Murugan Gayatri Mantra Benefits and Vidhi

benefits of murugan gayatri mantra

Who is Lord Kartikeya?

Lord Kartikeya has a Significant role in the Hindu or Vedic spiritual system.

Devotees widely know Him by His 6 main names: Skanda, Kandha, Subramanya, Shanmukha, Sravana, Karthikeya, Guha, Murugan and Velayutha.

Lord Kartikeya is the God of war and victory.

He is the source of the Gods, as he is the commander and chief of their army.

There are many sects in Hinduism that claim him as the supreme God.

Lord Kartikeya is Kumara, the most handsome of all God.

He is youthful, playful as He majestically rides on the peacock named Paravani.

He is the Son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, and the brother of Lord Vinayaka.

The Birth Story of Lord Murugan itself indicates that none can beat his strength and valour.

The consorts of Lord Kartikeya are Devi Devasena and Devi Valli.

They are the goddess of action and willpower.

People mostly worship Lord Kartikeya in the southern part of India and call Him Murugan.

In fact this is a very common name among south indians.

Even, Gods like Indra worship and glorify him.

Kartikeya Mantra Benefits

Kartikeya mantra is the most powerful mantra as it provides protection to the chanter.

Our Vedic scriptures mention, that the Devata resides in its mantra.

For example: Lord Kartikeya resides in his own mantra. So, we can consider that this Murugan mantra is the personification of Lord Muruga himself.

This mantra has the power to remove all ill-luck and black magic from the life of the reciter.

If one is disturbed by spirits, evil eyes, nightmares, and curses from people, chanting the Murugan mantra shall provide protection against all of them.

As Lord Kartikeya is the God of victory, he distributes the honor of becoming a leader and emerging victorious, among his devotees.

Hence, some devotees also call His mantra the victory mantra.

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Why is Murugan Gayatri Special?


In a nutshell, Murugan Mantra helps us remove all diseases, enemies, and rivals from the life of the practitioner.

Murugan’s mantra gives us strength and courage to bravely face adverse situations in life.

Also, this mantra gives us the energy to deal with family issues, making one’s family life smooth and happy.

All mantras have the power to do great favors for their reciter.

However, Kartikeya mantra not only fulfills the desire of the seeker, but it also shields the chanter from dangers and enemies, giving the practitioner a full package.

If people are entangled in legal cases and pending cases, the chanter of this mantra will impart a lot of benefits.

The 18 Puranas and Upa Puranas describe Gods and Goddesses. However, the Skanda Purana is named and it exclusively features the Pastimes of Lord Kartikeya, a.k.a Skanda.

Skanda Purana mentions, that the Kartikeya mantra will provide spiritual intuition and knowledge to the reciter.

This mantra shall provide all these benefits to the reciter if the chanter is sincere.

After reciting the mantra with sincerity, the reciter will feel free and less burdened.

This mantra will keep in check stress levels and slowly relieve the chanter from all worries.

The Murugan Gayatri Mantra.

Om Thatpurushaya Vidhmahe
Maha Senaya Dhimahi
Thannah Shanmukha Prachodhayath

Let us meditate upon the Supreme, who is the main General of the great Deva army. He is Lord Shanmuka. May He enlighten us and lead us the path to be with him.

Things to Keep in Mind, For Best Results

This mantra of Lord Kartikeya, that we mentioned earlier, is not an ordinary mantra.

It is a Gayatri mantra.

This Mantra has special powers, through which we can invoke the Supreme Lord Murugan inside us.

Keeping all its divinity in mind, the vidhi to chant this mantra should be followed with commitment and faith.

One should chant this mantra on a daily basis.

But some people are incapable to do so, because of their personal or professional issues.

So in this case, the best day to recite this Mantra is Tuesday.

Other auspicious days include all the days in the month of Krittika, and the days of the Pushya star, during full moon days.

One should chant this mantra either at dawn or dusk, for the best results.

It is auspicious to chant this mantra around 11, 108, or 1008 times.

Vidhi to Chant this Mantra


To chant this Gayatri Mantra one will have to chant this mantra facing the east direction.

Now, you should chant this mantra in front of Murugan yantra or in front of His idol.

In this vidhi one will have to offer flowers to the yantra or to the idol.

Red color flowers are favorite to Lord Kartikeya, so it would be better if one offers red flowers to the Lord.

Lord Ganesha too, likes red flowers!

One can offer simple Prashadam to the Lord, like a mixture of mashed bananas, jaggery, raisins, cashew nuts, and dates or any sweet puddings.

Now the question comes that in which mala this sacred mantra one can chant.

Rosary beads, made with clear Spadika or Rudraksha or Tulsi mala shall be an ideal choice.

If one follows all this Vidhi or process with full sincerity will bear great results in just 48 days.

But, the seeker should have faith and devotion towards Lord Murugan and His sacred mantra. This faith will truly benefit the reciter.

Can you Chant this Mantra?

Actually, there are no qualifications to chant this mantra.

Everybody can chant this mantra.

Some south Indian traditions believe that women should not do some Murugan mantras, as it can be harmful to their bodies.

We must keep in mind that Sanatana Dharma, are completely unbiased.

They care for our physical structures and hence they lay rules to restrict us from doing harm to ourselves.

However, in case of the Murugan Gayatri Mantra, women are free and safe to chant it.

Rather, if a pregnant woman chants this mantra, it shall ensure the safety and good health of the fetus.

Moreover, it shall ensure safe delivery and good health of the newborn as well as for the mother.

If a childless couple chants this mantra for offspring with sincerity, soon one’s desire will be fulfilled.

If we talk about males they are free to chant this mantra and don’t need any qualification just like females.

Looking at children or students, this mantra is very beneficial for them also.

If they recite this mantra with full faith, it shall improve their memory and concentration, resulting in great benefits for the child during exams, and success in all areas of learning.

If the child is a toddler and is a student, the parents of the child can recite this mantra on behalf of the child.

This mantra also has the potential to build the confidence levels in both children or and adults.

Some mantras create health issues as it does not suit their body type.

But this Murugan mantra does not have any side effect, rather it guarantees good health for sick people.

If sick or nervous people chant this mantra, it benefits them greatly.

Thanks for reading!