Quiz on Sri Rama’s Friends and Family

1 ) Sri Rama's Clan is also known after King





2 ) What was another name for Sita Devi's Father?





3 ) Where did Sri Rama meet Nishada Raj?





4 ) Nishad Raj is the Son of a...





5 ) Where did Sri Rama meet Sage Bharadwaja?





6 ) Which of these questions did Sage Valmiki ask Narada?





7 ) How far was Nandigram from the Kingdom of Ayodhya?





8 ) Where did Bharatji meet Sri Rama to take him back to Ayodhya?





9 ) Why was the sister of Ravana called 'Surpanakha'?





10 ) Which 2 Sages did Sri Rama meet in Dandaka?





11 ) From which Kingdom was Sita Devi unearthed?





12 ) Which cursed Gandharva-demon directed Sri Rama to Shabari?





13 ) Who was the Vulture Friend of King Dasharatha?





14 ) Who was the daughter of King Dasharatha?





15 ) Who went to meet Ravana after Hanuman's visit to Lanka





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