Sakha Bhadra angry with Krishna

Sakha Bhadra angry with Krishna

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 23

Something to get angry

Kanhai sometimes starts acting stubborn. Sometimes he goes on such a tantrum spree, that he won’t listen to anybody. If he asks for something good, we may even listen to that. But, is playing on sand something to fight over.

It is scorching summers, the sand is free of shade. Actually, clouds block sunlight like umbrellas in the sky. Still, can clouds filter all the heat? Doesn’t beach sand turn warm?

The kids have come to graze cows in the forest and have already finished playing on the sand. They have already bathed and the sakhas have already been adorned with wild flowers, bird feathers, tendrils and gunjas.

Bhadra annoyed with Krishna

Bhadra suggested that everyone should go under the shade of the dense Bhandira tree. How cool and soothing is its shade.

Naughty Kanhai opposed Bhadra’s suggestion- “You go under the tree and go to sleep. Our animals are grazing nearby. They will find enough grass to eat here. We all shall play here only. This sand is so soft and clean.”

Nobody might have noticed it but Bhadra has surely seen Kanhai’s soft-red feet turn red due to the warmth of the sun. Tiny drops of perspiration have begun to glimmer on Nanda Nadana’s face, and even his face has become red. Even on so much, Kanhai still wants to play on sand.

If he doesn’t’ listen to Bhadra, won’t Bhadra get angry?

Today is Dau dada’s birth star. This birth star keeps repeating itself every month. Today Dau has not come so Bhadra holds himself responsible for Shyam’s safety. If Kanhai doesn’t listen, won’t Bhadra get angry. Bhadra said “The animals will find enough grass even in Bhandir Van. The cows may rest under its dense shade in the afternoon.” Shyam was now irked up- “You go and rest there from now itself!”

Bhadra felt very bad. He was hurt. All sakhas are laughing. Nobody tries to understand why Bhadra wants everyone to come under the shade of the Bhandira tree. All are so engrossed in play that they can’t even see Kanhai’s face turn red due to sunlight. All have grown bad today. Bhadra won’t speak to any of them.

Krishna consoles friend Bhadra

Bhadra picked up his stick and really left alone for Bhadiravan. He knows that if Kanhai keeps playing here, the cows won’t accompany him. They will come back to Kanhai. Hence, he made no attempts to get the cows.

Nobody has noticed large white-white drops falling from Bhadra’s lovely eyes. As Bhadra left with the stick, Varuthapa, Vishala and Rishabha were all taken aback. Now, Vartuthapa called out- “Bhadra!”

Bhadra didn’t even respond. But, Varuthapa has also picked up his stick. He says- “Take the animals and come to Bhandira van. Bhadra was right actually. The sun is getting intense here.”

Now Varuthapa’s glace fell on Kanhai’s red face. He felt how he was so negligent about Kanhai all the while. Truly Bhadra has the right to get upset. It is a matter of concern.

“Bhadra!” Kanhai called out and rushed to him. The self-esteemed Bhadra has turned his face away, how can Kanhai bear this? He may even break Sri Kirtukumari’s pride, but breaking a Sakha’s pride is hard; and that too Bhadra’s- Bhadra might break and fall, but would never bow before anybody and his ‘Pride’- It is Shyam’s love only that holds his pride. How can Kanhai ever bear to see him get angry? While ushering the cows, Vishala said – “Bhadra! We all are coming. We are all coming with the cows.”

It is as if Bhadra has ‘turned off’ his ears. He neither speaks, nor responds. He goes as if he has something very important to attend under the Bhandira tree.

“Bhadra! Dada!“- Kanhai’s voiced has turned coarse. Shyam comes running to meet his friend. Bhadra’s feet have stopped. When Kanhai wants to persuade Bhadra into something, he calls him “Dada”; and his heavy-heavy voice is an indicator. When this little Nanda Lala runs, he doesn’t even see left or right. He may anytime step on a thorn, stone, root, or a bush. He cannot be allowed to run like this. Bhadra has now turned around.

“Are you upset?”- Throwing both his arms around his sakha’s neck, Kanhai clings to him. Bhadra’s tears are wetting his curls. Bhadra was really upset. It was something worth getting angry.