Story of Lord Lakshmana Angry with Sugriva | King Sugreeva Forgets his Promise

Sri Laxmana-The Lord Who Could Never Wait

When Sri Rama was put up near the RishiMukha Parvata in close association with the monkey army of Sugreeva, he advised King Sugreeva. He said that Sugreeva and Prince Angada (Vali’s son) should jointly look into the affairs of the kingdom and serve the people. Vali was the slain brother of King Sugreeva. The Lord displaced Vali and handed over the kingdom of Kishkindha to King Sugreeva. Although Sri Rama appointed King Sugreeva as the ruler, Angada was the heir apparent.

This was a great and an exalted advice. Sri Rama did not want Sugreeva to hold any animosity and envy against Angada, remembering the atrocities done to him by Angada’s father, Vali. In addition to this advice, the Lord also reminded King Sugreeva about the search of Mother Sita, which was pending from Sugreeva’s side. This was the basis of the love-pact between the two friends Sri Rama and King Sugreeva. This is also an advice given to all of us by Sri Rama. Everybody should continue to perform one’s duties in the material world, but in addition to these activities, one should also pursue Srimati Bhakti Devi, whose personified form is Mother Sita. One should never, for a moment forget, that the main purpose behind all our worldly activities is to attain Bhakti; Bhakti alone. Without Bhakti and the Lord, Life is useless, baseless, and goalless.

It is to be remembered that after being coronated as the King of Kishkindha, Sugreeva had long forgotten his promise, of finding Mother Sita and adversely immersed himself in worldly indulgence. Later, on being arrested by Sri Laxmana, Sugreeva also recollected that although he was helped by Sri Rama, without a moment’s delay, the Lord had never imposed a timeline on King Sugreeva with regards to the task of looking for Mother Sita. This was the large heart of the Lord. The inner meaning of this event is that, we spend most of our time in useless worldly pursuits as if they were important and neglect Bhakti Devi, we ignore the Lord. We keep the Lord waiting. This is the unfortunate state of man. King Sugreeva would reminisce the kindness and humility of the Lord and shed tears of repentance. Now he had made up his mind, to devote himself completely to the task of looking for the Divine Mother. He now put a timeline cap with regards to the search of the Mother. He warned his kinsmen that they should not take a day more than 15 days for the whole search operation to be completed. Success had to be attained at any cost, he warned his associates.

At the time when Sugreeva was coronated as the king of Kishkindha, following the slaying of Vali by Lord Sri Rama, Sugreeva had forgotten his promises to the Lord. He was busy enjoying with his wives in the palace and was steeped in sensory indulgence. The Lord and his eternal brother Sri Laxmana, waited for months, giving time to Sugreeva to realize his duties. However after much await, when Sugreeva failed to respond, the Lord picked up the arrow with which He had slain Vali. The Lord now pronounced that he shall now slay Sugreeva with the same arrow. The Lord trembled with rage. He gave orders to Sri Laxmana to get Sugreeva by the neck and present him before the Lord. He, however warned Sri Laxmana not to harm Sugreeva. This perplexed Sri Laxmana, as to why the Lord had not given Him instructions to kill Sugreeva. The Lord pacified Lord Laxmana saying that he would kill Sugreeva in the morrow. Sri Laxmana was eager to punish Sugreeva at all costs. This instance of the Ramayana has many lessons for us. The Lord, always waits for man. He waits for man to mend his infantile ways and turn to the Lord. Death, however, never waits, it gets man at the earliest. It does not give time for man to reform. Sri Laxmana was indeed the personification of Death, who could never wait.