Poem: Reality of the World

Reality of the World

Human Life, A Golden Opportunity

Place either God or world in your crew.
Am I given a choice between the two?
The soothing fingers of my mother’s touch
Or the piercing talons of a witch’s clutch

The colorful world around me.
Is it ambient steam that surrounds coffee?
All that seemed ethereal
Has all of a sudden turned unreal.

The steam of possessions evaporate with time
Why lament over milk drenched in lime?

Cast off the scarf of survival needs
Why, need it when winter has passed?

Let us rejoice the gift of human life.
Let us open our eyes and behold actual life.
The seed of experience knows no age
Is it children alone who study all day?

Rebirth and Life, a learning process

The adults who refrain to learn.
Remain children in life for certain.
A ninety year old remains a child of 9.
For, he is reborn as a child.

In the scorching sun of material life.
Let divine knowledge shower life!
Watch, the rainbow emerge from clouds
Dispelling mundane qualms and doubts.

See! The blue sky has 7 colors to it.
That which seemed simple has problems to it.

Lord Krishna’s vision reveals Putana today.
The demoness stands exposed in her actual state!

The bird of desire spots a worm.
It plunges into waters of filth and scum
The aghast creature hails and cries
To find a black spot in guise.

Years of effort down the drain
Precious time gone in futile pain.
Those who advice drop away
Were they the ones who promised to stay?

In times of need, I am all alone.
The advancing hand is illusion alone.

alone person

The whole of mankind seems right to me.
What is it that separates them from me?

I am on a journey, for sure.
An undiscovered truth lies in store.

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