Poem: Mind War… The fallacy of desires

Mind War Poem

My inner world

As I sit, the despondent me
The treasury unlocks of
introspective me.

But, people are locked in mutual
With overpowering clouds of rainy
the season.

rain clouds
Touching rain drops

The tingling sensation of drops
so, change your glasses, today at

How I feel to lay on grass
And watch the sun, moon and stars
Let me forget my haunting past
as my soul purges painful scars

I wish a new me come to life
As light as tinkling stars.
Let the voice of peacocks chime
Like anklets of dancers singing in

The rat race of competition

In the rattle race of achievement
I look up to you for satisfaction
But, all I find is hollowness
Emptiness and only emptiness
You approach me for something
and in turn I approach you to get nothing.

This race knows no bate.
Shut the umbrella, if this is the
What is the purpose of my search?
if I find none to seek comfort?

As I close and open my eyes
A shiver is felt when touching

I peek through the translucent glass,
To hear nescience and crass.

Two people fight in rage,
Who is right? Who is wrong?
Let the judge decide
for him, it is ‘keep right-wrong

Buy 1 get 1 free, the board
But, here I give, nothing is free.

Too much rain can buy a cold.
Let me seek shelter so.
Can I accept your protection sir?
Sorry, no room for communion poor.

With my head downcast low
I watch the slippery tiles on floor
A surge of emotion passes through
I see my reflection showing

With my head raised high
A multiplex tower stands shy
Can I drink coffee please?
Ya sure, he says
but first ‘a few cents please’.
A rain drop falls tip…
It is tastier than coffee dip.

Here is what nature offers me!

I’ve tasted the flavor of life,
Free is greater, costly aside.

The dark shade of a tower,
The blackness of shadow hovers

Shall I stretch my hand?
No, stand in the open and expand.

A swift car spilled disrepute
My bright frock’s mud through and

The drops drip on your window
Don’t panic, let me clear.
To make room for your sight
But rain opens my insight

The spun bag of emotions,
Has unfurled spilling all over.
Splashes of Red, yellow and blue
Not just primary but secondary

Let me encompass drops within
To clean the muck built within
Watch colorful umbrellas stand heavy
Are they different personalities seen
in difficult days?
Some colorful, others pale
Each has their distinct tale

The clouds fight amongst
Who is the winner of their race?
I stand uncompromised
It is their fight and raise.

Watch Sleeves flutter in winds
Oh you’ve bruised my face, my

trees in rain

The trees swing to and fro
The aerial vehicle rotates a 360
Not a 3 D but 8 D show
For the denizens of celestial abodes.

girl dancing in rain

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