Nanda Baba’s Love for Cows

Nanda Baba’s love for Cows | Krishna teaches Yoga to his Friends | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 8

Nanda Maharaj loves cows

We children keep dirtying Baba’s clean clothes with the dust and cow dung accumulated on our bodies.

Even Cows and calves can lean on him as they like.

They rub gobar on him or sprinkle water from their tails.

Instead, Nanda Baba feels happy with this, as if rishis have sprinkled holy Dharba water on him.

There is one more thing to add.

When Baba’s clothes get drenched in cow urine or dung, he doesn’t even change them, unless Maiya gets it done.

Gopas don’t wear sandals

Nanda Maharaj loves Krishna

None of the gopas wear sandals.

Infact, sandals have no role to play in Golok.

During worship or while eating food, the mahrashis and elderly men wear boots.

Krishna and we might playfully wear boots during play, however it is a great disturbance while running.

Cows are divine, they are worshipped.

The Gopas must always be their followers.

If cows don’t wear Sandals, how can they?

Sakha Bhadra imitates rishis

In fact, Bhadra wears sandals of hermits and loves making the noisy (Khata Khat) sounds.

But when Krishna complained to Baba about this, Baba didn’t scold him.

Instead he lovingly stroked his back.

This Baba never scolds anyone.

Bhadra complains about bull Dharma

Bhadra tells this to Baba-

“Baba, You shout at this Dharma (bull).

He keeps disturbing the mud with his horns.”

By his bellows, he scares the meek calves and bullocks.

Even Dau Dada doesn’t say anything.

If I am a little away he doesn’t listen even when being threatened by Varuthapa’s stick.

Nanda Maharaj’s humilty

Even on hearing it all, Baba didn’t chastise Dharma.

He touched both its hind legs, and circumambulated the audacious bull.

He then folded his hands in prayer and said-

“You are Dharma, You should not be violent. Always shower your blessings on us.”

On hearing Baba’s humble words, Bhadra was ecstatic

Celebrating the moment, he went all the way and told Rohini ma, Yashoda Maiya, Dau Dada and Krishna-

“See, Dharma is smelling Baba’s head. Is baba an infant? Usually we smell the heads of infants. Don’t we, Dharma doesn’t even understand this simple thing.”

Here, even cows, creepers, calves and Krishna keep smelling Baba’s head.

Calves lick Nanda Maharaj

krishna fondles his calf

In fact, this Gaurav (calf) licks Baba’s entire face.

One Krishna got irritated and told his Maiya:

“Why does Gaurava defile my Baba?”

Maiya replies- “Because Gaurava doesn’t have hands.

This is how he expresses his love.

ust like you cuddle Gaurava.”

Rohini Ma and Yashoda maiya have to undoubtedly stop Krishna and Bhadra to attend the barn in the evenings.

Without dinner if they leave, god knows when they shall return.

They might start playing as well

Krishna’s age complex

“Now, you are young”. Just this sentence of Baba keeps disturbing Bhadra and Krishna.

Hence, Krishna keeps fighting on this- “I have already grown so big, Even Bhadra is big, Daudada too, Rishabha too, also Arjun and….”

If Baba wouldn’t interrupt, Krishna;s list would never end,

However Baba clearly says- ”If you are grown up, then  sit with the elders in our village conference.

Listen to their excellent words.”

Little Krishna makes a fuss

“That is the place for oldies.”- Krishna makes a face.

“Have I grown that old?”

Even Bhadra won’t identify himself to be that old.

Nanda Baba advices Krishna on Jnana Vignana

God knows what scientific topics the gopas keep talking about.

krishna plays on nanda maharaj lap

Krishna says- “Jnana is a bush.”

Even Bhadra thinks that the elders are pointing at some rare medicinal herb.

If Jnana (Knowledge) is a bush, then Vigyana (Science) must also be.

Elders are most anxious about shrubberies.

Krishna’s friend Bhadra’s innocence

However, Bhadra once directly asked Baba: “Our cows will graze them. How far is it?”

Baba asked with a surprise: “What?”

Bhadra said: What Bade Tauji was mentioning last evening, Jnana. Are the leaves tender?

Naturally, Baba laughed to his heart’s content.

With a grim-faced expression, Bhadra asked- “What is comical in this?

Now, Baba cuddled Bhadra. He patted him and said-

“ You will know once you grow up. Jnana is not meant for cows.

If Krishna were present, he would ask loads of questions. But Bhadra isn’t of the quizzical type.

If neither I nor cows shall benefit from it, then it is useless. Bhadra isn’t intrigued.

Krishna calls it a bush, it must be a futile one.

Baba must keep talking with the aged Gopas.

Topic concerning cows or Gopas, Bhadra understands.

He even understands topics of Milk, curds, butter, ghee, and also talks of cow dung and cow urine.

Even topics on Garments, ornaments, sticks, bugle, flute and catapult, are purposeful.

But god knows what baba starts speaking with the gopas. Besides, yesterday, the elders spoke of a yogi. 

Krishna teaches Yoga

Bhadra is familiar with Sadhus. Many sadhus reside near Shandilya Guru’s hermitage.

Once, he curiously asked Baba– “Baba, Who are Yogis?”

Baba had his Gow Puja pending. So he answered in fewer words- “Those who practice Yoga are yogis.”

Still Bhadra was a bit confused. So, he directly asked Krishna in the forest- “How is Yoga done?

As it is, Krishna never answers things clearly, so he exclaimed-

“Want to do Yoga?

Come on, Sit quickly.”

Bhadra did as told.

Now, Krishna said- “Grab your nose.

Press it hard, keep it pressed, don’t leave it.”

Bhadra was furious now.

To make his stance look convincing, Krishna further said-

“Look, Chote chacha sits in his wrestling arena.

Also you have seen Rishabha and Devaprastha imitate peacocks, scorpions, and swans.

Yes, all this along with squeezing your nose is called Yoga.”

Bhadra said

“I am listening, this is also yoga”.

The little wonder in Bhadra also faded.

He is irked by the mere name of exercise.

Over and above that, Madhumangal tells- “Keep your eyes shut.”

Why sit with your eyes closed? Simply spread your legs and go to bed.

Or open the shutters and keep gazing at Krishna.

Gopa Children attend meetings

Dau dada might sit quietly during Baba’s assembly. But when Bhadra, Krishna, or the younglings enter the room, will he sit silently?

He shall grab all the attention, and query with baba on spiritual subjects.

Then, he shall patiently hear their stories.

Gopas imitate Nanda Maharaj

Sometimes, Baba wears a corset during festivals.

Besides, he looks majestic in jewelry and his ornamented turban.

Then even all the other gopas wear a corset.

Even, Children are adorned.

Wearing his elaborate clothes,  Baba offers gifts to everyone.

As always, Children find such festivals delightful.

Hence, they do not go for cow-grazing on festive occasions.

Even Cows, bulls, and calves are festooned.

Nanda Maharaj’s charity

nanda baba praising little krishna

Like everyday Baba donates cows to holy men.

But none of them take cows for grazing. This is the job of the Gopa children.

Also they scarcely eat milk, curds, butter and ghee.

In this case, only Madhumangala ventures into the forest.

Besides he neither owns cows, nor accepts charity.

Yet, he comes to play in the forest.

So, Bhadra mockingly told Baba- “Baba, donate 10 cows to Madhumangala.

Immediately Madhumangala said –

“You pick up their dung.

I won’t.”

Then Baba said-

“As it is he and his friends own the cows.”

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Extract from the Book Golok Ek Parivar (Author- Sudarshan Singh Chakra)