Nanda Baba’s Youngest Brother- Malla Chacha | Bhadra’s Mother- Atula Chachi | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 16

Nanda Baba’s Youngest Brother- Malla Chacha | Bhadra’s Mother- Atula Chachi | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 16

Nandan Chacha known as Malla Chacha

The youngest Chacha, Nandanji, is known as Malla chacha (wrestler Uncle). Both the Tauji’s and Nanda Baba call him “Chote” or little one, but both Tai ji (s), Yashoda Maiya, Rohini Ma and other Gopa- gopi (s) including Choti Chachi (his wife) call him Malla (Wrestler). Everyone say “Bhadra is the eldest son of Malla.” Don’t know why they say it. Yashoda Maiya even says – “Bhadra is Mine. But as he learnt to stand, The Mahars (respected men) kept him close to them and since then he has become theirs.”

Mala Chacha, an expert wrestler

I (Author) once touched Mala Chacha and saw. You cannot tunnel a finger into his stomach. His entire body like a tightened rope, is tough and robust. His arms and thighs seem to have been stuffed by stone balls. Only his stomach is flat and compressed, but that too is stiff. His hands and fingers are also tough. Malla chacha is the commander-in-chief of all the Gopas. Not only he does he train wrestlers but he is also an expert archer. His club and Bow, both, are heavy. I can lift his club, for that matter even his heavy dagger, but I can’t swirl it around. Even other elder Gopas cannot whirl his club. I hear that it is made up of 8 metals (अष्ट धातु). Malla chacha practices sit-ups for long hours in his wrestling arena. I (author) am least interested in his exercises. His apprentices keep massaging his body with oil for longs hours, applying such vigor and force that they themselves get drenched in their sweat. If it were not Mallachacha’s, that poor man would get minced to pieces. Mallachacha has his private barn. His students who aspire to learn archery and wrestling keep hovering around him.

Malla Chacha- Physical Characteristics

Wheatish complexion, an average size with short curly hair and moustache. Malachacha’s hair are as black as a Black Bee (Bhramar), but he rarely gets himself massaged in oil, otherwise he is always smeared in dust and mud. The large eyes of Malachacha are slightly rosy-red colored, but Chacha is not even the least hot-tempered or of the irritable type. All the family members, Both the uncles (दोनों ताऊ), Nanda Baba, Badi Chachi, all the Aunts (ताई), Yashoda Maiya and Rohini Ma address Mallachacha with great love in their hearts, as if he were a child. No one allows him to do any work.

Malla Chacha fears carrying Krishna

Rohini Ma says- “Malla Laalji, Atleast be merciful on your Sukumar (tender) Neelamani (A name of Krishna). Do not drag him to your wrestling arena. If Balaram wants to go, make him your disciple.” Malla chacha says- “Rani Bhabhi, Neelamani is so frail and tender that I fear lifting him on my lap. Sometimes, when he sits on my shoulders, it feels as if a rose-flower were placed there, but your Balaram from his very birth is even the king of the mightiest wresters. How can I make him my disciple? Even in humor when he lays on my wrestling ground, I am unable to separate him from the ground.” I (author) thought- I have never seen Balaram practice sit-ups. Then, how did he become the king of wrestlers. I will enquire whether you can become a wrestler without this ‘exercise’. Malla Chacha says- All of Neelamani’s brothers and friends are lean and tender like him. If there are children of a decent body like Vishal and Varuthupa, they are not interested in my wrestling. If from now itself, these kids instead of going to graze cows, for a few days would have come to my wrestling ground, they could have gotten a stronger body.

Children hate wrestling

None of us want to become a wrestler. We have our Balaram who is an expert wrestler already. We will all learn some wrestling tips from him. Who will like leaving Krishna’s company and go to Chacha’s arena instead.

Atula Chachi- Krishna’s favorite

As tough and hard is the body of chacha, Atula chachi is that extreme tender and delicate. She is like a blooming rose. Don’t know why people call her my (author) mother. But I call her Chachi. It is Krishna who calls her ‘Ma’. Krishna’s Chachi lifting Him on her lap and holding him tight in her embrace says- “Neelamani is Mine.” Maiya laughed and said- Somehow, he has become yours today. He is yours any day. When he spoke for the first time he called you “Ma”. Can’t tell how much milk he has feasted from your affectionate hold. Chachi said- “Bhadra and tok drink your milk. I will keep Neelamani to myself.”

Choti Chachi- The favorite of Yashoda Maiya

Don’t’ know when Chachi leaves for home. From morning to evening she keeps attached to Maiya. I have heard from gopis that during the day, even if she goes to her place for some while and sticks there, Maiya would call her back by sending a maid. Yashoda Maiya starts complaining- “Atula, what did you do, after going there?” Are your hands fit for hard-labor? If your elder brother-in-law (Jeth) learns that you were exerting yourself, he will say so many things to me. Do you want to see me getting scolded? Chachi’s response was also not wrong- “Jiji (Sister), you do not allow me to serve you in any way. If I serve you Malla brother-in-law a little, then too you scold me. Finally, Gopa women (गोप कन्या) are not supposed to be idols meant for worship. Maiya laughs- “If not for worship, they are certainly made for love. My celestial goddess like Devarani (Sister-in-law) is meant to receive lots of love and affection. She is not made for labour. She cannot be allowed to strain herself. You should obey my orders.” Maiya endears Choti chachi so greatly which even her daughters-in-law are bereft of receiving such degree of Maiya’s love. Our Maiya, keeps Choti Chachi adorned like a newly-wedded bride. She cannot see the mehandi of her hands and the red beauty paste of her feet fade. When Yashoda Maiya placing her in front of her starts braiding her hair with decorations, Chachi many a times requests her- “Jiji (sister), our daughters-in-law have now come.” Maiya ties flowers in Chachi’s hair and one of us arrives and in excitement claps hands and laughs. Chachi turns red in shame. Her pink lotus like face is worth a sight, at that time. Maiya laughing would nudge- The daughers-in-law are all now sheer innocent girl children. Even babies are adorned, but if beatification must happen it should be as my Devarani has now been adorned and I won’t let her become an old woman from now itself. We all are enough to be a mother-in-law. Maiya neither allows Choti Chachi to churn butter, nor heat the milk. If Choti Chachi becomes very restless, she can adorn Maiya’s hair. Her Flowers braiding is in-fact so unparalleled that her daughter-in-law too with great eagerness learn this art from her.