Some Unknown Facts about Mantra Japa

mantra japa facts

Some ways of Performing Mantra Japa

Mantra Japa has many dimensions.

One such hidden dimension that exists is in the way we do mantra Japa or Chanting Specific mantras.

Normally one can chant simple mantras like ‘Om Nama Shivaya” or ‘Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram’, only on the mental platform.

Mentally performing Japa means, the mind focuses on the mantra, while the external organs continue the work that they perform, normally.

If someone is walking on the road, the person internally chants the mantra and continues to walk.

He keeps his mouth closed and does not move his tongue.

The person rivets his attention on the mantra.

So the important component of chanting a mantra mentally is focusing on the words, focusing on the deity of the mantra.

This is the important aspect of mentally chanting the mantra.

What decides the Power of Japa?

There are many dimensions or powers associated with this type of mental chanting practice.

These are Siddhis associated with “Manas Japa” or mental chanting.

The key to attaining the Siddhis is chanting the mantra unabatedly for a very long time, without maintaining a conscious count of Chant.

One more factor that decides Siddhi, is how much of your attention, you succeed in diverting to the mental chanting process.

Development of Sixth-Sense

One who has developed the habit of continuous chanting of the Mantra develops acute Sixth Sense.

The person shall be able to preempt situations or can gain premonition of future events.

The degree to which this capability develops depends on the regularity and attention towards the mantra, which the chanter puts during the course of his chanting.

Mantra Controls the Power it Bestows

However, the person may not be able to have total control over these capabilities or may not be able to tune the powers, according to his needs.

This process runs on an auto-mode.

Spiritual practice

The chanter will not have an opportunity to ask the mantra, a specific thing, and get a specific response from the mantra.

In this case, the mantra decides what is suitable for the chanter and what is not.

The mantra shall attenuate all the excess information, which may not benefit the chanter, according to the Mantra.

The mantra should be understood as a living being who takes over as one’s custodian and protector and decides what is good and what is not for the practitioner of the Mantra.

There are some examples that will explain the powers that Mantra Japa can confer on you.

The Power of Premonition

For example, the Practitioner of Mantra Japa is going to meet his friend and in the way, there is a strong thought crossing his mind, which says ” Don’t go, your friend is not at home.”

The Sadhaka will wonder, how is this possible, I just called him 5 minutes back and he said he is waiting for me.

However, when the Sadhaka reaches the friend’s place, the servant says, “Master just left hurriedly and did not tell me where he was going.


I do not know when he will return.”

The sadhaka tries calling his friend on the mobile phone, but the mobile phone is left, right at the place where the sadhaka is seated.

The sadhaka waits for 15 minutes and then leaves.

This may not be a one-off type of experience, this experience may repeat many times, on many occasions in many forms.

The Mantra intimates things in advance.

The sadhaka simply has to trust the premonitions.

External Symptoms of Mantra Power

There are many indications that signal the development of internal powers within the sadhaka.

  1. The first effect of Mantra Japa shows in the eyes and the voice of the sadhaka.
  1. The sadhaka’s voice shall become magnetic and draws people automatically.
  1. There is a certain magnetism in the voice.
  1. The sadhakas influence people by their ideas , such is their sadhana.
  1. Even the eyes of the sadhaka start to develop mesmeric qualities.
  1. The inner energy accumulated through the Mantra Japa, many times, starts flowing through the eyes of the sadhaka.

Power is in the Eyes of the Chanter

The Following people have powers in their eyes

  1. People who do regular Mantra Sadhana, 
  1. Those who do mantra chanting continuously,
  1. People who are in continuous search of Truth or who regularly talk about Absolute Reality, have magnetic eyes.

Their eyes remain in a half-closed condition.

The sadhakas’ eyes are deep calm and never restless.

Their look is deep.


Shastra says that the sadhaka’s eyes are like a glowing lamp, burning in a pot of clarified butter.

The pot of clarified butter is the purity of the heart and the glow in their eye is the light of the Absolute Truth.

The sadhaka’s eyes become like the half-closed eyes of Lord Shiva.

This indicates that the sadhaka’s thoughts are calm and do not ruffle him.

The person chanting, goes on accumulating Jnana, as transmitted by the chanted Mantra.

Emptying the mind is an important Goal of Mantra Chanting

Chanting the Mantra, grants Shunyata or ‘Emptiness’.

Emptiness is like blank paper.

So, only when the paper is blank can we write new things on the paper.

On the other hand, if you try the write something on a paper which has thousands of things written on it, it will never be possible to understand what is written.

Even if we have written something a few seconds back, things are not going to be legible.

The same is the case with our minds which are full of material garbage.

In modern terms, we can compare, the mind to be a computer disk full of thoughts, emotions, and matters of this lifetime and other lifetimes.

Clearing the Mind’s Garbage is Necessary

Almost all of this information is redundant and lies as garbage in our minds.

As a result, it causes hallucination, emotional disturbances,, and mental disorders

This is because we have not learned how to delete the unwanted information and release useful hard-disk space.

Mantra chanting is the process by which, unwanted and toxic information is deleted from the mind, purged.

However, it does not mean loss of memory.


Nevertheless, it is still available and we can recall whenever we want, by the power of the Mantra.

The only thing is that usable space is freed, emptied and the capacity of the mind is increased by the “DELETE” process implemented through Mantra Japa.