Balarama: The Elder Brother of Krishna

Qualities of Balaram- The elder brother of Krishna

Women call Balaram “Bade”

Ananta, Sankarshana, Ram, Bala, just like Krishna, Dau too has infinite names, but none of these can ever attract the girls.

All of Krishna’s wives and brothers call him “Bade”.

Well, is Dau dada an elderly person?

He is even younger to both the Taujis, Vrajaraj Baba, Chachas and many other Gopas.

Even Vishal, when standing near him, appears greater in age.

In this regard, Rohini ma says –

Dada is just 2- 2(1/2) months older to me, but how does this difference of months and days matter?

I stood next to Balaram and measured his height.

He is taller than me by 4 fingers.

These women can only speak in terms of Bade and Chote.

Making Badas, Pakodas, and Puris, all day, they have developed a liking for such names.

Is it any less, that they have not named anyone as Pua or Modak.

However, many times they tease Madhumangala by calling him Modak Pandit, but even he calls their hair a tail.

Description of Lord Balaram

Dau dada is fair.

How fair?

It is difficult to express in words.

Fair and white, but not white as milk.

He is as lustrous as a tendril emerging from a Lotus stalk.

He is dazzlingly fair as if he were something translucent.

Well, He looks so glossy at sight that even dust cannot stick to his body.

We beautify his body by painting it with forest products and flower juices.

We can also see our faces on his mirror-like-reflective body and all colors spring up on his body.

Dada like Krishna doesn’t keep moving, he sits calm; hence beautiful complete artworks can only be drawn on his body owing to his stable posture.

Chote Chacha is Malla Chacha.

His body is like a fastened rope. It is severe and harsh and the meat and muscles of his arms and thighs bulge outwards, looking very eye appealing.

He says-

“Bala (Balaram) is Bala (Strength) personified. Such a shapely body, as if casted from a mold, is rare to attain in this universe.”

I have never seen a wrestler so well-built.

Chacha’s body is hard and tough. Conversely, Daudada’s is soft and tender.

Krishna is like a ball of butter.

Even a rose petal can’t be as delicate as Him.

But if you embrace or touch Dau, it feels soft and pleasing.

Even Dau Dada’s feet are reddish and tender.

A large forehead, large eyes, Dada’s eyes are redder than Krishna’s ruby-like eyes.

It feels like incessant streams of care, and mercy are ceaselessly flowing from them.

Balarama’s anger

When Krishna killed that demon Vyomasura, Balarama was not present then.

But even if someone teases Krishna or his friends, Dau dada becomes angry.

At that time, his face becomes red, like blazing coal.

But strangely his anger hardly lasts for a split of a second.

Otherwise, he doesn’t even know what anger means.

Maiya, Gopis and all the elderly Gopas say- “Ram should not get angry.

When angry, He sulks, and then whatever one may do, he will sit with his head cast down.

He would neither lift his head, nor look towards someone nor do any work.

Then, His little brother Krishna can only elevate his moods.”

Dau dada- our elder brother

We all are his younger brothers.

He is our Dada.

None of us have ever seen him cross.

Dada is extremely loving.

Can he ever get upset?

We all can pounce on him as we please,  from all sides, be it front, back or sideways and cling over Dada.

Anybody can decorate his hair and body with flowers, twigs or feathers.

Dada never stops anyone. He never brushes them off.

Therefore, All Sakhas can unhesitantly pour their hearts out only to Dada.

Dada listens to all of us.

Besides, He also sorts our mutual conflicts.

Krishna keeps teasing Sridama. Even Sridama takes the complaint of Krishna’s naughtiness to Dada only.

Dau dada- the peacemaker

Dada is wonderful.

When Sridama or a Sakha complains about Krishna’s pranks to me, then sometimes I even have to take a stern step.

But Dada neither scolds Krishna nor his friends.

He will neither call the culprit nor get the happenings inquired from him.

Instead, He will get the Sakha who approached him, to sit beside him.

He will then lovingly stroke his back, fiddle with his hair or even start feeding him.

He gives us so much love that in his presence, not a single trace of displeasure can be maintained in our hearts.

The cloth exchange

Dada ties a Blue Dhoti and the same color Uttariya rests on his shoulder.

Besides, Dada’s Uttariya can any time get exchanged with Bhadra, Sridama or Subala.

Even they carry a similar blue upper cloth and many times on purpose, they pull Dada’s cloth and put it on their shoulders and put their cloth on Dada’s shoulder.

Dada never feels it even when you demand any of his belongings.

You cannot predict which feather will flutter on his hair.

Peacock feather, Swan feather, the green feather of a parrot or the feathers with multiple stripes, any of these or even feathers of multiple hues can flutter on his hair.

If Krishna or a friend inserts one in his hair, it will remain intact as it is.

Ordinarily, Yashoda Maiya and Rohini Ma always adorn it with a Peacock feather.

Dau dada has golden hair, like loops of yellow silk; extremely soft and curly.

A large blue sapphire rests on his throat.

Notably, Dada likes ornaments with Cat’s eye and blue Sapphire embedded in them.

However, jewels and flowers of all hues adorn his parts.

Dau- the benevolent brother

It is up to the Sakhas to decide the flowers they wish to strew in Dada’s Vaijanthimala.

Ask Dada and see- “Dada, What will you eat?”

Dada doesn’t even maintain his own tastes-“Whatever you feed me.”

With the same vigor and love, he will cherish Tenti and Amla as he would cherish Makhan Mishri.

He even eats Hartiki, Kalimirch, Pippali (Long pepper) or Arda Sunthi with immense joy.

Krishna troubles Dau Dada

Dada wears earrings only on the right ear.

He doesn’t wear earrings in the left ear at all.

Once, on asking he said-

“Why should I invite the trouble you keep facing with Krishna?

Krishna cannot stay without resting his head on my shoulder, nor can he stay still on keeping his head there.”

He doesn’t stand leaning on Dau dada’s right arm, nor does he sit that way.

He always stands or sits with the support of Dada’s left shoulder and often places his head on his shoulder.

His nature is such that whoever he sits or stands with, he will place his head on his shoulder and whisper something in his ears, will laugh and keep moving his head.

If it were somebody else, irrespective of right and left, he would stand clipping to him, or sit according to his whims.

Now, if you stop wearing earrings, then you must stop wearing it on both ears and if that is the case, Krishna will remove his earrings and make you wear them.

If a Sakha’s ears are bereaved of earrings, this, Vrajaraj Tanay cannot see.

By the tactic of wearing earrings only on one ear, Dau dada has just earned some relief.

Keeping his head on Dada’s left shoulder, Krishna many a time moves his head so wildly, that his earring gets entangled with Dada’s hair.

Even on getting his earring entangled, he laughs and claps.

If someone’s earring gets entangled with the other, then you must call a third person to set it right.


Krishna only knows how to get people entangled with him.

He doesn’t even realize that if his hair and earrings get entangled, he must also have to suffer the pain of unknotting them.

Dau Dada- The king of Vraja

Daudada’s stick is heavy. Krishna fails to lift it.

Bhadra can only blow Dau dada’s conch.

But Dada, occasionally does he carry his conch or horn along in the forest. 

Why should Dada carry a conch or a horn? He is a King.

Even the Aged-Gopas say- “Dau is the king of Vraja.”

We all Gopakumaras consider Dada to be our King, but Dada is a silent King.

He never orders anyone.

Leave aside punishment, he doesn’t even shrug anyone off.

He keeps sitting quietly and extends his love and care unconditionally.

Even rabbits and squirrels feel safe on his lap.

Baby monkeys taking his upper cloth from his shoulder play with it.

Even cows and calves, moving Dada with their heads and face, request Him to stand.

If someone wants Dada to do something or make a demand, dada cannot reject his appeal.

He is simply there to fulfil the wants and desires of everybody.

Even Krishna doesn’t disappoint any, but first, he shall certainly tease them.

Whatever you ask or want him to do, Dada says “yes” to all your demands.

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