Poem: Grasp of Death – Who am I?

Who am I and Death

True Meaning of Impermanence

Time passes every moment

Like electrons underlying current

Yet we relish the beautiful sight

It is current, no child’s toy

As a child, I enjoyed Ice cream.

Now is the time to see big dreams.

Everywhere I hear loud screams.

Time up, you are on leave.

The Twenty year old has turned forty.

Waves pushing me gently

Ah! What a pleasant journey!

Lo, Where am I, THIS IS NOT ME!

The sculptor makes a beautiful piece

Just touchups left, all good for see

‘I can move, twist and play!’

Look, this is fresh cast clay.

Let me leave the piece on shelf

And start a new project instead

‘It’s 12 PM! What about me?’

I am done, excuse me please.

True Meaning of freedom

A little child jumps in traffic

Freely moving and singing music

A speedy car bangs his way

The child shuts his eyes in dismay

What does this episode indicate?

Am I the body or the Free State?

The glass I wear has dust all over.

Youth must undergo a complete makeover.

Freshness of cells does the magic

This is 1+1= 2 logic.

An Extremely mysterious truth indeed

One understands this when time leaves.

Once beautiful has turned ugly.

If it was her, can it be she.

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The fact called Death

Death happens every moment.

Call it Cutting, Breaking, Dying or Fading

Name it, you find it

Turn around and see all-over

Something awaits you in your tower

Do the living have life?

No, the non-living live alongside.

A man burns in a crematorium

A watch decays in the dustbin.

An egg is fried on pan

Others wait in the queue line

One ahead, other behind.

The waiting ones don’t rejoice,

When Youth comes, old age strikes.

Present, Present, Present!

Nothing Wrong, but see beyond.

Let me take you for a time-machine ride.

Hold the bench and stay upright.

Imagine a life of sixty

Growth, decay and death

The trio come unchecked

Truth stands unchallenged

A lie needs many to strive

To maintain things how we die

To destroy, a second’s time

Death is the ultimate truth.

None stand before its majesty though

Past is Dead

Old photos deepen my scars

To see myself long behind

Where remains the tangible proof?

Burnt to ashes in the furnace of time.

New generation can’t sympathize

For again starts the same lie.

An inner shift, a jumbled mind.

How can I get the freshness back?

Word spoken can’t come back

How I played and danced!

How I jumped in open skies!

The same young me haunts my soul

All changed within a few years.

My loved ones, dear ones where are they?

I stand alone in a crowded fair.

A dragging journey this has become

None remain to share my inner fears…

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