Ramkinkar Maharaj has Darshan of Hanumanji

hanumanji blessing ramkinkar ji

Early Life of Ramkinkar Upadhyay

Right from his childhood, Maharajshri had a very sharp intellect.

His spiritual insight was profound, and his spotless understanding of the Ramcharitmanas was widely accepted by the masses.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay completed his education in the cities of Jabalpur and Kashi.

Shy and peaceful as compared to boys of his age, he always preferred to be aloof and was always contemplative in his approach.

In addition, he was creative and extremely talented which made him an easy favorite among his teachers at high school and college.

His maturity was such that he started writing at an early age.

Both Eastern and Western philosophy caught his attention.

Kinkar Ji was genetically blessed with spiritual knowledge as his parents were spiritually inclined.

However, he never made a conscious decision to take up his father’s occupation of rendering spiritual discourses, although.

With passing time, in the course of his college days, there was an interesting episode in the life of Maharajshri.

This was a life-changing event, that changed the course of his life.

Hanumanji Blesses Ramkinkar Ji

At the age of 18, Maharajshri was once blessed with the divine vision of their familial deity Sri Hanumanji Maharaj.

In that vision, he saw that Hanumanji placed Maharajshri under a massive and ancient banyan tree and blessed him after applying “tilaka” (तिलक) or the holy vermillion on his forehead.

Hanumanji Maharaj then gave instructions to Maharajshri to render spiritual discourses.

He advised him to follow the footsteps of his father.

Ramkinkar Ji Delivers his First Spiritual Discourse

On one such occasion, Maharajshri accompanied his father, on a vacation to Bilaspur.

Maharajshri’s father was delivering a spiritual discourse at that place.

By the will of the Supreme Lord, there was a demand by the audience that Maharajshri should also deliver some discourse as part of the week-long program.

So for a couple of days, that week, Maharajshri delivered spiritual discourses, utilizing this golden opportunity.

This was the first time that Maharajshri delivered his first public discourse at the tender age of 18.

Maharajshri delivered his discourse in his unique style and this enthralled the audience, transferring them into a state of transcendental bliss.

Maharajshri’s words were like golden music to the ears of the audience.

Immersed in an ocean of bliss, the audience became recipients of many spiritual secrets.

The discourse was words of purity that oozed out directly from Maharajshri’s heart.

That was the beginning of the series on the Ramcharita Manas.

The lectures left a deep and lasting impact on the audience.

People became one with Maharajshri’s words and character.

Nobody could separate themselves from the truths that Kinkarji revealed through his discourse.

Another Spiritual Experience!

At the age of 20, Maharajshri had another vision.

The vision created a massive impact on Maharajshri.

Following that event, Ramkinkar Ji delivered discourses only on the works of Goswami Tulsidas, the greatest ever devotee of Lord Rama, to have walked this earth.

Other than Goswami’s work, Maharajshri never spoke on any other work or scripture.

Lord Rama was the one and only central theme of Maharajshri’s discourses.

He continued delivering Ram-Katha, based on Ramcharitmanas, written by Tulsidas Goswamiji, throughout his life.

It is a well-established truth that whatever is carried out following the direct instruction of the Supreme Lord, goes along unabated.

The work comprises both high-quality content and regularity since it is non-different from the Lord.

Ramkinkar Ji Becomes Popular

Maharajshri’s oratory skills and his depth of thought established him at the pinnacle spot of India’s spiritual map.

So, his popularity as a profound speaker on Ramcharita Manas stays unparalleled in the annals of Indian spirituality, even to this day.

Maharajshri became a well-established and respected name in the domains of knowledge and wisdom.

Also, he notched the position as one of the most scientific and forward-looking thinkers of his time.

None of his contemporaries could match his hold on logic and linguistics.

Even so, his very life was a living example of a pure devotee, a Bhakta (भक्त).

Exalted Qualities of Ramkinkar Upadhyay

Ramkinkar Upadhyay always held spiritual discipline at the forefront.

Every action of his, reflected the power of immaculate spiritual might.

He was so humble that he never shared his spiritual experiences and his tryst with the divine, fearing that he shall be hailed and glorified.

Maharajshri shied away from the limelight and praises of people.

Additionally, he never sought claim over prestige and possession.

However, it is also a fact that clouds are incapable of obscuring the sun for a long time.

His glory was inherent in him.

It was the very rays of the divine that lit up the place around him.

Hence, he could never go unnoticed in spiritual circles or devotee gatherings.

There is an event in his life, during his stay in Uttarakhand.

Sri Hanumanji Maharaj physically came to bless Ramkinkar Ji, at the culmination of an “Anooshthan” (अनुष्ठान), a spiritual undertaking.

On being asked about this experience, Maharajshri preferred to be silent.

So, Maharajshri consciously avoided topics that revolve around his spiritual trysts with the Divine.

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