is beyond the physical, subtle and causal bodies. This spiritual body is the vehicle with which one shall be able to easily access the spiritual world.