What is Ram Setu Bridge?

Rama Bridge

The Ram-Setu crushed Ravana’s Ego

Lord Rama serves as a Bridge that connects hearts.

He symbolizes Truth that connects all living beings.

For people, the Rama-Setu Bridge connects Sri Lanka to India.

But Rama-Setu and Rama define Truth and hence essentially One.

At the time of the Great War between the monkeys and the demons of Lanka, the bridge served as the turning point.

The bridge challenged Ravana’s ego and crushed it into pieces.

Ravana’s view never expected any human or monkey capable enough of building any such bridge.

Sri Rama’s Grace made that possible.


The Mighty Ocean Sagara makes way

The ocean challenged Sri Rama.

Sri Rama’s patience gave way on the third day of his request to the mighty ocean, Sagara.

When Sagara failed to respond, Rama picked up his bow, ready to dry up the ocean.

Sagara relented and agreed to make way for the monkeys.

He agreed to cooperate with the mighty bridge-building activity, over his water body.

The monkeys wrote the name “Rama” on every boulder and let them into the ocean.

Strangely, the boulders floated on the water.

“Rama Nama” made the bridge-building task appear like child’s play.

The divinity of Sri Rama made the task of building the bridge appear puny.

It was not different from a mighty elephant trying to cross a water mass as small as the hoof-prints of a calf.


Sri Rama, Human or God?

The Manas, Goswami Tulsidasa’s magnum opus proclaims that Sri Rama is Ishwara, the All-mighty.

The work also stresses that all the events depicted in the Ramayana are nothing other than “Leela”, a divine sport.

Sri Rama plays the role of an ordinary mortal, in appearance alone.

The reality is quite the contrary.

The Manas also explains the subtle aspect of Sri Rama Setu.

It says Sri Rama is at one end of the bridge, where He is the unchallenged, ever-victorious Lord.

At the other end of the bridge, He is ordinary, just like you and me.

He faces the same problems that you and I face on a daily basis.

He becomes disturbed when Ravana abducts His consort.

The Lord remembers His wife in agony and weeps.

He asks the forest trees “I cannot find my Seeta? Have you seen Her?”


The Bridge called Sri Rama

Two characters of Sri Rama’s do not stand isolated on either side of the Ram-Setu.

On the other hand, He represents a complete bridge that connects the human to the perfectly divine.

That is Sri Rama.

Sri Rama magnificently bridges the gap between the human and the divine.

Now we should understand the situation of the Lord, seated along with the monkeys, overseeing the vastness of the ocean.

The Lord fixes His vision on the other shore where Mother Sita is Ravana’s captive.

Fright of the Ocean

A million monkeys accompany the Lord, eager to cross the ocean along with Him.

It then becomes the Lord’s responsibility to take the monkeys across, to the other shore.

Here, the Lord presents a delectable aspect of His divinity.

How foolish if we take the ocean lightly? One cannot even see the shore across the ocean.

The shore is not like the bank of a river.

The ocean fills a person with fright and despair, especially in the evening.

Fear envelops the heart.

One finds the sky meeting the ocean at the horizon overwhelming.

It gives a feeling that the ocean is not only mighty but also endless, almost infinite.

How can one ever possibly cross the ocean?


Rama-Setu and the Classes in Society

Through this example, Goswami Tulsidas conveys the idea of society.

The two opposite banks also represent the two opposite classes of varying kinds within society.

If the rich represent one shore, then the poor represent the other shore.

The higher class of people stand at one shore of the bridge.

The lower class segment of people stands at the opposite shore.

A definite and non-collapsible class divide exists within the same society.

How does one bridge this gap? The thought of the yawning gap between classes is no less than the mighty ocean.

People of a certain ideology or thought are antipodal to people belonging to certain other ideologies.

There exists an endless list of divides.

Facing Challenges and Uncompromising Situations

A certain scholar or seer of Sanatana Dharma, stands at a different end of the spectrum, while others hold a totally different view.

It becomes important to understand what represents a True seer and who is not genuine.

One should understand that the emotional quotients of people also follow a yawning divide.

Even within the heart of a single individual, there can be two opposing viewpoints.

The situations can pose uncompromising challenges.

Under these situations “The Bridge Called Sri Rama” solves the problem for us.

In fact, it lays to rest all of other problems too.


Meeting our own Divinity

Lord Rama does not represent only one shore of the ocean.

He is the connecting link between the most antipodal, opposing shores, even those which are at loggerheads with each other.


Understanding Sri Rama, through a commitment to Truth, shall solve the problems of opposing views.

Also, it will lay to rest, opposing thoughts, and emotions within us.

It will solve our problems with opposing classes of people, opposing life situations, and a host of living entities.

Hence, depending on Sri Rama, His principles, His approach, His ideologies, will establish that bridge called Rama-Setu within us.

Crossing this bridge, over time, will help us meet our own divinity, on the other shore.