Rama Bhakta Murari Gupta and Lord Chaitanya

Chaitanya Deva and varaha

Lord Chaitanya is the Lord of Lords

 Lord Chaitanya has many names.

Mahaprabhu also carried the name Gauranga.

Vishvambara is also the Lord’s other name. 

Gaurasundara (Mahaprabhu), inaugurated the organized chanting of the holy name.

He cultivated holy chanting amongst the common folk in Nawadwip.

The hearts of the flora and fauna melted at the sight of Gaurasundara, the eternal witness in the hearts of all living beings.

Murari Gupta’s relation with Lord Chaitanya


The great devotee of Rama recognized Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as His very own Lord Rama.

Murari Gupta was a partial incarnation of Lord Hanumanji Maharaj.

Gupta sold himself out to Lord Rama.

Sriman Mahaprabhu came across as delicate and soft-hearted towards all devotees.

Gupta had the same emotion for Lord Chaitanya, as Lord Rama had for His dear Hanumanji Maharaj.

Murari Gupta’s renders Varaha deva’s pastimes

The son of Sachidevi, Gaurasundara once entered Murari Gupta’s residence.

Both engaged in Hari Katha, whenever they met.

Mahaprabhu treated Murari as an object of great Love and doted on him.

Although Murari Gupta’s biological age far exceeded Lord Mahaprabhu’s age, the Lord considered Gupta as His dear servant.

On a certain day, Murari Gupta read out the descriptions of the great Boar-Avatara of the Lord, Sriman Varahadeva.

Lord Mahaprabhu became absorbed into the descriptions of Lord Varaha.

Murari Gupta taken aback by the Lord’s pastimes

In an extremely immersed ecstatic condition, Sriman Mahaprabhu roared like a wild boar.

 Murari Gupta amazed, saw Lord Chaitanya shouting “Wild Boar, Wild Boar (Sukara Sukara).”

The great Rama devotee totally taken aback, petrified, by the exalted mood of Mahaprabhu stood speechless.

He did not know what happened.

Lord Vishvambara, suddenly entered the Vishnu temple.

He came across a metallic jar with a water spout.


The Lord picked up the water spout with His teeth.

Lord Chaitanya Deva Is Varaha Deva

Murari Gupta could have a detailed spiritual vision of Lord Varaha, as Lord Vishvambara ground his teeth like the wild boar.

Murari Gupta could see Lord Chaitanya as a wild boar roaming around, as did Lord Varaha during that incarnation.

Lord Gaurasundara reveals His divine form only to His most intimate devotees.

Murari Gupta passed as one such devotee.

On seeing the Varaha form of the Lord, Murari Gupta trembled.

He could not get a hold of himself.

Murari Gupta wanted to offer prayers, but could not do so.  

Lord Mahaprabhu roared, “Did you not know my Real Form?

I am the very source of all Vishnu Incarnations.”


The associates of Lord Chaitanya recorded such pastimes, for the benefit of the Lord’s pure devotees.

Anyone who followed these pastimes and engaged in their remembrance is very fortunate

Such devotees qualify to enter the permanent spiritual realm of the Lord.

Murari Gupta sings the Lord’s glories

As Murari Gupta saw Lord Chaitanya deva without blinking his eyes.

He started singing His glories.

The Gupta sang “O eternal Lord Vishvambara, even the Vedas lie limited.

They do not understand fully the secret of Your variegated pastimes.

The Vedas, somewhat show the path to materially contaminated beings through its rituals and purist processes. 

Yet, the Vedas pine, unable to sing the glories of the transcendental realm of Vaikuntha, beyond the conception of the mind.

Poets or the Educated even, do not Qualify

Vaishnavas exist by purely engaging themselves in the Lord’s service.

They have no other intention or goals.

Hence they become qualified to enter the domain of such exalted pastimes.

Poets and Writers, many times recount fantastic anecdotes.


But these anecdotes outputted from the region of material existence hold no value.

Nevertheless, such writings can never have transformational effects.

They have no capacity to deliver a being. 

These Writers, on account of some past good Karma, do well and become popular.

As a result, such beings foolishly feel that they are successful because of their so-called wonderful work.

Devotee lives for and by the Lord

This, in fact, represents the zenith of Maya or distorted understanding of the principles of Life.

Only the pure teachings and Leelas of the Lord can bring about true transformation.

No Karma, no worldly event, situation, activity or person can get a hold on a pure devotee.

Pure devotees enter the ken of the Lord’s transcendental pastimes.

Prayers of Sundaramurthy nayanar

Such a devotee may not be protected by so-called good deeds, Karma, time, or any other material concept.

He survives through the mere Sankalpa or divine intention of the Lord.

Difference between Psychological disorder and transcendental actions

Even undergoing Spiritual Awakenings sometimes appear as “losing one’s head”

It becomes important for a man to understand the difference between man and God here.

The hard part however remains; no one can understand such pastimes.

Only devotees on the Shuddha Satva platform or the mode of pure goodness can understand them.


The mode of pure goodness lies beyond the ken of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

Hence atheists see these as symptoms of madness or delirium.

People give names to such “outward symptoms” as schizophrenia, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, mania, and so on.

This is an unfortunate state.

It is very difficult to differentiate between mental illusion and a truly spiritual experience.

A truly spiritual experience has a life-changing effect.

The Truth of a genuine Spiritual Experience

A person undergoing a spiritual experience, knows within the core of his heart, what he is undergoing.

At the spirit’s level, all illusions are broken.

This process may itself generate behavior, which may appear like a mental disorder.

Only in a long run, the spiritual efficacy of the experience reveals itself.

No physician, No psychology, can explain or become capable of explaining such experiences.

Modern society is bewildered by genuine spiritual experiences and terms them as a psychological disorder, far from the Truth.

Material distortions and Books of Religion

A material person continues to commit offenses out of envy and disrespect towards pure devotees and the Supreme Lord.

The word devotee or “the Lord”, is not a statement in a so-called “Book of Religion”.

It is a realization, attained by fortunate souls, walking on the path of Dharma.

Truth, an essential Qualification to Know God

Commitment to Truth and sincerity of purpose are elementary.

Only then can one begin to get a grip on the transcendental Leelas of the devotees and the Lord.

Lord Chaitanya is Kaliyuga Avatara

People consider Lord Chaitanya as some “saint” or “seer”.

This is unfortunate.

Lord Chaitanya is the Kaliyuga Avatara, available only to those of pure intention and surrender.


People disbelieve the Lord because the Lord does not want Himself to be revealed.

Everything happens through His divine intentions.

Being fortunate or unfortunate is for the Lord to decide.

So even an atheist is respectable because it is Lord Chaitanya who has not qualified the individual.

Qualifications are attained, not through any educational or material wealth.  

They are attained only through the sincere intention to Know God and consequently Love Him, through Grace.