Saraswati Devi Mantra, Benefits and Vidhi

saraswati devi mantras benefits and more

Who is Devi Saraswati?

Devi Saraswati is the Goddess of arts, music, wisdom, and knowledge.

She is even considered to be the mother of the Vedas and the wife of Lord Brahma, the Creator of this material universe.

Similarly Goddess Gayatri is the Personification of the Vedas.

Many devotees consider Gayatri Devi as an incarnation of Saraswati Devi, wife of Sri Brahma.

On the other hand, others consider Gayatri Devi as the daughter of Sri Brahma.

Sarawati Devi is fair in complexion, and she holds a veena in her hands.

Devi Saraswati holds many names.

Mahabhadra, Mahamaya, Varaprada, etc are some of her names.

She wears a pure white saree which represents divinity and purity.

Thus she is peacefully seated on lotus stringing her slender hands on the veena making beautiful notes.

Importance and Worship of Devi Saraswati

Devi Saraswati is a very important deity in our daily life, because she is the goddess who controls our daily life, our basic routine.

If devi saraswati would not have been there the universe would have been in dullness.

Devi Saraswati is worshipped everywhere.

She is worshipped before we start our studies or befor start music training.

Without Devi’s help we cannot acquire anything in life be it material or spiritual.

There is a famous Saraswati temple in Chitrakoot (Madhya Pradesh) called the Sharada devi temple or the Maihar devi temple.

This temple is located on a hillock and the visitors have to climb around 1063 steps to reach the temple.

Celebrating the Basant Panchi festival, with great pomp in full honor for Devi, forms an inseperable tradition of this temple.

There is another temple of Saraswati Devi in Pushkar, since Pushkar is the only place which is dedicated to Brahma it is very obvious that there will also be a temple for devi Saraswati.

Saraswati Mantra


“Saraswati Namastubhyam Varade Kamarupini Vidyarambham KarishyamiSiddhir Bavathume Sadha”

Meaning of Saraswati Mantra

Salutations to Goddess Saraswati the bestower of boons and fulfiller of desires.

Bless me with your grace so that I can begin with my studies and develop right understanding and awareness.

Benefits of Chanting this Mantra

Whoever chants her mantra will get all the benefits related to this material world.

Also, spiritual benefits shall bestow on the chanter.

1. Saraswati Mantra has the power to raise the mind of the seekers and elevate them with knowledge.

2. This mantra boosts confidence levels, communication skills, memory, speech, and concentration.

3. After chanting this mantra, you will gain the power to free yourself from worldly malice, ignorance, confusion, and other negative tendencies.

4. If one regularly chants this mantra though be it a child or an adult his/her exams or work related problem will get rectified.

5. As mother Saraswati controls speech, after reciting this mantra with sincerity, your speech-related issues shall fade away.

6. This mantra is not only beneficial for academics but also focuses upon our creative side.

If music or any form of art attracts you but you encounter has some personal or general problem, this mantra shall provide protection.

It shall motivate you to pursue our goals this is a guarantee.

7. The practitioner chanting this mantra shall reach new heights of achievements and contentment.

8. Chanting this mantra shall improve one clarity in thought, word and deed making it pure, eradicating all the disturbances caused by mind.

Vidhi to Chant Saraswati Mantra


It is said that getting up early in the morning and taking a bath is essential.

One should wear white dress which is also worn by Devi, if one wishes he/she can also wear a yellow dress which represents pure faith and devotion towards mother Saraswati.

It is necessary to sit in the north direction in front of the idol or image of Devi Saraswati.

Place the Devi on a white cloth and only offer white flowers for her puja.

This act shall really please Devi.

For best results chant the mantra on a sphatik or a rudraksha mala for 48 days continuously to derive all benefits from it.

After regular and sincere chanting one shall be able to feel divine vibes, as the mantra creates a sphere of positive energies around the practitioner.

This is the sign of good luck and divine grace that Devi Saraswati bestows upon the seeker.

The Auspicious Saraswati Mantra

Ya Kundendu tusharhar dhavala ya Shubhra vastravrita
yaveena varadanda manditkara ya Shweta padmasana.
Ya brahmachyut sankaraprabhritibhir devai: Sada vandita
sa maa patu saraswati bhagwati nissheshjadyapaha

Shukla Brahmavichar Saar Paramamadya Jagadvyapini
Veena-Pustak-Dharinimabhayada Jadyandhakarapaham.
Haste sfatikamalika viddhati padmasane sansthitamtra
vande ta parmeshwarin bhagvati buddhiprada shardamtra

Meaning of the Mantra

Respected Obeisances to Saraswati Devi, who is pure white like Jasmine, who is as cool as the Moon, as bright as the Snow and whose effulgence beats the lustre of Pearl necklaces.

Pure white garments cover her body and a Veena (a stringed musical instrument) adorns her lotus hands.

Also, a boon-giving staff adorns her hands.

She sits on a pure white Lotus and always by her side stand great personalities like, Sri Brahma, Lord Acyuta (Lord Vishnu), Lord Shankara and other Devas.

So, O Goddess Saraswati, please protect me.

Unveil the layer of ignorance completely from my mind.

Significance of this Auspicious Mantra

This mantra is extremely auspicious.

Mostly people chant this mantra during Sarawati Pujas and especially on Basant Panchami.

However, some devotees who desire to acquire Vedic Knowledge, Insight and skill make this mantra a part of their regular prayer routine.


Stand in front of a Saraswati Murti or Deity and offer white flowers after chanting this mantra.

You can light an incense stick to conclude your prayers.

Chanting this mantra everyday can yield best results and draw the grace of mother Saraswati.

If you are an aspiring artist, instrumentalist, writer, music composer or have anything to do with the artistic field, chanting this mantra can improve your success rates.

You shall become better with every passing day.

Ensure you chant this mantra twice a day.

Once in the morning and once in the evening.

You will start experiencing delight and joy.

Your work will never seem burdensome and will yield such joy that you would have never experienced before.

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