Nanda Baba’s Younger Brother- Sananda | Kuvla Chachi and Rishabha | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 15

Nanda Baba’s Younger Brother- Sananda | Kuvla Chachi and Rishabha | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 15

Nanda Baba’s younger Brother Sananda- Characteristics

If you were to find a follower or a faithful devotee, take Bade Chacha’s example. Though his name is Sananda, he is such a staunch devotee of his elder brother Nanda that his name should be Nandanug (or the follower of Nanda). Unlike his elder brothers Upananda and Mahananda, he is neither fair-white nor is he rosy-fair in complexion. His complexion is like milk mixed in molten gol, fair and golden complexion. He is tall and hefty. In height he even exceeds Bade tauji by 2 fingers. He is not thin nor is he fat. Suiting his stature he has a well-built body. Large reddish eyes, a broad forehead, and his curly moustache doesn’t have a single strand of white. Our Bade Chacha is majestic in his personality. He is very cheerful and of the free flowing type. He sings in a very high pitch. People say, no one compares to him, in the group dance of Gopas. He tires everyone. He bears a taller stick than his own height. Only his younger brother known as Malla chacha (Wrestler Uncle) carries a heavier stick than his one. But Bade Chacha’s stick is longer than Malla chacha’s. Bade Chacha ties a rainbow colored turban and wears a rose-colored dhoti. The curls of his forehead are always greased with sesame oil.

Bade Chacha’s love for cows

He loves cows very much. Everybody calls him a cow specialist. All of us (The author) go to graze cows but Bade Chacha keeps meandering around the barn day and night. He pats the cows and bulls, caresses them and smells their ears and sometimes their dung too. He only lays the diet prescription for the cows and their routine of special herbal mixture, grains, jaggery, or ghee. When he comes close, a ferocious bull like Dharma too like a meek calf starts playing with him. As soon as a calf enters the world, he calls us all and tirelessly exhibiting its tail, tongue, hooves and hair, starts describing its qualities and benefits.

Krishna- The cow Expert

One day, Bada chacha was telling Nanda Baba- “I always felt I was a true Gopal (cow sustainer). I have all the necessary knowledge about cows. But our Neelamani (Krishna) has proved me wrong. Our Little Neelamani is a true Gopal. On seeing a cow from miles away, he can tell whether she is rose-smelled (पाटल गंधा) or mango smelled (आम्र गंधा). Krishna says- “Chacha, she will become Ushir Gandha-उशीर गंधा (Fragrant root grass smelled). Neelamani even on seeing a newborn calf says this and his words are never false.” I (Author) told Chacha- “Chacha, This Krishna is naughty. He even cheats you. He doesn’t know anything. But the cows and calves listen to him. He would have gently whispered in a calf’s ear- You become उशीर गंधा and the calf becomes that.” On hearing my words, Chacha laughed a lot. These elders don’t hear us properly and laugh instead. Chacha told me- “Then too your little brother is a True Gopal. The calves don’t become anything listening to me or someone else. They don’t even know how to become something, but on Neelamani’s saying they become that. Then it’s an amazing thing. He knows how to transform cows and calves as per his wish.” I (author) told Chacha- Don’t know what else he knows? – If he tells a उशीर गंधा (Fragrant root grass smelled) cow to become पद्मगंधा (Lotus smelled) she will become that also. But he only knows how to count his fingers.”

Don’t know why Chacha considers Krishna to be the most intelligent “Atleast he knows this.” He told me (author) – “You teach your younger brother to count ahead.” I (author) replied- If this naughty allows me, then only can someone teach.

Kuvala Chachi- The wife of Bade Chacha

“Kuvala” is the name of Badi Chachi. Krishna sometimes calls her (छाछी) or the buttermilk giver. She feeds him curds and ghee. But she doesn’t give buttermilk to anyone of us. She says- Buttermilk (छाछ) is meant for bulls. Bulls drink buttermilk and grow bulky in their organs.

Kuvala Chachi Characteristics

Badi Chachi is of normal height, but when she stands next to Chacha she looks short. She seems to reach till his shoulders. She has a Round face, full but fit and slim body. Her complexion is akin to have come after bathing in saffron. Badi Chachi loves being decked in ornaments and garlands. She with great care applies cosmetic paste (अंगराग). Her hands and feet are always filled with henna (मेहँदी) and adorned with red beauty paste (अलक्तक). Even if she doesn’t apply Kohl, her eyes appear eye lined. She likes wearing silk garments with illustrations on them and adorns her hair and clothes with a cluster of flowers. Sometimes Yashoda Maiya would laugh and say- “When my Badi Devrani (Brother-in-law’s wife) comes, a flower garden blooms in my courtyard.”

Kuvla Chachi- The expert Skillswoman

But Badi Chachi even on being ornamented is extremely hard-working. She is an expert worker and a clever skillswoman that the coating done by her on the courtyard appears like the canvas laid by an artist to create his artwork. Not a splash will fall on her or on the wall. Maiya being pleased will say- “Kuvla, How do you churn the butter? Not a single drop of milk stains your clothes or hands. You also extract more ghee than the others.” When Badi Chachi laughs it seems like the splattering of moonlight. “I am the teacher mother-in-law of our daughters-in-law”, she says. The goddess of Skill dwells in her hands. She immerses herself in work with swiftness and caution. All our (Author) wives keep surrounding her and with great affection she too reveals her knowledge and teaches them various things. As a consequence we rarely get to taste the nectar of her love and proximity. Her beloved daughters-in-law have claimed their right over it. Chachi doesn’t get relieved from their company.

Rishabha- The son of Bade Chacha

The eldest of Bade Chacha’s sons in Rishabha. He is just 5 days older to me but in height, he looks slightly shorter than Vishala. In beauty, complexion and stature, he is the replica of his father and carries the tallest stick amongst us all. Don’t know why green is Rishabha’s favorite color. His clothes, turban, crown are all green. Even for his hair he uses a parrot’s feather and twigs for his embellishment. During Hide and seek he will lay on a raised grass patch or sit crouching in a dense thicket of creepers, then finding him becomes very difficult. Rishabha is shy by nature. He stays close to Balaram (Daudada) or joins his group. To prevent being a prey to Krishna’s naughty pranks, he gathers the cows as per Varuthapa’s orders.

Anshu- Rishabha’s younger brother

Rishabha’s younger brother Anshu is even younger to Devaprastha in age. Anshu is so thin that he resembles a ray light, a bright ray. He loves wearing white garments and white flowers. Like me (Author), he wears a swan feather on his hair, but he too stays in Dau’s close proximity.

Bade Chacha’s Youngest Daughter- Nandi

Sister Nandi is even younger to Anshu (Krishna’s Friend). She is as thin as Anshu and is molten gold in complexion. She is a little talkative and is child-like in spirit (चुलबुली). We (Author) all love her a lot. Kuvala chachi has already taught her so many things even at this young age. This little girl child at this age has kept herself busy in household chores and decors and if opportunity paves in, she starts beautifying the hair of her sisters-in-law with embellishments. Bade Chacha says- My wife is not spared free from her daughters-in-law and she has made my daughter her assistant. Good, I am free to look after my Krishna and his barn. Neelmani too requires a guard for his barn. I too enjoy the company of cows. Why would Gopal sit on the laps of cow detesters?”