Simple Teachings of Sri 108 Tatwale Baba

Sri Tatwale Baba

According to Vedic scripture, the mere sight of a yogi saint is sufficient to transform an individual’s mundane life. Sri 108 Tat Wale Baba was the living embodiment of the Vedas.

Hence, following his teachings can directly lead to positive changes in our lives.

Glories of Tatwale Baba

Associating with such highly qualified Maharishis, we get blessed with Wisdom and Knowledge on God Realization. Tatwale Baba, did not have to speak or preach. He exhibited those qualities about which other yogis only preach. His presence radiated a divine essence that, of itself, communicated the goal of life to all who had the honor to come within his aura.

Sri 108 Tatwale Baba was one of the greatest twentieth-century yogis. His reclusive life-style, has received little publicity outside of India. His humble abode was a cave in the hilly regions of current day Hrishikesh in the Uttarakhand province, India.

Sri Baba’s (1884-1974) life was the embodiment of his teachings. Furthermore, whoever visits the cave, even today can feel the spiritual energy vibrant there. It is simply not possible that the person who, even once, visits the cave, does not return home transformed.

Different Yogis recommend different things. But, all their suggestions focus on change for Good. We have accumulated some life-changing articles, all suggested by various spiritual masters.

  1. Books: They are our best friends. they teach a lot. But, we must choose the right book, if we intend to alter our state of consciousness.
    Today anybody and everybody publish books. This has become a concern as wrong ideologies are creeping into society. So, ensure you select the most authorized book, to progress in your spiritual journey.
  2. Japa: Shastras say that in Kali Yuga meditation will become a tough venture. It is difficult to control thoughts. But, through Japa, we gain a lot of peace, especially when chanting on kamal Gatta mala. It is the special mala of Lakshmi Devi. It can be chanted by both men and women. Chanting on Kamal Gatta mala invite auspiciousness and good luck.
  3. 7 Mukhi-Rudraksha: It is best for spiritual growth and material prosperity. Indian Businessmen prefer wearing this religious symbol around their neck all the time as it is the blessing of Lord Shiva Himself. Lord Shiva is the most superior among devatas, he is the chief. So wearing this around the neck ensures that the planetary positions always work in our favor.

16 Teachings-Never to forget

So, listed below is the essence of Tatwale Baba’s Teachings:

(1) There are three ways to attain the Supreme Lord. Through loving attention, faith and through love.

(2) If you intend to become something, then it is necessary to destroy all that which exists within you as “you”.

(3) God-realization can surely happen through Chanting the Holy names of the Lord, through austerities and through performance of Yoga. But, with the right intention.

(4) Moreover, meditation and Yoga requires that your intentions are pure and the mind is free of malice.

(5) The one’s whose hearts, mind and intellect is pure, they are the true candidates for God-realization.

(6) Continuing to maintain toxic thoughts and a polluted mind, God-realization shall only remain an untenable dream.

(7) The mind’s propensities of conniving and plotting shall remain the greatest impediments towards the goal of God-realization.

(8) One should not seek that which is unattainable. Unattainable are those which are subjects of the mind. That which is attained by Grace, should never be misused.

(9) It is the habit of human beings to act through greed. A man who works selflessly is a devata (god).

(10) To obtain peace, there should be contentment in the heart. To be free of worries, one should learn to renounce.

So simple, But extremely deep !

(11) Remember, When a human being is available for help, in times of distress, realize that it is God alone. He takes the form of a helper to help you.

(12) To be the owner of a healthy body and to know happiness, one should perform work as service. To attain peace of mind, one should contemplate on God.

(13) To win over the mind, one should establish camaraderie with the Lord. To experience complete freedom, one should surrender one’s will to the Lord.

(14) Keep in mind, that which brings in peace and happiness in the heart is God, that which stokes worries and stress in the mind, is a demon.

So, doesn’t the above teaching answers the cause of sorrow in the world in just one line!

(15) To regain concentration of the mind, always speak the Truth. To keep the intelligence pure, always perform activities that are auspicious.

(16) Also, to have vision of the Lord, perform Bhakti. To understand the nature of the Lord, perform austerities.

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