The Myths about Success | Spirituality and Success


People confuse Success with fulfillment. Success, is always in one direction, outwards while fulfillment is more subjective in nature. Success is always driven by goals and ambitions. It is an out and out worldly journey. I have never heard anybody saying, “I am successful in spirituality.” Such a statement is absurd.

It is important to understand that fulfillment is always inward and so is spirituality, Thus there exists a direct connection between fulfillment and spirituality. Of course the context of fulfillment here does not include material needs or achievement of any goal. Fulfillment here, refers to contentment and growing satisfaction. Success on the other-hand is heavily objective and goal driven. It also stands for a fragmented view of the whole, in parts and attaining the parts. This skewed view usually or wholly defines the worldly aspect of life. When desires and wants translate themselves as short and long-term objectives, success comes into play. Success has its own beauty, although skin-deep.

When somebody desires sex and gets it, the moment of getting satisfied through the sexual act, can be considered as “success”. Right after that moment of “eureka”, many times, dissatisfaction starts growing. Even guilt seeps in. After the “getting” of success, even depression seeps in for a while. Then one buckles oneself up and starts preparing for the next peak, for the next success trip. When preparation meets failure, it goes without saying that stress and depression have to seep in. After success there is a release of a chemical called dopamine, that gets released into the bodily system. Unfortunately, the feel good factor is caused by the “external event”. The chemical dopamine, is thus caused by an external event. This goes to show that success and dopamine are handled by an external event which itself is dependent on a host of factors over which no one has direct control. This means that our system is managed by a set of factors which are totally beyond our control. These factors manage us and cause happiness and sorrow within us. Thus we are puppets in some sense. Our dependence on success for “feeling” happy makes us habituated to the process of succeeding. This habit is induced into us by chemicals such as dopamine, as they get released into our system, as we respond to a successful event. Moreover, the more we depend on external situations for our happiness and euphoria, the more shall stress and depression attack us. The very acts of finding fulfillment earns us discontentment and ill-health. Spirituality on the other hand attempts to fix this very problem.

The reason why our ancient seers advise us to take charge of our lives, is to reduce our dependence on factors which are beyond our control. None can control what happens outside the body. The process of Yoga and Pranayama are more towards taking control of the inner world. The more we detach ourselves from the spirit of competition and success, the more we shall be successful in aligning our body towards inner-fulfillment. Our competitive spirit and the desire to succeed has caused a lot of disharmony within our system. The more man chases wealth, name and fame in the external world, the more he shall neglect his bodily needs. The more one becomes unconscious of the bodily needs, the more his health shall suffer. Unfortunately the alignment to outwardly success is “seen” but the damage that the attitude of worldly success brings in, is foolishly ignored. When a person attains wisdom through applied intelligence, he shall automatically stop chasing worldly success. When one focuses on one’s inner energies, the fundamental energy of being human; is sufficient to bless one, with deep inner fulfillment which even the whole wealth of the world or success in worldly endeavors is unable to procure. Inner fulfillment is the benediction of a spiritual life. When one commits oneself to spiritual discipline at an early age, nurturing inner talents shall become very easy. The alignment of the inner spirit with skills becomes automatic, it becomes one’s second nature. When spirituality becomes an act of sustained practice, talents and skills are sharpened to such an extent that one gets beyond all competition.

One, need not then compete for a place in the world outside. The spiritual practice shall itself build a cocoon, a world around the practitioner, where there is no competition, no stress, to say the least. Inner fulfillment becomes a way of life. Both the logical and creative aspects of the individual blossoms. Opportunities are created from within. When the inner force of spirituality takes over, one starts gaining the position of a master. Such a person, does not need to bend down to worldly rules. Opportunities are created automatically, as if magically. Almost all control comes into the hands of the spiritual practitioner as if, he were to hold a magic wand in his hands. As time flows, newer vistas open up from within. Course correction with change, all happen at the right times. The life of a committed spiritual practitioner is a life of fulfillment and grace. No one can challenge the “success” of the spiritual practitioner. This success is fundamentally about creating one’s own space and performing in that space. Like minded people are pulled into that space and whatever is needed for one’s upkeep and flowering is managed by the auric field around the spiritual practitioner. The only qualification to enable fulfillment is to completely withdraw oneself from outward dependence on the world. Only when the inner energies are struck through spiritual practice, the outer sphere aligns with the inner energy field of the practitioner and a life of inner fulfillment is automatically manifested.