How Mind can Heal your Body? | Relationship between Spirituality and Health

Medical Science And Spiritual Insight

There is an English phrase “Mind over Matter”, which means that the mind is powerful and if used well, it can control matter and put it to better use. But this saying does not go well with the Vedic Scriptures which proclaim “Mind Is itself Matter”. This is the Truth and can be experienced by anyone who enters the domain of spirituality. Mind does not exist within the body. Its connection with the brain has not yet been discovered by “modern” science. For example when somebody “sees” something which 100 others cannot see, it is claimed that “this man is hallucinating”. Yes, hallucinations are true, but that is a psychological state in the domain of this world. If one starts falsely imagining something for a very long time, that person, after extended practice “shall hallucinate”, there is no denial. However in the field of spirituality there are a million things which are beyond the scope of modern psychology or medical science, which science cannot approve of, but they do really exist.

Vedic science claims that “Mind is produced by food”. When one stops eating, depending on the fall of certain nutrients within the body, the brain parameters get disturbed and psychologically it can be claimed that hallucinations can result. Yet, it is also said that if the diet is good, the mind shall also be healthy. When nutrients do no not reach the brain, the brain starts to disconnect with the mind and one enters the unknown territories of the mind. The fact of the matter is that the spirit is engulfed only by the mind, which is “subtle matter”, that is gathered from this planet. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, opinions, all this start getting amplified, because the brain starts getting disconnected and grounding of the body is not happening. Only spiritual discipline by means of revival of the spirit through authentic Vedic processes can give one, true insight into what is happening beyond the brain and body. The spirit is the father of the mind and the body and unless one unites one’s awareness into the spirit, the subtle operations of the brain, mind and the body cannot be grasped. This is essentially what medical science is ill-equipped to do or assimilate. Medical science only focusses on chemicals and the biological parameters, scores of various nutrients that gauge health. But it can never truly estimate why the body is disintegrating or stops responding to certain things, when the expectation applying all logical means is the otherwise. Here is when spirituality is applied. It is not to say that medical science has no place. In fact medical science is a great tool to understand how the body functions and what chemical components keep the body in good shape. What is required in addition to the power of medical science is “insight” on body, mind and spirit. Unless this “insight” is developed, medical science shall be like a body without soul. Spiritual insight is necessary so that one may be able to take full advantage of medical science in one’s life. There are many concepts about the functioning of the body which is not within the scope of medical studies. We shall discuss something about that.

Medical science has rightly claimed that “Our entire body undergoes cellular level transformation, such that we will never have any cell within our system that existed in our system eleven months prior”. This is an interesting point to discuss. Spiritual insight can be applied to how the cells are formed. This process has not been explored in the spiritual angle in the medical profession and rightly so. There is an old saying “You are what you think”. This is a powerful statement and it is a statement of Truth. Our cells have life and each cell draws life from the same life-source that makes our bodies and minds work. A cell has a cell body. The cell animates because of life; its body is composed of matter. When our thoughts are not in harmony or negative, it produces vibrations in our auric field; due to our body energy the newer cells attain a cell-body composed of negative vibes which our mind is constantly sending out. Remember “Mind is Matter” and it also contributes to the formation of cell-body; in fact the cell body itself is the negative vibe, in the current example. Thus if we are to continue polluting ourselves with evil, toxic thoughts for a continuous period of 11 months, the physicality that shall be available to us at the end of 11 months shall be a body that radiates negative vibes, because it is made up of those very vibes. If that were so, it shall send radiations within our mind and encourage us to think more of those toxic thoughts encouraging us to pollute the environment with our negative behaviour. The saying “Birds of the same feather flock together” is applicable here. This will create a negative feedback loop which propels us in the negative direction. But this shall also send those vibrations into space which gets recorded as negative Karma ready to rebound and attack us in coming times. Thus Newton’s third law of motion that “Every Action has an equal and opposite Reaction” becomes applicable here. That is why, a person who has performed many years of scrupulous spiritual practice can easily detect the nature of the other being simply by looking at the person’s face or body. This is because he is able to detect the negative or positive vibes which the other person’s body radiates. This  is the power of “spiritual insight”.