Ramkinkar Upadhyay and Ramcharitmanas | Ramkinkar ji Maharaj Ram Katha

Ramkinkar Upadhyay- The Spiritual Genius

If the words of the Supreme Lord and His unfailing Grace were to be combined and personified, it would manifest the personality of Shri Ramkinkar Upadhyay, who enlightened the common man with Rama Bhakti. Shri Upadhyay is also known as the personification of the Heart of Goswami Tulsidas. What the Goswami described through divine poetry, came to experiential light, through the words of Shri Upadhyay. Shri Ramkinkarji Maharaj, popularly known as Maharajshri, in the Hindi Heartland of Northern India, was a man of immaculate wisdom, a being who viewed the world and creation, through the salve of Bhakti, pure Devotion; a sage par spiritual excellence and an ideal for the common man on the street.

Through his nectarine, well-established and mature words, he quenched the spiritual thirst of many millions which included the common man as well as even highly competent intellectuals. He delivered the most concentrated and potent extract of the Vedic Scriptures, through His satsanga (सत्संग). The value system as enunciated in the Vedic scriptures lie hidden in the Epic of Ramayana. Maharajshri, performed the huge task of decoding the scriptures and delivered it to the common folks through the teachings of the Ramcharita Manas. Through assimilating his delivery of the Ramcharita Manas, the fortunate soul shall come to the firm conviction, without the remotest shadow of doubt that it is Lord Sri Rama who is the self-same Brahman, the very personification of the all-pervading Absolute. Maharajshri’s rendition of the Manas reflected his incisive insight into the nitty-gritty of the life process. The stories of the Ramcharita Manas, as rendered by Maharajshri also reflected his divine simplicity and the powerful light of core value systems that defined his personality.

His personality was non-different from the Heart of Goswami Tulsidas. Through his lectures on the life of the Supreme Lord, Sri Rama, he would bring alive the picture of Goswami Tulsidas, the way Sri Goswami had conceived the Lord of his heart. Maharajshri had the unique skill of digging deep into every letter, every word of the Manas and extracting several untold, unheard odes of Lord Rama, that are enough to transform the listener of the katha (कथा stories) and make him feel like one among the inner circles of the Lord’s personal associates. If one were to read and assimilate the works of Maharajshri, one shall unwittingly fall in deep love with the Lord and in some ways get addicted to His transcendental pastimes. A follower of Maharajshri will vouch for this statement.

Maharajshri, all through his divine life, has only, with single-pointed commitment, spoken only about the Ramcharita Manas and no other scripture, although he has generously distributed the knowledge of all known scriptures of the Sanatana Dharma just through his rendition of his purports to the Ramcharita Manas. His renditions have been singularly soulful that had the capacity to stir the innermost strings of an individual’s heart and strum it, to the moods of Rama Bhakti. His philosophical insight into the Vedic scriptures has established the Ramcharita Manas as the rightful precis of all known and unknown scriptures of the Vedic pantheon. By listening to the words of Maharajshri, in all likelihood, the listener shall be able to read all scriptures through the medium of just one scripture. This was the power of Maharajshri’s words. Every lecture of Maharajshri explored a totally new dimension of the scriptures. One could have never imagined that a scripture like the Ramcharita Manas contained within it, the myriad hues of human emotion, truth, commitment to truth and all the value systems that go to form the rudimentary structure of Sanatana Dharma.

Just like the Manas represents the poetic ode to Sri Rama’s life, the life of Maharajshri was also set to the same tune. The birth of Maharajshri was a boon to his parents and represented a great blessing of Sri Hanumanji Maharaj. Maharajshri was born to represent the personified Grace of Lord Sri Rama. He was born on 1st November 1924 at Jabalpur in the province of Madhya Pradesh, India. His ancestors belonged to the village of Baraini of the Uttar Pradesh Province, India. His mother was a devotee named Shrimati Dhanesra Devi while his biological father was Shri Shivanayak Upadhyay, who was a prolific speaker of the Ramayana. His father was also a great devotee of Sri Ramabhakta Hanumanji Maharaj.  It was believed that although advanced in age, Shri Shivanayak Upadhyay received the blessings of Hanumanji Maharaj and through a premonition, was informed by Lord Hanumanji Maharaj  that  he shall have a son. Thus Maharajshri was born to the couple, who named the new-born “Ramkinkar” which means “Hanumanji”; the literal meaning being, “Servant of Lord Rama”.