Modernism, Religion and Sanatana Dharma

Intrusive Ads

Santana Dharma and the False Narratives

The Guru Parampara of Santana Dharma and the Sanatani Scriptures is the very basis of knowing Truth.

There is no other method that will point us to what is true and what is not.

In the current times, the System manipulates Truth and replaces it with falsehood.

Thanks to the propaganda of commercials and governments that present their personal narratives to the common man, as if that were Truth.

The world is in a shameful condition, because of such false narratives.

Spreading Hatred Among the Masses

The Internet can be a great source of furthering spiritual knowledge.

But, today governments and Industries, utilize it effectively against humanity, in the hunger for Power.

The Commercialization of Spirituality serves as a tool for the power-hungry agencies, government authorities, and other influential personalities.

They use religion and spirituality as bait to enamor the common man.

Pornography, Violence, Brain-Washing through toxic advertisements, and misconstruing facts, are very common on Televisions and on the internet.

People are trying to maximize their earnings by promoting visual and audio material that stokes greed and hatred among the common masses.

Criticizing, But Liking Disturbing Content

This instigation is so profound that even the average man has accepted these promotions as the very reality of life.

The common man also promotes these contents by liking and sharing such content thereby enjoying these harsh visuals.

People tend to criticize such material, but they want to see more of this, nevertheless.

They find it entertaining, anyway.

If not, why should such disturbing material have so many views and likes?

The content creators have realized this and therefore produce more of such content. 

Need for Detoxification

What is the point of criticizing such content, when the desire to watch more so content also exists side-by-side to criticism?

The very fact that violent, abusive, and objectionable material is gaining traction, is because, we like what we are seeing, period.

If this has to change, we have to detoxify ourselves and train ourselves to be free of such toxic material.

We have disturbed sleep cycles and we sow seeds of dissension unconsciously within the realm of our own minds, while we sleep and dream.


Are We Losing the Purpose of Life?

The question is, are we conscious of our own behavior?

Do we realize how toxic we have become?

Do we know or realize how exposure to objectionable audio-visual content is affecting us?

Have we observed that we are becoming more and more irritable, as time is passing?

Aren’t we seeing that our competitive attitude is out of envy for others?

Have we realized that we have started setting unrealistic and perhaps toxic goals for ourselves?

Are we seeing that we have been losing the purpose of life? 

We are expecting our children to change, we are expecting our children to avoid television and the internet, while we secretly engage with obnoxious content.

The Cause and Effect Syndrome


What goes around, comes around.

We have forgotten the very basic rule of Cause and Effect.

Even then we shamelessly put this question, “What have I done to others, that I am suffering?”

The answer is that “Nobody is doing anything to you.

You are feeding things into yourself unconsciously and that is making you do so many undesirable things.”

That is the simple answer.

Yet the general population continues to be sick.

This is because, it is copiously infected with the poison of materialism, consumerism, and short-sighted gains.

Hijacking Intelligence

There are many “physical” tools available in the modern world such as the internet and television.

But the Ruling Systems of the Land, use these tools for intrusive and agenda-driven purposes aimed to hijack the intelligence of the common masses.

People continue to fall prey to the dubious plans of the governments, Technology companies, and Industrial giants, and in the long run, cause harm to themselves.

It is a sad state of affairs.


The need of the hour is that we have to retract our journey. We have to start somewhere.

Unless we understand and take action towards self-correction, we shall suffer and so will our offspring.

Modern technology is great and it can do many things for us.

However, we have been misusing it. We are doing the same thing that a toddler does with a matchbox full of inflammable matchsticks.

It is important to ask this basic question, “Why are we alive?

What am I doing with life? What am I really supposed to do?”

Religion is not the Villain

People over the ages always make religion, the villain.

Because this is safe because we can easily put the blame on the history of religion.

Selfish enterprises have removed religion from our lives by projecting it in a bad light.

Unless they do that, how can they rule over the common man?

It is important that man should first try to understand the real meaning of religion and then find out through “genuine” means, what he should do with his life.

Religion can only be Genuine

The question is, what can qualify as genuine?

The simple answer is, anything, that does not work for its own proliferation, is usually genuine.

A True Sage, find happiness by serving others. He does not expect anything in return.

He serves and guides people.

Such a sage does not need anything from society.

He serves society because serving society simply makes him happy.

That’s all.

True religion guides a man towards eternal happiness and freedom.

Our Misconception About Religion

Religion is always understood to be politically motivated.

This is what history seems to suggest.

But if that is true, then that thing was never a religion in the first place.

True religion and Spirituality are one and the same thing.

If organized religion exists to achieve “brand” status, it is something else, definitely not religion.

Religion is understood to be Dharma here.

That is how we understand religion.

Dharma is the propensity of the soul.

It is not you or me in particular.

It is the tendency of a living entity. 

Sanatana Dharma Calls for “Being Genuine”

The innermost tendency of any living entity is worship and devotion.

When Self-Worship stops and when we worship and devote ourselves to the Universal Spirit we achieve the true purpose of life.

This is certainly true religion, the Dharma.

Thankfully age-old scriptures of the golden period of yore drive the Teachings of Santana Dharma.

The Undistorted Truth is found only in the Dharma.

A Guru Parmapara that follows the edicts of Sanatana Dharma is non-dubious, clear, genuine.

The symptoms of a Great Parampara, are already foretold in the Scriptures, from beginningless time.

Thus, we should be safe, looking at the works of the Parampara or to the Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma.

The Works covering the Vedas, Vedanta, Puranas, Epics such as the Ramayana and the  Mahabharata are great beacons.

They are capable of destroying the strangulating web of autocratic and Oligarchic Governments.

Sampradaya Highlights True Religion

The Parampara System also may have some dubious characters in their line, spreading venom.

But the Parampara as a whole still goes untainted, unravaged by the deluge of time.

Such a Parampara consists of prominent Sanatani Systems such as The Sri Sampradaya, The Shankara Sampradaya, The Vallabha Sampradaya, Nimbarka Sampradaya, The Madhwa Sampradaya among others.

These Sampradaya Systems have amplified the voice of the Sanatani Scriptures and ensured the passing on of the essential teachings of Scriptures from generation to generation.

These  Systems are continuously trying to give the antidote of genuine spirituality to the common masses.

Truth, Devotion, and Worship

It is important that the teachings of the Parampara System are sufficiently understood, absorbed, and imbibed by the common masses.

The Sanatani Scriptures and the Paramapara System have no selfish motive whatsoever.

Their goal is to simply educate the common masses; to grant them with the right tools and methods with which people can “see” Truth and desire nothing but Truth alone.

It is important for the common folks to get aware and start inquiring into religion, Dharma.

Worship and Devotion alone can save mankind from the poisonous serpents of selfishness, envy, and greed.

This is the only way towards Liberation.

Thanks for reading!