Self-Realization Mind Karma and Rights

Beyond Mind

Right understanding of Power

When one starts taking control of one’s life, one shall regain one’s power.

But what power are we talking about?

We see many people talking about many types of powers.

A politician claims power when he tries to bend the law and tries to take advantage of his position and hold society at ransom.

Some others manipulate situations, trying to take advantage of others’ weaknesses and hold them at ransom.

Are we talking about such powers?

No, all these things do not represent true power.

They represent a debilitating self-destructive routine that shall finally boomerang to finish the perpetrator off, in the end.

Such people will finally meet their ends in the most reckless manner.

One should pray to keep oneself at bay from such contorted ideas of power.

Our minds are our enemies for now

The journey for real power begins when one undertakes the journey towards knowing oneself.

We feel, we know ourselves, that’s the tragedy.

We have no idea of what lies buried within.

There are many odes entrenched within ourselves.

We have eons of undiscovered tales buried within the Self.

All the while, we have been carrying this heavy load unconsciously within ourselves life after life.

We have added something more, during this current lifetime also.

Oblivious of this fact we lie encaged. 

Our clandestine mind continues to trap us all the while, harassed by its own past.

We mindlessly engage with our thoughts and follow the diktats of the mind.

We can never claim to be sane

The mind has remained pre-programmed, carrying the debris of many million lifetimes.

How can we expect happiness or attain a position of control, as we operate through an alien mind that goes with us life after life?

How can we ever maintain any sanity?

The word sanity does not have any meaning as long as we operate under the dubious commands of our minds.

We have ever remained under the stress of our wayward intentions and emotions.

One can never find balance in one’s current life unless one shreds the clout of unholy thoughts.

Thoughts that manage and dominate us all the while.

When we succeed thus, we automatically advance to a position of brutal, yet benign power.

Mind and Maya are one

Our minds weave stories all the while and these stories appear real and even tangible.

One must realize that such stories, the mind weaves out of habit, a habit that has remained with us over many lifetimes.

In Vedanta, we call it Maya and the Buddhists call it “Mara”.

Shredding this fabric of Maya leads us to Self-realization.

When we realize the self, everything in the world shall suddenly start to make sense.

Just like the invisible scenery in a dark night suddenly becomes visible at the break of dawn.

Spiritual Organizations manipulate our Weaknesses

Personal Development makes sense only through Self-realization.

Many institutions try to preach and motivate us through surreal claims about spirituality.

A deeper look at these organizations shall soon reveal that these very organizations are plagued with hypocrisy with a desire to manipulate people to their own advantage.

These organizations play their tricks on ignorant minds in the name of Love and compassion.

Self-realization, one must realize, is the only way out.

At a personal level, individuals lead a revolting life and never seem to have any control whatsoever.

Thus life has become an unconscious reactionary stimulus, nothing more than that.

What can one gain, living so unconsciously?

Only when one graduates into a self-realized state can one view life through a higher conscious state.

You forgive if you remember

Western cultures stress greatly, the concept of forgiving.

You do not find much emphasis on forgiving in eastern cultures.

Quite so, because when one reaches self-realization, nothing sticks to the mind.

Since there exists no trace of a bad experience with somebody or some situation, the question of forgiving and forgetting does not arise in such a realized state.

Such a permanent realized state can only weed away the evils of modern living beset with so many individualistic challenges born out of mindlessness.

A self-realized state keeps an individual free of guilt or vengeance.

All experiences remain neutral devoid of elation or sorrow.

Only such a balanced life of equanimity can deliver high value to life.

Self Realization lies beyond ordinary Karma

A state of Self-realization exists beyond the purview of ordinary Karma namely Sanchit and Agami Karma.

Prarabdha Karma remains and adjusts with the goals set for a self-realized individual in accordance with higher order.

Karma decides the life path, but you can change destiny by 180 degrees if you resort to the path of genuine spirituality.

Once you raise your consciousness, even your body vibrations alter and you enter a new vibration.

One is completely managed and directed by higher powers.

Such Higher powers never make any mistakes and work only towards the highest good of the individual.

A seemingly unfair situation transforms itself into a balanced and conducive one provided one gets attuned to the higher vibrations.

Attaining Self-realization, the only solution

Everything starts falling into place only when one enters a completely self-realized state.

One should start their journey towards the Self as soon as possible.

Only then shall the mathematics of life yield a permanent universal solution, applicable at least to the practitioner’s individual life.

The more we recognize the problems within, the more we shall gravitate to the higher world.

The field of universal consciousness is pure and untainted with the problems of this world.

When we start living in that consciousness, amazingly all problems simply disappear.

The problems may seem to be there, no doubt, but their sting is completely removed, just like in the case of a castrated male.

Realize you only have duties not rights

We often demand rights but do not take accountability for our duties.

Ignorance results from such an approach.

The Shastra says, Talk only about duties and responsibilities.

Do not talk about any rights, you have none.

Most people shall detest such a statement and even proclaim that the Shastra has been compiled by an autocrat.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

We have not looked into this statement deeper.

Only duty can free us permanently

What this statement actually implies is that we should focus only on accountability, service, and giving.

We should do our jobs and not worry about what we get in return, as long as we can support ourselves.

There should be no place for greed.

When our approach becomes perfectly aligned with this statement of the Shastra, magically our rights simply fall onto our lap.

We shall remain protected then on.

But one cannot achieve such a state in one day or even in a year.

That’s not so easy.

We have to first reverse our approach of deriving profits, taking advantage, worrying about results and so many compulsive behavioral patterns.

During the process of reversing our approach, we may also suffer many types of punishments meted out to us as a backlash of our earlier approach.

Only with sustained faith can we attain perfection.

The Truth of this statement starts manifesting in our life, much later.

Once we become resolute in our approach towards our duties, not claiming ownership on “assumed rights”, divine law shall side us and protect us always, ever after.

Thanks for reading!