Procrastination, an evil of character | Why is Procrastination Bad?


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Procrastination is the habit of postponing. This habit is rampant in every one of us, to some degree. Postponement of an activity, or a necessary task, is like not doing it anyway. This is similar to saying “Justice delayed is justice denied.” When one postpones an act, the effectiveness or the efficacy of that act is lost. If we are to administer a medicine due its expiry date, how can the medicine or drug be rendered effective? If one is to postpone activities, out of habit, none of the actions shall be half effective. This habit of delaying is also indicative of a serious issue of commitment within our system.

When we take up an activity and delay it, it means that we have not taken up the task with seriousness. If we have to run an errand, deliver a thing, the more we delay that activity, the usefulness or the desired outcome of that activity is seriously impaired. When things don’t happen in time, it reflects utter callousness in one’s approach. A man who procrastinates , is a man who is least bothered about the life process. He has not given enough attention to the philosophy of work. When work is not given its due importance and delivered at the right time, circumstances that develop around such a person, shall automatically be negative. Favorable conditions rarely build for the man who procrastinates. A man who postpones, is not seen with an eye of regard or respect. He is seldom trusted upon and society does not respond favorably to the call of such a person.

Procrastination also indicates that the person is not spiritual. A spiritual person never procrastinates. Spirituality and pro-activity are the two sides of the same coin. Procrastination is an indication of delay and decay. Work has lost its meaning for the one who postpones. It is important to understand that Karma is another name for work. Most of man’s character is built and determined based on one’s thoughts, words and finally actions. Only right, prompt actions can trigger good Karma. Karma that is potent enough to clear the webs of misfortune. Procrastination is also a habit that disrespects actions. When there is delay in delivering, it means that there is no power behind the thoughts of the person who postpones activity. This also means that the character of the “procrastinator” is weak and lacks tenacity. Building of character is necessary, before one is to become proactive in one’s approach towards life. Only through sustained practice of building a great character, does the attitude of pro-activity develop. When one has no regard for life, when one is purposeless, naturally the person wallows in procrastination. Such a person has a decayed approach towards life. A person, who understands the value of life and is continuously working his way towards a more fruitful life, shall automatically develop a proactive character.