What is Consciousness? | Poem: The nature of Consciousness


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Far in the mountains and the sea
There is so much more, there is, to see.

The many places, as if, it were a dream.
Variegated, colorful, all that, it may seem.

I bury my head deep,straight into my heart
The source of which, all this, is just a part.

The vision outside, is in the mind
Experience of the world, and all that fruitless grind.

All these feelings of I and mine,
Explode out there, relentlessly, as space and time

Holding the reigns of eternity in your palm
You grope in gory ignorance, all that, without calm.


Consciousness, is the field in which
Reality lies bare, as the hunches switch

Deep within the core, is where secrets lie
Life and death, don’t believe, is just another lie

Look deep there, inside, from where you breathe
From where you weep, rejoice, dance and seethe

Its right there, just hold up without the sleight
Where day meets night without fear or fright.

Hold tight your attention; bow low; go down.
Consciousness slowly then, shall reveal, its gown.