Can Gurus ever get angry?


Silent gurus and Violent gurus!

As there are many interpretations of one subject, silence too has many! Yes, in spirituality silence has a great role towards development and progress. But, as seekers we must be aware of what kind of silence is beneficial and to be applied and which not to accept. We often remain silent when there is a discussion on behavioral traits and issues. This is a common scenario in the spiritual field where the spiritual master highlights the shortcoming of his disciples.

Here, silence plays a predominant role. Both the master and the disciple have an opportunity to remain silent. But, if both remain silent, how can we plausibly have a conversation! So, the master must speak out to the disciple and highlight his/her shortcomings. This might be perceived as a violent step as not many times are we comfortable hearing our own shortcoming from others.

But many times, Gurus are silent even after noticing ill-intentions of praise-seeking, pride,  and envy in his disciples. Therefore, silence of a guru can at times be harmful for the disciple’s spiritual growth. Today, opportunism has corroded the mind of spiritual gurus.

Who is not a guru?

Many times, the master out of obligation or fear of losing position or disciples does not guide his disciples on the path of truth! Such gurus are not gurus, they are opportunists.

On the other hand, the disciple must speak out what he feels. He must discuss the problems he faces while doing Sadhana or Spiritual practice.

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This is an essential practice for the disciple to open his very basic knot: “Individualism”.

Who is not a genuine seeker?

Yes! Many disciples, especially in spiritual organizations, fail to express themselves, their inner intentions, their motives. Many, because, they fear society and other (so-called) devotees around and many because they too like the bogus gurus want to enjoy fame. Fame, in the sense, guru praising the disciple for donating funds or performing a particular Seva (an act of service), etc.

Silence, in this case is hypocrisy. There remains no spirituality. It is sheer business. In the above case, the first category of disciples, they must question themselves: “Why am I not able to speak?” Let options pass: “Is it because it is personal?, Is is it because the guru will think ill of me?, is it fear of other devotees?”…

Sincerity is the key

Be sincere and answer the question. You must understand that you are practicing spirituality to find answer to such questions only. Not because, you want to reach a fantasy world or want to become one of the most prominent gurus. You are here to know yourself better. Do not be silent.

If you are sincere, you’ll get a sincere guru and the vice-versa. You must speak. In fact, your sincerity will propel you to question. If you remain silent, know, for sure that you are insincere and are driven by a motive, perhaps a subtle dubious motive.

When does silence become harmful?

If you remain silent, this silence is the silence before the storm. Your expectations, your motive will be trampled by the storm of Maya, the overwhelming force of nature, the world. You would have lost all hope from spirituality and will go venturing, dazed and lost to find solutions in the world of problems.

Following too many gurus simply indicates dissatisfaction resulting from confusion. When we are confused we are dissatisfied. In the spiritual path, such a mental framework drives us to search for GURUS. The people who follow many gurus are lost just because of following so many gurus. On the other hand, ‘FOLLOWING’ many gurus is not truly possible! If someone says it is possible, he is lying.

Because following is a term to describe dedication and sincerity. When we follow a path, we are committed to it. When commitment rules, there is no question of having multitudinous approaches. There remains no question of following many gurus! If you are following many gurus, get it clear that you aren’t, because you lack commitment and sincerity. It can affect your spiritual health. When ‘many’ (gurus in this case) come to the picture, it simply means variety.

Why following too many gurus is not always good?

When you are presented with variety, it is obvious that there will be confusion and then finally dissatisfaction follows. Not all gurus are the same. If they were, why would man ever go searching for another! So, understand that following many gurus is not ideal. The “following” cannot happen in this case!

Only what remains is sadness and lack of enthusiasm to carry out spiritual practices. You tend to label your tendency to find comfort as following. You don’t follow but seek comfort while practicing spirituality. This is the only reason why you go hunting or following many gurus.

The only solution to this is Sadhana, spiritual practice complimented with surrendering and introspection. Following this with utter sincerity can set you free from all bonds of doubts.

If you are empowered, you need not have gurus. But at this stage there remains no doubt, dissatisfaction, confusion, bewilderment or SEARCHING. All that remains is the finality and TRUTH.

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