Ramkinkar Upadhyay Maharaj gives Ram Katha | Story of Ramkinkarji Maharaj and Ramacharitmanas

Ramkinkar Upadhyay- The Spiritual Genius-Part-3

Maharajshri, Ramkinkar Upadhyay was often invited to Sri Dham Vrindavana, the blessed birth-place of the Lord of the Universe, Sri Krishna. The invitations came from Brahmaleen (ब्रह्मलीन One who has attained Brahman) Sri Akhandanandji Maharaj. Maharajshri, took those invitations as the order of the Supreme Lord and visited the Holy Land of Vrindavana. He made up his mind to stay in Vrindavana for a week, on the first occasion. But on his visit to Vrindavana, he was so much liked by the locals and the holy men, that Vrindavana became his home for 11 months at a stretch. Those were the days when the Avadhoota (अवधूत One who has risen above body-consciousness) sages like Udiya Baba Maharaj, Sriman Hari Babaji Maharaj, Sri Akhandanandji Maharaj were regular audience to Maharajshri’s sermons on the Ramcharita Manas. Sri Udiya Baba was so much influenced by Maharajshri’s talks that he believed that it was not because of skill, talent or endeavor that the boy called Ramkinkar was able to deliver such beautiful lectures, but that, Maharajshri was the personified incarnation of the Grace of the Supreme Being, Lord Rama. He would often tell the other holy men “Friends, do you believe that Ramkinkar is speaking these words. If you feel so, you are wrong. It is Lord Rama who has incarnated through the words of this boy. I am more than certain about this.” and then his eyes would well up with tears of joy.

Maharajshri received special mantras from Sri Udiya Baba and was blessed by the sage to render selfless service to the people by means of propagating the philosophy of the Ramcharita Manas. Maharajshri made up his mind to strengthen himself further by accepting austerities suitable for a sage, especially in the renounced order and committed himself wholly following the principles enunciated by the Supreme Lord. Maharajshri started traveling extensively through the Northern belt of the country and spoke about the Manas with gait and fervor. During this time, he came in contact with the Benares Hindu University in Kashi. Once he was delivering a lecture at the University. The lecture was attended by stalwarts from the scientific field as well as intellectuals from the field of literature. One such thinker who attended the session was Sri Vasudeva Sharan Agrawal. He was so much influenced by the talk that he requested the Vice-chancellor of the University to arrange for a lecture of the prodigious speaker on a very large scale in the open campus of the university so that the entire university could attend his powerful talk. The effect of Maharajshri’s lectures on the University’s renowned intellectuals was so much that Maharajshri was awarded the position of Visiting professor by the university so that his enlightening viewpoints with respect to the Ramcharita Manas could be made available to every student and faculty of the university. Other notable personalities of the University who were heavily influenced by Maharajshri’s oration and command over the Ramcharita Manas were literary stalwarts like Sri Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Sri Mahadevi Verma etc, who became fond of Maharajshri’s association and views.

Maharajshri was unlike the typical Readers of Scriptures, who rendered talks or lectures for benefit of people. Instead Maharajshri considered that delivering lectures was his personal spiritual practice, which was done for his own spiritual growth that had to be done as his personal duty towards the Lord, for the love of the Lord and not for any other material and personal benefit. The purpose of this practice was to discover the roots of the Vedic Ethos through the Manas and make that light available to the most common people in the simplest format. He put his enlightened intelligence to good use by inaugurating the much hidden teachings of the Manas, which lay dormant for many hundred years. He brought to light the Heart of Goswami Tulsidas and made it available to the world, the deepest hidden secrets of the Manas, which otherwise could never have been discovered by sages even, who were committed to the loftiest of ideals. He offered to the world an unparalleled and discrete vision which harmonized the apparently contradictory paths of Yoga namely Jnana and Bhakti; and analyzed the paths through words which represented the very sound of Brahman and presented the listener with a vision to see the equanimity that existed between the two paths. His words continue to light up the otherwise enshrouded paths of Yoga and provide rightful direction to all seekers of either paths. His command on the different aspects of Shastras not only influenced the theistic followers but was popular among students who were posed with pressing problems of daily life. His lectures and inspired talks instilled clarity and a sense of duty amongst the youngsters and many would flock around him, attracted by the purity of his divine intentions.