What is the purpose of Spiritual Practice? | Pure Awareness through Sadhana


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The mind, is the repository of impressions. When the conscious element interacts with these impressions, it gives the experience of the world. Spirituality is the exact science of the mind, where the goal is to get established into the very source of this worldly projection, the pure awareness. All that we experience through the senses and the mind, is a sub-component of pure awareness. All things of the world, which includes the transmutation of that pure awareness, is a sub-component of pure awareness.

An example to this effect can be useful. For example, when we receive light from an electric bulb, when we receive cool air from the air-conditioner, when the heater heats water for our bath, all these are powered by electricity alone. The objects like the electrical element, windings of the air-conditioner, the heating element etc, are composed of electrons that one cannot see. When electricity passes through these elements, electrons are made to vibrate and we get the necessary services for our comfort. Similarly, mind and its evolutes which includes the senses and the many impressions are evolutes of pure awareness alone. When pure awareness is powered through these evolutes, the phenomenon of life is triggered which settle within us as the experience of life.

Spirituality is the process of going back to the source. At the source, awareness is its purest form, unsullied. That awareness is constant. It does not represent individuals or things. It is one, universal. It is present at all times and in everybody as that “One”. It cannot be measured as more or less. Whether one is alive or dead, it simply “is”. That pure awareness, is an entity which is subjective and beyond space and time. Only when the individual, reverses his outward going tendencies, shall he be able to free himself from the limited shackles of things born out of the evolutes of awareness, which we know as matter or the mind.

The mind, is the major impediment to our being established in pure awareness. Awareness is present everywhere, all the time. However to realize our source, it is important to purify and calm down the distortions of the mind. It is necessary that the grossness of the opaque mind is worked upon through sadhana or spiritual practice. When the mind is relieved of the heavy dross of matter and materialistic thinking, it becomes transparent and reflective at the same time. Pure awareness, which is our natural state, gets reflected by the mind and one is able to take cognition of the pure source that is universal. Once man is able to experience the image of that pure awareness, all apparent struggles from life, simply evaporate under the brilliance of that pure awareness. Meditation and contemplation are some tools that help rarify the mind so that it becomes capable of reflecting pure awareness.


When the water in a puddle is muddy and turbulent, one is not able to see the reflection of the moon. However when the puddle water is clean and calm, the moon’s reflection in the water is stable and perfect. Similarly when one performs noble and unselfish acts or follows the edicts of the Vedic Scriptures in the direction of Truth, through service and surrender, the mind gets purified. When meditation, study of the scriptures, contemplation and japa (chanting of the holy names of the God) are performed, the mind becomes calm and transparent. When the process of sadhana which includes all the above processes, is carried out for a protracted length of time, the mind is clarified and becomes capable of reflecting the universal light. This is the light of pure awareness, where no darkness can survive. Our entire life is lit up through our commitment to the Truth. Awareness when revealed in the heart or the clarified mind will dispel all doubts from the heart. There shall be no knowledge that shall remain, left to be assimilated, in the light of pure awareness.