What happens when Kundalini awakens?

kundalini yoga stages

Knowing the Chakra System

The Kundalini Shakti, or the serpent-power lies dormant below the Muladhara (मुलाधार) Chakra.

Some practices that awaken Kundalini include:

meditation, chanting, Kirtana, prayers, remembering God, conscious cultivation of virtues, Truthfulness, regulation of sexual tendencies and promoting celibacy.

The Supreme Being, also known as Sada Shiva (परब्रह्म) resides in the Sahasra Chakra.(सदाशिव).

When Kundalini rises from the Svadhishthana (स्वाधिष्ठान) to the Sahasra Chakra (सहस्र), the individual attains liberation.

The aim of the Kundalini Awakening process is to uplift the Shakti Energy residing in the Muladhara upto the Swadhistana, to unite Shakti with Sadashiva in Sahasra Chakra.

People, consciously or unconsciously practicing some form of spiritual practice accidently ignite this serpent power.

As a result, the Kundalini gets stuck at an intermediate position, somewhere between the Muladhara and Sahasra Chakra, anywhere in the 5 chakras lying in the middle.

Chronology of the 7 Chakras


Benefits of Kundalini Shakti

This dilemmatic state in the practitioner can bestow certain worldly benefits depending on the rising of Kundalini.

People with Awakened Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) might be proficient singers and influential speakers.

Some maybe materially accomplished. People may have exceptionally good health.

Certain others may be sharp and intelligent. Some others may possess a dynamic deamenour, influencing many people.

All credit goes to the Kundalini shakti, depending on its placement in the Chakra system.

In worldly-minded people, the Kundalini power is in the sleeping state at the base of the spine.

Hence, such people are not particularly blessed with worldly or other-worldly affluence.

Individuals must perform yogic practices, under the guidance of an experienced self-realized master who has already experienced the divine meeting of Shakti and Sadashiva in his system.

Only then shall Kundalini blossom and move towards the Sahasra.

Spiritual guidance is mandatory, if at all you want to progress.

A self-realized master’s blessings, can cause the meeting of Shiva and Shakti in the practitioner through certain yogic practices.

As a result, the practitioner himself can take the role of a spiritual master and guide other committed beings.

However, only after prolonged, commited practice can you be able to guide others.

Stages of Kundalini Awakening


The aspirant begins to witness Super sensual visions. New worlds with indescribable wonders and charms unfold before the Yogi.

Planes after planes reveal their existence and grandeur to the practitioner.

As the Kundalini passes from Chakra-chakra, divine knowledge, power and bliss unravel, in increasing degrees.

Before the touch of Kundalini, the chakras do not emanate their divine light and power.

The Divine Secrets of Kundalini does not reveal itself to worldly-minded people who refuse to believe in them.

When the Kundalini ascends from one Chakra to another, the Yogi climbs up the Yogic ladder step-by-step.

As a result, Yogic powers unlock with each passing Chakra.

When the Kundalini reaches the sixth center or the Ajna (आज्ञा) Chakra, the Yogi gets a vision of Saguna Brahman, Bhagavan with form and attributes.

When the serpent-power reaches the last center, or Sahasra Chakra, the Yogi loses his individuality and merges in the ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute.

From an ordinary man, the yogi attains the position of a fully illumined sage, having conquered the eternal kingdom of the divine.

The self-realized yogi looks beyond the veil of Maya, that had once entrapped him from beginningless time.

The Yogi now enters into that space called “reality”.

Before this reality, our present world stands utterly defeated like a dissolving vision of images in mist.

The present world shall never again bother him.

The liberated being can save other struggling souls of the relative world.

Scriptures glorify him in all possible ways for having attained the rarest of gems.

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