Story of sweet Krishna in a fix

Story of sweet Krishna in a fix

What will you do?

“Kanu, if you are lost, then what will you do?”- Tok ran to Kanhai. He is curiously interrogating Kanhai, holding his right hand.

To you, this question might seem weird or bizarre. It is similar to asking what if the sun is lost in the sky.

How can this naughty Braja kumara go astray in Vrindavan.

However, Tok is his youngest Sakha. He is the youngest among the gopa kumaras. No question can stupefy him.

How does Tok look?

Just like Krishna, Tok is charming like a blue lotus. He wears a similar peacock feather on his curly hair. Frankly, he is just the same in his attire. He wears a Pitambari Utariya, Kachni and a garland on his neck. But, he falls short in his height and age. He is a bit lean. We can easily jot out the absence of the Kaustabha gem on his throat and the tuft of golden hair, Srivatsa on his chest.

Otherwise he is a replica of Nanda Tanaya. At the moment he is holding Shyam’s right hand. He looks at Kanhai’s face, and stands towards his right, waiting eagerly for his reply.

Kanhai has grown serious now. Nevertheless, he looks at his naughty cousin’s face.

He seems to applaud his little brother’s wits. How thoughtful of him. He has never thought in this line.

Krishna finds an escape mechanism

“What will you do if you are lost?”- Kanhai has found an easy way.

Tok began to laugh. “Easy, if I get lost, I will simply call you, then you will come running to me. But I am young.”

He is right. If Tok calls, Kanhai’s presence is assured. There is no doubt in this.

It can never happen that any Sakha calls him, and Nanda Nandana is not present at his disposal. But, now there is an issue. A Sakha cannot go astray, but what about Shyam?

Who will Kanhai call in times of need? Currently, He can’t think of any name. His gopakumara friends are such that while playing, they lose their sense of hearing. To convey a message, you must literally go near their ears. Hence, you can’t trust their presence at such times.

He cannot even take Baba, Maiya or some elderly gopa’s name. They all remain indoors. You cannot call them from the forest.

Dau Dada’s nature

Dau Dada’s nature is of a peculiar type. Kanhai calls Him so many times- In fact, he keeps calling him- Dada! Dada! Something moves and shyam starts calling.- If Shyam spots a flower, fruit, leaf or an animal, if he wants to show something to a friend or if someone teases him- There are countless excuses to remember Dau.

Dau dada surely hears his call, but he keeps sitting quietly. He neither moves his head nor gives a reply. Even if he smiles mildly on hearing a call, it is a big achievement. Kanhai has to keep running to meet his elder brother. Hence, there is no point in keeping Dau dada in the help list.

Then! What will Kanhai do, if he is lost? He is looking at Tok’s face with all seriousness. This little gopakumara has posed such a tough question- What could be the answer?

Krishna in a dilemma

“If I am lost, then I will cry.”– If it were Baba, Maiya, Tau, or some aged gopa, Shyamsundara would have surely given this reply, but Tok is younger to him. He cannot be handled thus. Kanhai is Tok’s protector, how can he appear so helpless before him.

The lotus faced one has now turned serious. His head bends a bit. Holding Kanhai’s right hand, Tok raises his head and eagerly looks at his face, expecting a fine reply.

Now Kanhai’s left hand goes towards his hair. Fidgeting with his hair, Kanhai is lost in thought.

Now Tok has left Kanhai’s right hand. He claps and jumps in excitement. Tok laughs and blossoms with laughter. He is very happy- “All know that Kanhai has answers to all questions. But, Today, I have posed such a question which has even forced Kanhai to think.” – With this thought, Tok laughs uncontrollably.

Kanhai gapes at Tok. Bending his head, he thinks- “If I am lost, then what?”

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