Rudra is relieved of Brahma’s curse | Narada influences Daksha’s children | 33 Grades of Devatas | Hari Vamsa-08

Rudra is relieved of Brahma's curse

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Sage Narada influences          Haryeshva

Sri Brahma commands his son Daksha Prajapati to become the progenitor of the world. Daksha, following his position as the Prajapati or chief progenitor, gave birth to 5000 children. They were known by the name Haryeshva. Once Sage Narada of the celestial world, approached the children of Daksha known as Haryeshva. He asked them “What are your plans for the world?” Haryeshva replied “We have been ordered by our father to raise the population of the world.” Sage Narada asked further, “Do you know what your children would do after their birth? Do you know how they will behave? Do you know whether they will be obedient? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then what is the use of giving birth to a wayward population?” Like this sage Narada introduced a great deal of confusion in the minds of the beings known as Haryeshva. The Haryeshva replied “Then, Oh Sage, you tell us what we should do.” To this Sage Narada replied “Go and search answers to all my questions. After you have all the answers, start your creation work.” Haryeshva toured the entire world and still they did not have answers to any of the questions that sage Narada had posed before them. Tired of their endeavors, they approached sage Narada, completely resigning to him. Narada introduced them to Bhakti and Vairagya. The Haryeshva came to know that nothing could be attained in this material world and whatever one attained in the material world was fleeting and flimsy in all respects. Then what was the need for them to create, they realized thus. They could understand that both profit and loss in this material world is loss alone and a sheer waste of time and energy contrary to the worldly belief that something useful can be attained here. They realized that it was not a good idea to get stuck in the mesh of worldly endeavors. Giving rise to children, shall bind them for an entire lifetime. This was their firm conclusion. After having taking Diksha from their uncle, Sage Narada (father’s brother), they retired to the forest to carry out severe penance to please Bhagawan Narayana, the cause of all causes.

The Chapalashwara go in search of Haryeshva

Daksha was extremely angry to know about the development with his sons and in that rage proceeded to curse Sage Narada. He wanted to curse Narada with death. On the way, he encountered Sri Brahma and requested Daksha to alter his curse, for the welfare of society. Then Daksha cursed sage Narada to be born as his daughter’s son and thus descend to the earthly platform as a mortal. Such pastimes are enacted by the devotees and Bhagawan, many times for a further purpose towards the maintenance of worldly order. Later Daksha became father to a further 5000 children. These 5000 children were known as Chapalashwara. The Chapalashwara were provoked by Sage Narada to look for and learn from their elder siblings known as Haryeshva. Thus these beings known as Chapalashwara went in search of Haryeshva. They were instructed by sage Narada that they should start creation after they have been successful in finding the Haryeshva.

Truth about Siblings going in Search

The Puranas exhort on this point that only parents should go in search of their missing children. It is not within the Vedic duty-fold of humans to go searching of their lost siblings. This is the authorized statement included in Shastra. The Shastra is of the opinion that if one sibling goes in search of missing siblings, it is possible that none may return. In such a situation there shall be no children left to perform the last rites of the parents, if they were to die in the absence of their children. On the other hand, if parents go in search of missing children and if one child is left behind, even in the event of death of parents, during the course of their search of their sons, if they do not return, it is natural, the children who have stayed back shall automatically perform the final rites of the parents.

The Truth behind 33 Crore        gods

Daksha had 60 daughters. 10 daughters were married off to Dharma Raja, 13 daughters were given off in marriage to Sage Kashyapa. 27 daughters were given to the Moon king, The Rishi named Arishtanemi received 4 daughters of Daksha. Sage Bhargava, the son of Bhrigu received 2 daughters. Sage Angiras received 2 daughters of Daksha. Two Prajapatis known as Krishan and Ashwan received one daughter each from Daksha Prajapati. Among the 10 daughters married off to Yama Dharma Raja, one daughter is known as Vasuh. She gave birth to celestials known as Vasus. People in India and the rest of the world believe that they are 33 crore gods as per Shastra. But this is a misconstrued notion. In the Shastra it is given that there are 33 “koti” gods. The word “koti” (कोटि) has two meanings which are “grade” and “crores” respectively. Here the meaning should be taken as Grade. There are in fact 33 grades of gods. It is like this: 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus and 2 Ashwini Kumaras add up to 33. These are the 33 Grades of Devatas or gods. 

Rudra relieved of the curse of Brahma

The sons of Vasuvu or Vasuh, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati are Apa, Dhruva, Soma, Dhava, Anila, Anala, Pratyusha and Prabhasa. The 11 Rudras are Hara, Bahurupa, Tryambaka, Aparajita, Vrishakapi, Sambhu, Shiva, Sthanu, Rudra, Kapardi and Kapali. There is an anecdote where Rudra severed off the extra head of His father Brahma.  Brahma cursed Him thus, “Let my head get stuck to your hand without any relief.” Rudra got his name Kapali as a consequence of this event. Rudra went to Badrikashramam to get released from this curse. It is a part of Vedic culture that those who have performed Gaya Shraddha (oblations to forefathers), go to Badrikashramam to do Pinda Pradana (पिंड प्रदान special offerings of rice balls), for the sake of Brahma Deva so that Rudra is relieved of the curse, because of which they gain the grace of Rudra. It is a famous Vedic lore that when the sweat of Lord Badri (Narayana) was sprinkled on to the head of Brahma that was stuck on the hands of Rudra, it was shredded into fine threads and Rudra was relieved of the stuck-head of Brahma.