Universal consciousness | Oneness and Duality

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Consciousness can never be “your” consciousness or “mine”.It is ever universal. However in the apparent world, it cannot be denied that there is multiplicity, duality. This duality only exists as long as the dual aspect is deeply observed. When practices are undertaken to focus attention, on that which is dual, this apparent duality magically transforms into oneness. Oneness is not a concept or idea. It is also not empirical. If awareness is attained or realized, to be more precise, which is the root of existence, this oneness shall also become evident.

Oneness is best understood through the mechanism of how consciousness functions. The western world says “Wealth consciousness”. It says “Health consciousness”. For example a particular star is in the news for his relationships and affairs. He is the talk of the town. This is “one” type or variation of consciousness; the “mind” of consciousness. Everybody is talking about this man. He is all over the place. There is another person, who is known for his wealth and for how he uses wealth. The rest of the population is bewildered and wonder-struck by his attitude and flair. This, is another variation of consciousness. This means that wealth, power, status, poverty, avarice, crudeness, cruelty will have examples in “individuals”, “individual consciousness”.

These people or individuals, in fact are symbols, representatives of that variation in consciousness. When we think of a great physique, Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind. The name of the individual can change based on time, place and circumstance. The individuals change but the idea, is the same. Consciousness has certain features that rolls up and presents itself as “individuals”.


For example if terrorism is rampant, it also reflects the contents of the individual minds. This does not mean that everyone has these tendencies, but it averages out the overall intention of bullying and fear-mongering in the average individual’s mind. The rolled up version, then becomes international news. But unfortunately we differentiate this “news-maker” from ourselves, whereas the reality is that, he exists as our mere reflection!

When the individual gets his mind under the scanner of attention; when one is careful with one’s thoughts and keeps the heart pure, he shall definitely experience a world of that nature. It is an experiential fact. Even if one single individual follows spiritual practices and maintains the “health” of his heart or mind, he shall have purged almost all the filth. that the world is currently undergoing through. He would have graduated into a “new” world although literally he is in the same world which has the rest of creation. His “world” will be free from the problems that the other world is undergoing. When the mind is purified, strangely the world is purified too. It may not be so, for the “other” but it shall emphatically be so, for “you”. Although consciousness is one, mind gives you the experience of multiplicity. The “One” talked about is pure “consciousness”, free of mind. When the heavy mind is purified and purged, one shall enter that “One”. About this there is no doubt!