Getting rid of the false sense of ‘I’ | Self-Remembrance


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The act of remembrance is commonly associated with memory. Moreover, although remembrance has conscious elements, most of it is rather unconscious or sub conscious. The act of driving, cycling or swimming is subconscious. The act of some of the habits developed, are conscious. One unconsciously takes out a cigarette, in times of stress. Our whole life is a set of repetitive acts. Thus, remembered acts, build open and define our lifestyle. The remembered acts, being automatic, lack the depth of what pure consciousness is capable of. We are bound tightly by the strings of memory and habit and stifled, without our knowledge. We become limited human “creatures”. In this state there seems to exist no “being”.

The state of “being”, becomes possible, only when one starts experiencing freedom. The very act that binds us, can set us absolutely free. Just like a scalpel used to slit the throat, to scathe someone, can appropriately be used by the doctor to save someone’s life, at the hospital. The act of remembrance, is similar to the scalpel, that can be used to free oneself from the limitations of material life. The egoistic makeup of “I” and “Me”, builds a memory wall, the habit wall around us. It is important to bring down this wall, systematically, so that one can explore the spiritual universe that lies beyond this limited zone which represents material life. Self-remembrance is a powerful spiritual practice that is used to get out of the ego-construct. Given, below is a practice, that I have followed for over 25 years, since I was a teenager. There are certain additional practices that I follow, even today. But this one, is used to bring the huge wall of ego, built over many lifetimes. Now the practice.

One has to focus on the “I”, consciously. For example when one is walking, strolling, one has to consciously remember , “I am walking”. It is advisable that one brings full attention on the “I”, who is walking. When one is eating something, the habit of remembering should be cultivated and conscious attention should be brought to this; “I am eating”. One should intently watch the “I”, who is doing what?, “eating”. If one consciously brings remembrance to every single act, in ones life,things will start changing dramatically. This conscious flow of attention should also be extended to “sleeping”. “I am about to sleep”.. “I am entering sleep” and so one. The act of remembering is also an attempt to align with “Truth”. When this self-remembrance permeates through, to almost every act, including working or feeling bored, things will start to become very interesting. There will be considerable shift in one’s consciousness and “higher” aspects of life will begin to unravel. Thinking, shall become conscious, spurious elements in the thinking process will be weeded out systematically, through pure attention alone. All of the thinking process will become “observing thoughts”. As this starts to happen, there shall arise, a gap between the real “I” and the egoistic “I” construct. The results will be amazing and freeing by all means. Happy remembrance!