Nanda baba’s Elder brother Upanandji | Tungi Tai, (Arjuna and Tejasvi)- Friends of Krishna | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 13

Krishna's Bade Tau- Upanandji

How our Golok Works?

Our entire Golok is one family and a family where the feeling of otherness has no room. Here time and place have no functioning. For one purpose, the wives of one’s palace will have separate magnificent mansions and gardens while, for a different purpose Tau, chacha and other members stay such that by just calling softly they come. It seems like they stay in the same room. It looks like the whole of Golok dwells in one single room. Shri Nanda baba has two elder brothers and the very same count of younger brothers. Since the beginning, His elder brother Upanandji’s interests are quite outstanding. He never looks into organizing. Which is why he couldn’t gel with the post of Vrajaraj (The Lord of Vraja). You can act as you please. He won’t correct your mistakes even on seeing you err.

Upananda- The Disinterested One

Elders fancy the occupation of advising Young ones. But Bade Tauji never wanders that way. He doesn’t advice, unless sought. But once he approves something, the elder-gopas regard his words par with Rishi Shandilya in its wisdom and life experience without uttering a word in denial. Even at home, Bade Tau doesn’t scold his sons. If someone tells him- Why don’t you correct someone by addressing his faulty behavior? He wisely replies- On making little mistakes, and undergoing the pain, supreme wisdom dawns. On someone else’s explaining, out of respect for the speaker, he might listen temporarily, but will commit the same mistake again. He won’t realize his mistake even after a great explanation.

Physical features of Upananda

Tall in stature, slightly thin, Bade Tauji’s hair and moustache are thoroughly white. People say he is 8 years elder to Nanda Baba. He wears a white crown and dhoti. A large forehead, large benign eyed our Bade Tauji resembles a rishi. He certainly carries a light cane with him, otherwise he is undoubtedly a hermit wearing holy footwear (पादुका). Rarely does he, on his behalf, express opinions or approve in discussions. Only on seeking does he express his approval and his approval is ultimate and universally accepted. None of our festivities are complete without Bade Tauji. The conference room of the elder cowherd men (गोपा) winds up only after his sanctioning. But on great urging only does he visit someone on exceptional occasions. Dawn-dusk he sits in Nanda Baba’s conference room. That time, all the elder gopas sit along with him. Probably they sit there because of Bade Tau.

Krishna with Elder Uncle

None of us children sit next to Bade Tau even for a few moments. Nanda Baba venerates him. He calls him “Dadaji”. So we must sit mute near him. We just go close and touching his feet once, run away. Even his sons don’t sit near him. But Krishna’s case is exceptional. He is so quick that he ends up sitting on Bade Tau’s lap and fidgeting his moustache with His fingers, asks him- “Dauji, How has your moustache grown so white?” Krishna still calls Tauji, “Dauji” which means elder brother. As a child he struggled to pronounce Tau, now the mischief-maker calls him Dau. Bade Tauji (elder uncle) laughs on this and speaks to him, keeping him packed in his arms. He even doesn’t sweep Krishna’s fingers from his moustache. Rohini Ma says- It is wrong to touch the moustache of elders, but this Krishna never listens. Bade Tauji is fair-white in complexion, slightly less than the whiteness of milk is his body.

Krishna teases Tungi Tai

Like him, fair complexioned, lean and tall, is Badi Tai called “Tungi Tai.” Not just Yashoda Maiya but also Rohini ma, holding the corner of her saree rest their heads on her feet. But naughty krishna calling her “Dungi Dai” blossoms with laughter. Maiya often corrects Krishna- You should not call Tai- Dai (Nursemaid). But Tai only stops Yashoda Maiya- “Yashoda, Why do you stop my sweetheart?, He rightly says it. I am his Dai “nursemaid”. He would sometimes hide his head in my veil and my withered tree would overflow and drip. We call Tai’s eldest son, Arjun, “बूढ़े दादा” means “old brother.” He is just 7 days younger to Balaram and like Bade Tau is lean and tall. He speaks in a serious tone like aged-gopas, and smiles with restriction. “This is why we all call him Boodhe Dada.” But he rarely speaks. Even to gather the cows, he is the first to run.

Who is Tejasvi?

The slightest air of Bade Tau and his eldest son Arjuna’s straightforwardness is missing in his young offspring Tejasvi. Tejasvi (name means Brilliance) is 2 months younger to Krishna, but he is such a brilliant chap, don’t ask. Even while speaking to Daudada and aged gopas, he speaks in such an ordering tone. Holding Krishna’s hand and directly speaking your heart can only be Tajasvi’s cup of tea- “You are tired. Come quietly lay on the bed of twigs.” Even Krishna cannot ignore his words. Tejasvi holds Balaram’s hands and in a flash lifts him up saying. “Dada, take your stick and just stand up.” Whitish-fair complexion, large watery eyed, Tejasvi’s tender face flares up and grows red on slight matters. Lifting his little cane, he can even threaten two fighting bulls- Will you both make truce or not? Tejasvi hangs around with Balaram. But the Gopis call him my “assistant”. He receives great love in my wives’ chamber and would also speak in ordering tones with his sisters-in-law.

Mandira Jiji- The daughter of Elder Uncle

Bade Tauji has one daughter, “Mandira Jiji.” She is 2-3 months older to me. She is even elder to Dau Dada. She is very loving and simple. Just like Krishna she loves all of us. But don’t know how Tauji got her married at a very tender age. The poor girl is forced to live in her in-law’s residence.

Gopas get married early

We Gopas get married at a very young age. That is why the youngest of us, Tok got married. Boodhe Dada Arjun and Tejasvi also have their wives’ chambers, but I rarely get to visit a friend’s wives chamber. Krishna only likes attracting lime-light in their chambers. It is a different thing if he forcefully drags you into a sisters-in-law’s chamber.

Rohini ma- The Room Maker

Bade Tau is unmindful of his own home. Tungi Tai, like her husband, is simple-minded. Even on Yashoda Maiya’s requesting, she doesn’t express herself. She says- Ask Rohini sister. Even I seek her help. She is a queen, who will know better than her? It is Rohini Ma who beatifies the rooms of Tungi Tai and her daughters-in-law. She keeps a report of their houses and for Nanda Baba, the barns of all, are his very own. He knows the state of every cow, bull and calf of his people.