World of illusion | 6 or 9, a Viewpoint ?

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What is a viewpoint in spirituality?

Let me pick up the thread from the earlier post on Maya. When you write a “6” on your left hand and turn your palms at the person standing opposite to you, he will read that as a “9”.This is obvious, anybody will say. The point is not about the digit being a “6” or a “9”. It is about what we make out of things presented to us. This is a subjective matter and definitely there are no easy answers to this.

When man looks at the world, there are so many automatic processes that happen  within him. He develops a viewpoint, owing to these many complex processes occurring within him. When anyone gazes at a clear sky, when the sun has calmed down, he sees a bluish sky. What is the reality behind it? Is the sky or the ocean really blue?

Now views given for this blueness of the sky or ocean maybe bucketed as silly, scientific, deep, logical and a host of other labels. So there are two fundamental observations to this blueness. One is the color interpretation the eye and brain. The second is the viewpoint that the mind is churning out to support the senses. All said, the question is, Is the vision of the world true or an illusion?

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Imperfection of Perception

Fundamentally, according to Vedic vision, the senses namely eyes, ears, nostrils, tongue, skin and the mind are imperfect in more ways than meets the eye.

Since they are inherently  imperfect, they cannot reflect the correct position and state of any experience in the physical world, whatsoever. All our experiences of this physical world, is heavily influenced by the distortions of our thoughts, emotions, health etc, in addition to the already existing imperfections within the sense organs as enunciated by the Vedic view.

What is not Maya?

For example our view about a certain individual may change overnight, if we were to have a bad day. So the question is; what is that which is unchanging?

There is something, certainly,  within us, something around us, in the light of which we agree to accept these imperfections, what is that? That substance, if we may call it so, is non-material, not off this world. Other than that substance, all else is Maya!

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