Monsoon rains in Golok Vrindavana

Monsoon rains in Golok Vrindavan

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 16

During Monsoons

Shyam simply loves water and if it is raining then what to ask? All children are usually fond of bathing in rain. If there were nobody to stop Kanhai, he would roam about jumping and running even in the autumnal rains. These are monsoon rains. In such rains, even the animals don’t hide.

When the children would leave for grazing cows in the morning, only a few clouds would cover the sky. But, how long do rain clouds take to spread themselves. As soon as the first part of the day ended, the sky got covered with clouds. With the thundering of clouds, the forest echoes with ‘Ke ka’ sounds. These days, the animals get quickly satisfied by eating tender green grass. Even the cows have grown happy anticipating the arrival of rain.

The clouds fell and the kids have worn their Patukas. All have removed their Kachnis and stacked them together in the caves of Giriraj Goverdhan. The wind blows very mildly. The rain has started. It seems like someone is constantly performing Abhisheka for the whole of Vrindavana filling water in a pot having millions of holes. The thundering of clouds seems like the continuous blowing of bugles.

A non-stop abhishek ceremony runs for Giririraj. The shilas are bathing. At different places, like canals, colorful waterfalls carrying various forest substances flow with great speed. Thousands of waterfalls have started flowing from Giriraj ji.

The forest groves and creepers have started bathing. Drops drip from washed leaves. The flower bundles have started dangling. The dropping mangoes and plums have drowned in the waters. Even the cows, bulls and calves are standing at a great distance and are bathing quietly. All have bent their heads, ears and tails. Only sometimes, some calf runs lifting its tail. It takes shelter under a dense tree and starts shaking its body. But, even in them, most feel that they have made a mistake by coming under the tree. They again run and stand next to their mothers.

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Krishna dances in rain

Shyam sundar is bathing in rain along with his Sakhas. Even Dua dada is bathing. All are running from one place to another making ‘chapa chap’ sounds in water. This would me more relevant to say.

The peacock feather sticks on getting wet. His curls stick to his forehead and cheeks. They stick on his back and below the neck. Both ears are hidden under the sticking curls. His earrings are peeping from them. There are only a few flowers that remain on his hair. The rest have fallen. The gocharan tilak has washed away from the forehead. The saffron mark has washed away. The kohl on his eyes has washed away. The forest paintings on his beautiful body have washed away. His arched eyebrows have got wet. His lotus-petalled eyes have turned a bit more-red on getting wet. Pearls of laughter shower continuously from his red-red wet lips

The forest garland lying on his neck does not shed water droplets like the beads of his pearl-necklace. It’s flow cannot be determined. From the lap of this forest garland, the Shrivatsa mark on his chest peeps so curiously as if the forest garland has only protected it from the rest of the drawn paintings on his chest. The patuka wrapped around his waist sticks on getting wet. The tinkling bells are to be clearly seen. His anklets and soft-red-feet can be seen sometimes while walking.

Goverdhan during Rainy season

Only water is visible on the ground at this moment. At some places, tall shoots, and shilas are to be seen! The green grass spread over the ground have drowned in water.

The forest animals are not used to enjoying rains like the cows. Some of them have ventured into the caves and some stand gathered under dense trees. The birds sit still on the trees. Many of them flutter their wings and shrug off the water. All are mute. Only the ‘Ke ka’ sounds of peacocks reverberate in the forest.

The forest echoes with the bugling sounds of the clouds. The groves echo with peacock sounds. The earth echoes with the laughter and screams of children.

Some kid spreading both his hands takes water drops in both his palms. Some have started running in circles and then sit down with a thud on the water itself. They are carefully walking over the flowing waters. Some are engrossed in floating leaves and flowers. Kanhai sometimes goes round holding the hands of his elder brother, sometimes, he runs near Bhadra or Subala making ‘Chapa chap’ sounds. All are immersed in the joy of bathing in rain.