The Complete Life Story of Lord Krishna

Story of Lord Krishna

Similarity between Lord Rama and Krishna

Like Lord Rama, even Shri Krishna is considered to be a complete incarnation.

Hence, Krishna avatar occurs only once in a Kalpa.

Indeed, we are fortunate that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna appeared in the Dvapara Yuga of this Manvantara around 5200 years ago.

Well, according to Rama devotees, Shri Rama is the Supreme Being.

He has three expansions namely Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

Likewise, in Krishna avatar, Shri Krishna is the Supreme Being. Here, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha are his expansions.

Story of Lord Krishna

How was Lord Krishna born?

Kansa the son of King Ugrasena organized the marriage ceremony of his cousin sister Devaki.

In his joy, he drove the chariot to her in-law’s place.

However, on the way, a thunderous prophecy occurred-

“Kansa, her eight son shall kill you.”

Immediately, Kansa raised his sword to kill Devaki.

But Vasudeva stopped his hand and promised to surrender each and every child he fathers.

Besides, Kansa was about to spare the life of their first son.

But, on Sage Narada’s instigation he killed the child.

Later, he imprisoned his father Ugrasena and usurped the throne.

After imprisoning the couple, Kansa mercilessly killed the 6 first born babies of Devaki.

However, the seventh womb was Sankarshana.

By the potency of Yogamaya, Sankarshana was transplanted in the womb of Rohini Devi, the chief consort of Vasudeva.

Finally, Shri Krishna appeared as the eight son.

Vasudeva exchanged Krishna for Nanda baba’s newborn daughter in the darkness of night.

Now, as Kansa was about to bang the infant, she slipped from his hands and assumed the form of an 8 armed goddess.

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Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan

Pleasantly, Krishna and Balarama grew up in Gokul, in Nanda Maharaj’s palace.

However, in their growing years, Krishna killed numerous demons like Putana, Sakatasura, Trinavarta, Vyomasura, Vatsasura, Bakasura, Aghasura, Aristasura, and Keshi.

Even Balarama killed Pralambhasura and Dhenukasura.

Krishna’s childhood pastimes

On being tied by his mother, Krishna uprooted the twin Arjuna trees.

Thereafter, the gopas shifted to Nandgaon keeping their safety in mind.

Now, Nandgaon has become the graveyard for many demons.

Here, Shri Krishna danced on the serpent Kaliya and banished him from the Yamuna River.

Lord Krishna also consumed the forest fire and protected his friends.

Krishna lifts the Govardhan hill

Shri Krishna advised the Vrajavis to stop worshipping Indra.

So, Indra angrily poured torrential rains on the simple and beautiful land of Vraja.

Krishna protected the Vrajavasis by lifting the Govardhan hill on one hand for 7 whole days.

Thus he protected his near and dear citizens.

Besides, Shri Krishna has performed innumerable pastimes in Vraja.

Indeed, his conjugal pastimes are treasured by the devotees.

Killing of Kansa- the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna

Finally Kansa sent Akrura to fetch Krishna and Balaram in the context of the bow sacrifice. In fact, he wished to murder the brothers.

On just entering the town, Krishna killed his royal washerman and broke the venerated bow.

Thereafter, the two brothers effortlessly killed the intoxicated elephant at the entrance of the arena.

They then killed the mightiest of wrestlers including Chanur, Mushtik, Shal, Toshal and finally Kansa.

Shri Krishna freed Ugrasena from the dungeon and performed his coronation ceremony.

Both the brothers then underwent formal training from Sandipani Rishi, a great devotee of lord Shiva.

Soon, they repaid their guru dakshina by restoring the life of Punardatta.

Krishna builds Dwarka city

Unfortunately, Jarasandha repeatedly attacked Mathura to avenge the death of his son-in-law, Kansa.

Indeed, even after defeating him 17 times, Krishna spared his life.

However, on the 18th attack, Jarasandha brought Kalayavana for his assistance.

Now, Sri Krishna used his wits and had him burnt by the gaze of Muchukunda, an ancestor of lord Rama.

Thereafter, to ensure overall wellbeing, Krishna established his prosperous empire named Dwaraka, amidst the ocean.

There, he resided along with the Yadus.

Lord Krishna’s queens

Shri Krishna had 8 principal queens.

After the killing of Bhaumasura, he rescued 16100 princesses. They then chose to become his wives.

Krishna helps the Pandavas

Often, Shri Krishna visited Hastinapur and boosted the morale of the Pandavas.

He also revived Khandavaprastha and erected Indraprastha for his friend with the expertise of Maya Danava.

In fact, He inspired Yudhishthira to perform the Rajasuya Yajna.

Later, during the ritual, he killed the vitriolic Shishupala with his sharp Sudarshana chakra.

Lord Krishna’s kingly exploits

Shri Krishna killed numerous aggressors including Shalva, Dantavakra and Paundraka.

Here, Balarama killed the audacious monkey Dvivida.

Usha and Aniruddha

Usha and Shri Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha loved each-other.

However, Usha’s father Banasura imprisoned Aniruddha.

So, Shri Krishna defeated Vanasura and Lord Shiva in battle.

Lord Krishna as Shantidoot

The Kauravas had cheated the Pandavas in dice.

Consequently, Dushasana attempted to disrobe Draupadi.

So, Shri Krishna, her eternal brother, provided extra cloth and protected her honor.

Shri Krishna also satisfied Durvasa muni by partaking a thin shred of vegetable, thus protecting the exiled Pandavas.

Indeed, on the completion of their exile, Sri Krishna went to Hastinapur as a trucemaker.

However he was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

Lord Krishna’s role in the Mahabharata war

In the fierce war of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna was both Arjuna’ inner and outer guide.

He became Arjuna’s personal charioteer and baffled the opposition by his expertise.

victory of pandavas

On the first day of the war He imparted the divine knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to his bosom friend Arjuna.

Lord Krishna’s love for the Pandavas

Shri Krishna has always promptly looked after the Pandavas.

Owing to his protective glance, the Pandavas emerged victorious in the war.

By His mere wish, he restored life to Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna.

Back in Dwarka, Shri Krishna assisted Arjuna and retrieved the sons of the Brahmana by visiting Karnadakashayi Bhuma Purusha.

Eventually, Yudhishthira performed three Ashwamedha Yagnas by His inspiration.

Shri Krishna also imparted transcendental knowledge to Maitreya rishi and Uddhava.

Sri Krishna leaves for his eternal abode

Unfortunately, on being humiliated by the Yadava princes, the rishis prophesied the destruction of the entire Yadu dynasty.

Destruction of the Yadu Dynasty

Once, the Yadavas visited Prabhas.

Drowned in intoxication, they fought amongst themselves and died killing their own kinsmen.

Thereafter, Lord Balarama discarded his mortal coils by his yogic powers.

Disappearance of Lord Krishna

A hunter named Jara mistakenly pierced the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.

Hence, through this medium, Sri Krishna left for his eternal abode.

Except Shri Krishna’s personal chamber, the whole of Dwarka got submerged into the ocean.

Greatness of Krishna Leela

Shri Krishna’s life is full of events. It is difficult even to make a mere mention of the events.

Besides, every event is important in its own way and carries a spiritual significance.

Here, Shri Krishna’s life expresses the completeness of human life.

It is hence known as Lila avatar and is full of enjoyable pastimes.

In particular, the divine rendering of the Gita and the tale of Shri Krishna, deliver everlasting joy.

Dwarka Krishna and Vrindavan Krishna

The Bhakti Sampradaya considers Dwarka Krishna and Vrindavan Krishna to be two different individuals.

Dwarka Krishna is the kingly lord who is the partial incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu.

However, Vrindavan Krishna is the sweet Lord who displays his transcendental pastimes in Vraja.

He is the original Shri Krishna.

Both Shri Krishna and the partial incarnation of Lord Vishnu manifested simultaneously.

In Vraja Leela, the complete incarnation of Shri Krishna and partial incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu merged and manifested in full bloom.

However in Mathura, Dwarka and Hastinapur, the original Shri Krishna disappeared.

Lord Vishnu’s partial incarnation took his place.

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