Rights and Duties | Connection between Spirituality and Human rights


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“Realizing” is a necessary aspect of spiritual life. If we are to regain our spiritual identity, the spirit has to be awakened. Only then shall, “realization” of some sort happen. Most of life, focuses on the matter-aspect of life. For example, as we mature, certain value systems are injected into our psyche by the world around us, which includes our parents and the general society. We are taught to be “individuals”, who have to fight it out in the world, out there to survive and proliferate, if we are to become lucky. The “fighting” or “survival” mentality is induced into us, as part of our so-called growing-up process.

We are taught to believe that, a career is important, rearing a family is important, standing up for one’s rights is important and so on. We are taught more about rights and how to get them. We are also taught to become competitive. Many parents, spend their adulthood in nurturing this spirit of “fighting” and “competition” into their wards. We know many sports achievers, whose parents have been their primary motivation; inspiration. Parents have sacrificed their entire life to nurture this “Do or die” spirit into their wards. The West, usually subscribes to this mode of operation. This looks good, but not good enough, to “realize”, or understand the nature of the life-process.

Through the fighting spirit, one definitely succeeds in the materialistic aspect of life, where the focus is food, shelter and clothing or the amplified tendencies of a living entity rather than that of a living “being”. The “being” is a great possibility in humans, yet most of us exist as manifestation of the entity and not of a being. Unless the “being” aspect is awakened we shall be far from the spiritual element. The Vedic scriptures proclaim that the human expression, is an invitation for the entity to transform itself into a “being” and attain its highest possibility and yet, we as a species are far away from this possibility, although we have achieved much success in the world of matter. Spirituality, is explored even today, but it is merely a “business opportunity” as the world sees it, nothing more.

Till the time, man becomes conscious of duties and commitments, this possibility of attaining the “Spirit” shall remain a far-off possibility. We talk of “Human Rights”. We talk of job opportunities, we talk of empowerment and what not. We also talk about racial discrimination and sexual exploitation. If we are to look deeper into each of this socio-political aspect, we are simply speaking about rights. Where are the duties? We talk of the right to live. What are we doing to be able to live. We are exploiting nature and hunting for more opportunities to earn more wealth. What can wealth procure anyways? It can buy you food, clothing ,shelter and a name perhaps, that shall be forgotten, the moment you die? Then why struggle so much, to “earn your bread”? Will it not be worthwhile to talk about duties? Will it not be worthwhile to, “not expect”.

Life is precious and is not meant for eating, sleeping, mating and defending. It is meant for a larger cause. A cause, which modern man cannot even imagine. The Vedic Scriptures allude to this aspect. The Vedic Scriptures talk of “higher attainment”. They ask man, to forget about rights; since there are none, not one. This is the Truth, which the Scriptures talk of. The Vedic Scriptures have talked about duties all the way. They talk of “Duty” as the “Natural State”, as Dharma, nothing else. The day man comes to this understanding, the spirit shall have awakened and, the being shall have entered paradise without a return ticket. This is what the Scriptures have certainly promised.