3 Signs of a Negative Person

signs of negative person

Living entities are different from non-living things, due to the presence of consciousness.

A Fact: Negative people are 99.99% of the time Unconscious

Among living entities, there are similarities and differences that qualify certain people as superior and certain others as inferior.

All living beings, including humans, perform basic survival activities like eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. Once, the lifespan comes to an end, the individual dies.

So, the Vedic Texts say, that if this is the only course of life, then the living entity, unconsciously experiences slumber. When life becomes an automatic process, governed by instincts, the individual becomes unconscious or sleeping.

1st Sign of Negative People

They cannot differentiate between needs and desires.

In the spree of satisfying desire, the individual undergoes various mental alterations.

He experiences various moods. The various moods, based on their predominant characteristic are Satvic (Mode of Goodness), Rajasic (Mode of Passion), and Tamasic (Mode of Ignorance). These three moods occur when the living entity is awake. But, most times, the unmindful individual accepts these changes inertly.

A negative person, most of the time oscillates between Rajasic and Tamasic modes of nature. Such a person is unable to see beyond the lens of negativity.

Best Crystal to Become Mindful, Positive, and Calm

It is indeed Selenite.

Selenite is a transparent-looking stone, which is best used for increasing mindfulness. If you are familiar with meditation, you would have come across Selenite stone several times.

Every person recommends this stone to wipe away negative vibrations from yourself and your home. It is as simple as placing this in front of your main door as well as one near your back door. This prevents you from carrying negative vibrations. It dispels negativity from your surroundings.

However, some people find, selenite pendants to be a better mood moderator than just keeping them in a corner of the house. But, things work differently for different people. It is the best crystal for meditators. The advantages include clearing of negative thoughts and undesirable vibrations. Boosting confidence and overall energy levels.

2nd Sign of Negative People

They experience sudden mood changes and small things in life affect them severely.

Now, a conscious living entity has control over his waking state, because of which he is able to maintain peace in his dreaming and deep sleep states. But, unmindful and unconscious living entities fail to control their minds. They become susceptible to negative vibrations. They lose control over their waking state. because of which they have disturbed sleep.

3rd Sign of Negative People

The 3rd sign of Unconscious people is: They have sleeping disorders like Insomnia due to negative, compulsive thoughts. They have disturbed sleep and often encounter nightmares.

A Bonus sign of Unconscious people is that they are more fearful than most people. They go on future rides and have the tendency to imagine the worst of worst situations.

A living entity lives and dies, it enters the heavens, the lower planets such as the hells, and then appears once again on the earthly platform. These cyclic events, which involve no conscious effort, are considered to be like sleep. This is because one has not woken up to the Paramatma who operates within the living entity.

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Vedic Scriptures on Unconscious People

The Vedic texts compare the unconscious beings on earth with the fish in water. Though the fish is meant to stay in the water, it comes to its surface on and off, to breathe. Similarly, the unconscious men keep wandering mindlessly because they are unaware of the Atman who is seated within themselves. They meet failure in every endeavour just because they are searching in the wrong place. Rather than seeking within, they seek from the world, just like the fish.

Though unconscious people seem to have their eyes open, they’re compared to the fish, while asleep. Fish is known to sleep with their eyes open. Unconscious beings though awake like the fish asleep, keep wandering.

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