Best Summary of the Ramayana

Best Summary of Ramayana

The most purifying tale of Rama is world famous.

Birth of Lord Rama

Once, King Dasharatha of Ayodhya performed the Putra Kameshthi Yajna.

As a result, a celestial fire god appeared from the flames.

He carried three bowls of divine pudding.

On consuming the concoction, his three chief queens, Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi delivered Rama, Lakshman-Shatrughan and Bharata respectively.

The entire kingdom danced in joy.

Eventually, the king appointed their family guru Vasishta to educate his sons.

Later, with King Dasharatha’s consent, Sage Vishwamitra fetched Sri Rama and Lakshmana for the protection of his Yajna.

There, Sri Rama killed the ghory demons Tadaka and Subahu during this journey.

Lord Rama liberates Ahilya

On their way to Mithila, Sri Rama liberated Sage Gautama’s wife, Ahilya by placing his foot on her stone statue.

Lord Rama wins the Sita Swayamvara.

Finally lord Rama reached Mithila.

In the Pushpa Vatika he beheld his eternal consort Sita devi

At the consent of his guru, Vishwamitra, he broke Lord Shiva’s bow and married Sita Devi.

Likewise, His three brothers got married pompously in Mithila.

Shri Rama exiled

King Dasharatha wanted to coronate his eldest son Rama.

However Queen Kaikeyi conspired and secured the post for her son Bharat.

Moreover, she demanded a 14-year long exile for Sri Rama.

Immediately, Sri Rama left for the forest taking his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita along.

Meanwhile, King Dasharatha departed for the other world in acute separation.

Bharata meets Rama

All this while, Sri Bharat resided in his maternal home.

However, on returning, he performed the last rites of his father and immediately left for the forest to coax his brother into accepting the throne.

But Sri Rama was firm in His resolve.

Thereafter, Bharata returned to Ayodhya taking the sandals of his revered brother Rama.

Placing the sandals on the throne, he led an austere life.

Shri Rama’s forest life

Sri Rama associated with elevated rishis and eliminated their miseries by killing demons like Kabandha.

Subsequently, He reached Panchavati.

Surpanakha meets Rama and Lakshmana

There He encountered Surpanakha, the sister of the demon-king Ravana.

She proposed to Sri Rama and Lakshmana. However they rejected her.

Furious at their denial, she stomped towards Sita to devour her.

However, Lakshmana chopped off her ears and nose in self-defense.

To avenge her insult, she brought along an army of 14000 demons headed by her brave brothers Khara, Dushana and Trishara.

Eventually, Sri Rama killed them.

Mother Sita’s abduction

On Surpanakha’s instigation, Ravana reached Panchavati accompanied by the magical demon Maricha.

In the guise of a golden deer, Maricha entertained Shri Rama.

When mother Sita sent Lakshmana for Sri Rama’s aid, Ravana assumed the guise of a mendicant and abducted her.

Thereafter, he situated her in the groves of Ashoka Vatika.

Rama feeling separation

On returning, Sri Rama desperately searched for his wife.

At last, after redeeming the vulture Jatayu, he met his tribal devotee Shabri.

Shabri, a devout tribal woman, fed him her eaten berries. The lord relished her offerings without the least displeasure.

Lord Rama respected all beings irrespective of their caste. He only knew the language of love.

Finally, On Shabri’s dictates, he reached the Pampa River.

Doubtful of lord Rama’s motive, the monkey king Sugriva sent Hanuman for inspection.

Thereafter, Lord Hanuman appeared in disguise and disclosed his true identity.

The lord and devotee lovingly hugged each-other and exchanged sweet words.

Now, Sri Rama befriended Sugriva via Hanuman.

Eventually Sri Rama killed Bali and rescued Sugriva’s wife Ruma.

Thereafter he crowned Sugriva as the king of Kishkindha.

Search for mother Sita

Sugriva’s army desperately looked for Sita Devi.

Finally Lord Hanuman discovered Sita Devi and set Lanka ablaze.

Rama kills Ravana

On knowing Sita’s whereabouts, Sri Rama set off with his army of monkeys and bears.

Eventually, He built a stone-bridge across the mighty ocean aided by the monkey generals Nala and Neela.

He then killed the mighty demon Ravana, his innumerable sons and brother Kumbhakarna.

Lord Rama in Ayodhya

Subsequently, Lord Rama crowned Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishana as the king of Lanka.

Sitting on the Pushpaka aircraft, He returned to Ayodhya and finally became the king.

Mother Sita’s abandonment

Once, a spy reported to Sri Rama about the abandonment of a woman.

The woman had reported late since she stayed back at her relative’s residence.

Her washerman husband chastised her and said- “Sri Rama may have accepted Sita.

But I cannot do as he did and accept you.”

 Indeed, a king’s duty sees no emotion.

So, Shri Rama with a strong mind sent Sita to the forest.

Birth of Luv and Kush

Sita was pregnant at the time. Hence, she resided in Sage Valmiki’s hermitage. There, she delivered two sons named Luv and Kush.

Rama performs the Ashwamedha Yagna

Lavanasura, the son of demon Madhu, terrorized the Rishis.

Hence, at their appeal, Sri Rama sent Shatrughan to vanquish the demon.

Currently Sri Rama performed a Yajna. So, to fulfil the necessities, he placed a golden idol of his cherished wife, Sita devi in place of a wife.

Disappearance of mother Sita

Thereafter, Shri Rama unleashed his horse to conquer the lands. However, when it reached Valmiki Ashram, Luv and Kush captured it.

Eventually they defeated Lakshmana, Bharat, Shatrughan and the entire kingly army.

Finally, Sri Rama arrived. But he didn’t fight with them.

Thereafter, Valmiki introduced the children and brought Sri Rama’s separated family along with him in the sacrificial hall.

There, Shri Rama told Sita Devi to prove her chastity before his subjects.

Immediately, Mother Sita vowed-

“If I have single pointedly worshipped my great lord Rama from mind, action and deed, Oh mother earth consume me.”

Instantly the earth split into two and engulfed Sita Devi.

Shri Rama’s final pastimes

Finally, Shri Rama divided his province amongst his sons and his brothers’ children.

He then ascended to his spiritual planet taking his subjects along.

Whoever contacted the Supreme Being, Sri Rama attained his planet be it a tiny creature, bird, beast or an insect.

This is an extremely abridged narration of the Ramayana.

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