What is a Spiritual Practice?

What is a spiritual practice

What is a Spiritual Practice?

Spiritual Practice is all about conscious, disciplined action which follows the molds of the scriptures.

It is the enthusiasm expressed by the living entity to the Supreme Self.

Above all, it is to be free of conditioned experiences, thoughts, ideas, concepts and symbols.

In fact, it is the path to true human upliftment.

Spirtual practice is a means to think beyond your petty self and see beyond.

It is to transcend all limitations.

It is the journey of self-exploration.

In fact, it is experiencing life to the fullest. It is the art of living.

The use of free will

Free-will is the greatest asset of human life. By employing freewill, we can change the course of our life.

Normally, this free will lies dormant in humans.

To change the monotonous turns of life, it essential to employ freewill.

Here, a spiritual practice teaches us to employ free will and break our repetitive life pattern.

Inner cleansing

Repetition in life arises due to unresolved samskaras or vrittis.

Hence, a spiritual practice burns this junk lying in our subconscious and unconscious plane.

It is the journey of cleansing– cleansing all the conditioning and seeing life as it is without a mask.

Spiritual practice helps develop willpower and break the habit of procrastination.

The ability to observe

We watch the mind like a spectator without getting affected by its jugglery.

A spiritual practice is the assertion to ascend continuously on the rungs of awareness.

Indeed, only humans are gifted with the ability to perform spiritual practice.

Only humans possess this supreme intelligence.

Other species however lack this ability to observe.

They hence engage in animalistic life processes unable to separate themselves from their mind.

Sadhana means treating the mind as a separate entity and knowing the way it functions.

It hence gives us the ability to watch life as it flows like a flowing river, without getting affected by its waves.

It is identity the tricks of the mind without giving in to them.

On separating you true self, it is to rejoice seeing how you dance with the different states of mind.

It is to observe your thought patterns, but not flow with their rhythm.

The Art of Letting Go

In our daily life, we feel hoarding is the way to joy.

We hoard our past memories, experiences, possessions etc.

What we fail to realize is that hoarding ultimately results in sorrow.

However, if we Let Go of Memories and things, the benefits are many.

It causes bondage curtailing our ability to flow with life.

We get stuck to a few likes and dislikes and shut the doors of self exploration.

Thus we let matter overtake our lives and determine our happiness levels.

Here, sadhana helps us in ways more than one.

It completely frees us of biased opinions.

Ultimately, it teaches us to be totally committed to non-identification.

Hold on, A bonus Tip…

Crystal for Dispelling Insecurities

Hematite- For growing insecurities and survival fears, hematite is the best stone.

Keep it at the base of your spine and meditate for a few minutes.

You shall feel immense relief.

You can also wear it as a bracelet on your hand.

This stone helps-

1) Release feeling of anxiety, inner fears and trauma.

If you are facing such problems, then this stone is definitely for you.

2) Hematite increases confidence levels and enhances will power

3) The stone energizes the root chakra and helps build survival skills

Coping with change

With time, all objects undergo change.

This is the inevitable law of nature.

Hence sadhana teaches us to break all forms of identification and accept reality as it is.

Sadhana means stripping of all forms of identification with the world of thoughts and forms.

It frees one from all that binds.

We turn our face away from truth, since we are unable to digest its bitterness.

This however results in growing dissatisfaction and indecisiveness.

The act of hoarding results in growing insecurities, fears and other psychological complications.

Sadhana is about reflecting on one’s experiences in a totally unattached manner.

It redeems from all that sticks and drags.

It is to lose completely, the tendency of frivolousness.

Hence, Sadhana embarks the journey of inner-fulfilment.

Breaking psychological turmoil

Sadhana means, it’s a war with another ghost within us, called the mind.

The mind is a separate entity living with in us and has its own ways.

Sadhana is the attempt to be free from the psychological gimmick that the mind plays before the seeker.

The mind constantly comes up with innumerable reasons, causes and other side-kicks, so compelling that, at some point the seeker may come up with a “perfect” logic of why he should quit sadhana.

Commonly, during sadhana you shall face a lot of mental turmoil.

Since you wish to erase your samskaras, they reappear with greater force on your mental plate, to obstruct your spiritual pursuit.

That is the might of psychological experience.

Sadhana is to toil continuously because the mind has toiled continuously for endless lifetimes to stay in the reckoning.

The path of sadhana is full of obstacles and other sensory based impediments which try to grab the attention of the seeker, thus trying to dissuade him from his objective.

Handling life situations

By accepting truth initially itself, you are less likely to feel the shocks and blows of life.

Sadhana thus prepares you to face life ahead.

It would be wrong to call sadhana a fad. It is in fact a necessity.

Sadhana gives us the potential to give our full self.

Normally we unconsciously get affected by our surroundings and environment.

This natural response blocks our ability to perform.

Here, Sadhana gives us the ability to understand our inner turmoil and Quietens the Mind.

It opens our inner eye.

It thus helps us understand our ownselves better.

Sadhana thus makes us sensitive, to the needs of all three- body, mind and soul.

It thus gives nutrition to one’s overall being making one a more fulfilled individual.

Increase in happiness levels

The mind gets rid of all distorted opinions and negative thought patterns.

Thus, you learn to see the brighter side of life.

The awakening of intuition

A spiritual practice opens the gates of insight and intuition.

Rather then being instinctive, you shall be intuitive.

A spiritual practice helps us connect with a higher force, the Lord.

Finally, the lord himself guides the seeker.

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