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Knowledge is man’s only friend. The term Knowledge cannot be equated to Education or information. Education is an aspect of Knowledge that revolves around material sciences or academic studies.

What is Spiritual Knowledge?

Spiritual knowledge delves into the deeper science that initiate existence. It is knowledge at the spirit level of all that exists. When we discard all that is opposed to our original nature, spiritual knowledge dawns. Our original nature is supposed to be free and happy at all times.

That is the very fundamental need of all living organisms. But, when we bind ourselves with notions and viewpoints of society, we are moving far away from our essential nature.

Levels of Spiritual Knowledge

The Ancient Gurukul System Adopted the Spiritual Knowledge Curriculum. It intended to teach the Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures to students so that they first become best of individuals. If this basic goal is achieved, earning bread for sustenance does not become a problem.

1) Basic: To realize that the purpose of life lies beyond the fulfilment of material desires. It is to acknowledge the fact that our notions need to be disowned as many times they can be misleading. I call it misleading because our notions can be a mirror reflection of others. Our notions develop after hearing 1000’s of opinions of others. They are not original, but a reproduction of someone else’s imitation.

2) Intermediate: Being able to understand the message of the scriptures. This can be at the level of just interpreting it and develop a Ruchi (a strong linking) for the scriptures. You intensify your Sadhana to stay in constant communion with the lord. In this stage, you will realize your position as a Sadhaka or a devotee of the Lord. A person develops affinity with God as his ego starts to Dissolve.

3) Advanced: In this stage life process, spiritual practice, and other disciplines become a way of life. No added effort is required to carry out your spiritual practice. Every activity is spontaneously directed towards the service of the Lord. Here, there remains no trace of Ego as the devotee has occupied a special place in the Lord’s heart. This is a very personal acceptance, known only to the Lord and His dear devotee. It is not made public.

Keep in Mind…

Spiritual Knowledge comes not with one realization or a day of practice. It is a prolonged effort to know what is and what is not a part of our essential nature.

In Vedantic terms, spiritual knowledge is also called Jnana. It is the science or the only way possible to get to the truth. Its method suggests to first know who we are.

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A Repository of Spiritual Knowledge

The scriptures are a repository of spiritual knowledge. They offer us freely all the necessary guidelines which lead to unlimited happiness. They have rules, regulations, and advice, following by which we can reset to our original nature.

Vedic scripturas are not recorded by man. Hence, they are not prone errors. They are the very breath of the Lord. Scriptures are behind this maze of creation, a very basis of creation.

It describes all that which science has succeeded, (although not quite well), to prove and also where science has miserably failed to give reasons for a particular phenomena. Scientists took years to find the distance of the Sun from Earth.

However, our glorious Ramcharitmanas, already had the info mentioned. So, scriptures are way superior and most accurate source of reference.

Why are we far away from Spiritual Knowledge?

Our unhealthy mind process has accumulated junk of opinions of various people. We have unconsciously abided to the desires and motives of other people.

Our fundamental fabric of society is directed towards material fulfillment. There is nothing wrong in that. But, there is no good either. By adopting the modern, corrosive thought process, we have only become sadder than ever. Modern lifestyle only invites stress.

On the other hand, spiritual knowledge is the very key to break this automation of negative thought processes.

Drawbacaks of Education System

Education System, schools and colleges sadly do not adopt spiritual knowledge. They run on the basis of information.

If a person is educated then sustenance can never be a problem. He can teach and earn a living. But, Knowledge, in the spiritual context means worship. Education has become a mechanical process today. It has limited itself to earning bread and running a family.

There is no scope for flowering anymore as the rat race continues to spike. Competition has robbed the intelligence faculty of all, children, youth and adults. The space may be different. Adults compete in their offices, children in schools and Youth in colleges. The story is the same.

After years one may or may not realize that competition has got them nowhere. this is the sad end of our education system. But, Spiritual Knowledge has the power to bring back our soul to action. These lower tendencies of uncontrolled envy, pride, lust, anger, greed, etc come due to lack of soul power and governance of the mind.

But, spiritual knowledge through deliberate study of the Shastras awaken the intelligence faculty. They revel the true picture and purpose of life.

Education can afford a stable material life by proving us income, but it is spiritual knowledge alone that stays with us throughout our life, through all phases of life.

It is possible that our education qualification cheat us at the time of applying for a job. Education or Information may not serve the purpose. It is possible that the years of education we did does not yield good results. But, never can spiritual knowledge cheat or abandon you. As we devote our life for spiritual practices and follow Dharma, in times of need Jnana and Bhakti come to our aid.

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